The Coastal Post - July, 1998

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By Don Deane

If you're reading the Coastal Post on-line, be advised that you can subscribe to the hard copy edition of the paper and receive it in the mail once a month. It's not high tech, but handheld newspapers are still easier and more enjoyable to read, and oh so portable. Subscriptions help cover the costs of this independent rag, so consider it. Subscribe for $24 per year. Mail your check or money order to P.O. Box 31, Bolinas, CA 94924.

Not too many years ago Marin County enjoyed a plethora of independent news publications. The Novato Advance, Independent Journal, Mill Valley Record, Ross Valley Reporter, Twin Cities Times, San Rafael News Pointer, Marinscope, the Classified Gazette, the Fax, the Point Reyes Light, the Coastal Post, The Tiburon Ark, and Pacific Sun were all independents. And I might have missed one or two.

Today, the Independent Journal is part of the nationwide Gannett conglomerate. That conglomerate has also recently acquired or is acquiring the Classified Gazette. The Novato Advance (and the Petaluma Argus Courier) were, until a year ago, were part of the the Scripts League monolith. Now, the Argus is owned by the Pulitzer newspaper group. Novato is still with Scripts. The Ross Valley Reporter, News Pointer, Twin Cities Times which were part of a local newsgroup-Marinscope-have been purchased by a multi-million dollar privately held corporation. The Fax and the Mill Valley Record closed down. The Pacific Sun joined with the Ark and are locally owned. The Coastal Post and the Point Reyes Light remain independent.

Sooo... support what's left of independent newspapers in Marin. They do serve a special purpose.

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