The Coastal Post - June, 1998

The Fungal Solution

By Stephen Simac

The DEA hopes to wipe out all the coca, opiate poppies and cannabis plants in the world with fungus. Kill them with mold.

The Department of Agriculture has helped them by growing specific fungus for different drug crops. Test spraying has already been done on coca plants in South America, according to reports by growers.

The Drug War's Fungal Solution has been developed from strains of fusarium. The fusarium fungus is a huge agricultural problem already, attacking tomatoes, bananas, basil, chocolate, watermelon and other corps. Farmers have trouble controlling it with even the strongest fungicides.

The ability of the fusarium to mutate is known and the possibilities of the fungus attacking other crops are acknowledged, but fighting evil requires some collateral damage.

A story in the Spring issue of Covert Action Quarterly by Jim Hogshire sheds light on the DEA and USDA testing and plans for the fusarium fungus in the war on drugs.

These are cash corps, not much different than tobacco, grapes, hops or potatoes for vodka. We would be seriously disturbed if the Bolivians were bombing these crops with toxic fungus.

Cuban farmers have reported that some of their organic vegetable farms were sprayed by U.S. planes with a plant-killing fungus. Not even drug plants, but Communist beans are as evil as drugs.

Fungus is already one of the biggest threats to farmers' crops. Fungus blights have caused famines, bankruptcy and rising food prices. Fungicides are toxic to humans and deplete the ozone.

The War on Drugs has been unreasonably pursued as a fight against evil for the last 80 years. The intensification of that war in the last decades has eliminated civil rights, social justice, and common sense.

Compassion for the sick led to the passing of Proposition 215, legalizing medical marijuana. The sick can grow their own if they are able, but anyone trying to help them has been prosecuted by state and federal anti-drug warriors.

God forbid, these self-righteous warriors should ever fall ill and need cannabis to ease their pain or symptoms. If their fungal solution blights cannabis, a close relative of hops, they'll just have to suffer.

The federal government has ignored their own internal recommendations in 1987 that marijuana be reclassified as useful for medicine. It is this classification, as Schedule 1, with no known use for medical purposes, which U.S. District Judge Charles Breyers cited when he ordered medical marijuana clubs closed, saying federal law supersedes state law. Lungren, normally a state's righter, has abandoned his moral position and sided with the feds.

The fungus is among us. The war on drug users has been a civil war, a war with moral certainty on the part of the drug warriors as they pursue policies with no morality.

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