The Coastal Post - June, 1998

Degenerate Domestic Partners

By Frank Scott

We hear much empty talk about moral decline, with time spent worrying about what goes on in private bedrooms, instead of what goes on in public board rooms. Left unquestioned is the most immoral and dangerous of couplings; the unsavory intimacy of our economic rulers and their political servants. This sordid pair perform unnatural acts that brutalize our democracy and defile our social and natural environment.

Our economy creates minorities of fantastic wealth, relative affluence and disgraceful poverty, and a majority that survives by carrying massive debt. Such outcomes of free market magic, when negative, are cited as moral weakness and blamed on human failure. But they really represent the inhuman success of the domestic partners controlling our system. Sustaining this perverse relationship demands a political class obedient to private capital, and unconcerned for social values, except in rhetoric. The immoral foundation of our economics is perfectly structured to sustain our unethical political system. This degenerate union goes unquestioned, while its major participants rail at individual immorality as the source of all evil. Politicians cut social programs and create welfare benefits for corporate capital. Meanwhile, they extol something called traditional values, which seems to mean wearing powdered wigs while beating their women, children and slaves. Intellectual and moral failings are endemic to the system, and basic to this extremely deviant union.

If the continued War on Drugs and the revived Cold War are any indication, corporate capital's political paramours are also waging a war against intelligence. Government obsessives foam at the mouth over medical marijuana made available to sick people, and while admitting that needle exchange programs save lives and prevent AIDS, they oppose supporting such programs with money.

Meanwhile, the munitions industry's congressional employees vote to expand NATO, a cash cow for bombs and bureaucracy which was ostensibly formed to counter the soviet menace in Europe. With the soviet's gone, corporate capital says taxpayers must build more weapons and arm more countries, perhaps to fight the nightmarish concept of global peace. The success of this moronic policy can be seen in the escalating nuclear arms race among third world nations. Performing as streetwalkers for corporate Johns, politicians sing the praises of private initiative. Working tax payers are left to sing the blues, burdened by public welfare programs for private capital. This socialism for the rich means rising profits for an investor minority, while free enterprise for everyone else means impoverished schools, enriched prisons, increased class division and diminished social stability. These sadists seem to enjoy hearing cries of anguish from those who bear the burden of debt and taxes that sustain their deviant relationship.

Politicians who support expanding NATO use Iron Curtain rhetoric stolen from the Nazis, in order to create a multi- billion dollar program for weapons makers. At the same time, they cut billions of dollars from housing programs for low income Americans. Poland must have weapons to fight the commies, even if they don't exist, and to hell with existing Americans who live in miserable poverty.

Despite their whoring for corporate capital, our low intellect-high finance politicians constantly remind us that they are deeply religious. They worship at the cathedral of wealth, where obedience to dogma is rewarded with money for TV ads which tell us of the bipartisan love they share for jails, weapons and the death penalty. These pious politicians are on the payroll of lobbies, like big oil, which teach that subsidizing fossil fuel makes sense, but that taxing great wealth is stupid. Individual endeavor should be worshipped by majorities who budget carefully to stay in debt, while minorities collecting the interest indulge in material excess that should embarrass believers in a life with any meaning beyond buying, selling and acquiring. This ruling power feeds people an abundance of information, but in a form that guarantees intellectual malnutrition. The dumbing down of reality, the waste of resources and the absence of intelligence help create social estrangement. The victims of the war on reason are the majority, subjected to misinformation and pointless trivia which causes them to avoid the political process.

The falling rate of economic morality and the sinking level of political intelligence are most glaringly evident among the top decision makers. The president needs viagra for his spine, which lacks the alleged tautness of another part of his anatomy. He suffers from terminal flaccidity, limply bending and bowing to financial power, showing leadership that is apparent only to true believers. For the opposition, Gingrich displays equal ability to grovel at the feet of finance. He sucks up or bows down to the same economic powers, often shaming Clinton in his ability to simultaneously snarl and snivel in pursuit of lobby dollars. And these are the two most powerful political leaders in the nation.

Their demonized status assures irrational response to anything they say or do, masking similarities between them . They elbow one another aside to slurp at the financial trough of the anti-Castro and pro-Israel lobbies, sucking in all sources of domestic and foreign capital. This, while occasionally expressing populist ideas contradicted by their dependence on anti-populist wealth. The sordid public relationship between our economics and politics is of much greater concern than what goes on between consenting adults in private . The most dangerous and immoral domestic partners are not indulging themselves in private bedrooms; they are carrying out acts of unsafe social and political depravity, and they are doing so, shamelessly, in full public view. Copyright (c) 1998 by Frank Scott.

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