The Coastal Post - June, 1998


by readers

Alano Club Needs Help

As was reported in the press, the Marin Alano Club, at 1360 Lincoln Avenue in San Rafael, recently suffered a devastating fire.

For 25 years, the Alano Club has served as a caring support group for the unfortunate who suffer from alcoholism and desire to remain sober.

It is practically impossible to "just quit on one's own," as sheer will power is of little comfort to otherwise strong individuals. The Alano Club must be rebuilt in the coming months and continue to serve seven days a week an impressive fellowship of hundreds of Marinites from all walks of life and social condition. In the meantime, Quinlan's restaurant, at 1555 4th Street in San Rafael, is generously opening its doors at 6 p.m. every evening, free of any charge, to anyone seeking help and solace.

This is an appeal to the readers: Please help rebuild the Club by sending fully tax-deductible donations. Five dollars will help, fifty will do more. It is our community. We must all participate in its well-being, each according to his means.

Please mail contributions to: Marin Alano Club, POB 150098, San Rafael 94915, Attn: Lynn Burnes, Manager

Thank you.


San Rafael

P.S. Enclosed find $20 to help you continue your unbiased reporting.

Police Treatment Of Bicyclist Too Harsh

I guess the Novato Police Department have time on their hands to ticket a bicycle rider. When I was a youngster, if a similar occurrence happened, the police would talk to and caution the rider. My son was given a ticket, under the vehicle code 22450, for not stopping at an arterial stop long enough, at Sunset and Denlyn. My son looked both ways and there were no pedestrians or cars in sight. The officer by his questioning assumed my son's bike was stolen (he's only had it five years); he also stated my son's license was unusual (it's a California ID issued October 15, 1996, a proper state-issued ID). My son has a slight disability, does not own a car, nor does he have a driver's license to operate one. He received a notice to pay a fine of $55, and automobile insurance (if he had a car) might have been affected.

Yet nothing was done when we called regarding a neighbor 22 times in two years about their dogs out all night barking at 3 a.m. (other neighbors have called besides us), and when we called about the same neighbor hammering and building on his property long after 11 p.m. at night

Do any other bicycle riders get tagged in Novato?



Prisoner Poet Seeks Support

I am writing this letter to ask for your support. I have recently finished a short book of love poems. Its length is approximately 26 pages. It's titled "Heartbeats." It is at this moment being printed for distribution. It's very gentle and quite real.

I am currently sentenced a year here in the Marin County Jail. And as I will be in Administrative Segregation (separated from other inmates) during my stay, I am not able to participate in the programs that are available to the general population.

So, being bright and creative, and having a brain that requires stimulation, I've created my own program. First, I've had my girlfriend send me workbooks: "Foundations for Violence-Free Living," and "The Addiction Workbook," and "How To Draw Animals." And a legal how-to book.

I have also requested that I be allowed to interact with the Anger Management counselor, in the visiting room if necessary.

So, besides recreational reading and writing my girlfriend, I decided to put together the book of love poems, which is actually pretty good. My intentions are to generate an income while I'm here, because when I leave, I will have to rent a place and basically start all over. A friend has my property stored in their garage, which I am very grateful for.

And, after consideration and recognizing the need, I've also decided to donate $1 from each book sold to the programs here in the Marin County Jail, which teach what I've stated above.

In case you are interested in one or more books, you can order from Two Moon Press, POB 105, San Anselmo, CA 94979, Attn. S.M., or write me directly: T. Walkinhawk, c/o Marin County Jail, 13 Peter Behr Dr., San Rafael, CA 94903.

Price is $6 + s/h $3. = $9 total or $6 + tax from your local book store soon.


Pro Med Marijuana Candidates

As founder and director of the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana, I wish to state that the rumors of our demise are premature, to say the least. The honorable federal judge has ruled that we may be illegal, but in case we choose to not obey his order to shut down, he would allow the Medical Necessity Defense for our civil jury trial. Yes, we finally get a jury to look at the fact that our critically ill people will surely suffer terribly, go blind, or die if denied safe access through our organization. The greater harm is averted by our actions, and we will continue to serve our qualified members no matter what, even if we are declared illegal, and are forced to close our site.

We are not illegal, so that makes the CBC Marin still legal. We will remain open in Fairfax at 6 School St. Plaza, Suite 215, seven days a week and fight for our members' medical rights in court.

Since this is election time, the Marin Alliance would like to urge our supporters to vote for the people who have dealt with our issue with compassion, or whose background indicates an open attitude towards the medical marijuana crisis.

We are pleased to strongly endorse Sup. John Kress, who is running for First District Supervisor, as champion of the sick and suffering, and to thank him for his support from the start.

We urge supporters to vote for Susan Stompe in Novato, since her opponent flatly blocked anything to do with medical marijuana for the people in the area. Susan Stompe has the heart of compassion, would not deny the suffering access to relief, and deserves to be Supervisor.

The Marin Alliance endorses Paula Kamena for District Attorney, as her record of compassionate case dismissals for medical marijuana under Prop. 215 is outstanding.

Of course, we heartily endorse Dennis Peron for Governor, since every vote for Dennis in this primary is a message to Sacramento that medical marijuana is important to the people of Marin.

Thanks to everyone, in particular the Town of Fairfax and Chief Jim Anderson, for the kind-hearted social progress we have enjoyed here in Marin. We will continue our commitment to co-operation with local authorities to ensure the safety, wellness and freedom of our membership.

* * *

The Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana wishes to thank and acknowledge all our supporters in this time of duress, especially political allies who have stood up for patients' medical rights to medical marijuana.

Representative Lynn Woolsey and Assemblywoman Kerry Mazzoni have been strong voices for compassionate access from the very first. We endorse them and urge voters to re-elect both of these superlative women.

Hal Brown, Jr., has been a wonderful Supervisor, has always supported the patients, and deserves any job he desires. Please vote Brown for Insurance Commissioner.

Faye D'Opal is our choice for Superior Court Judge.

Above, we endorsed Sup. John Kress, Susan Stompe, Paula Kamena, Dennis Peron, and Bill Lockyer. The following candidates have also supported our work: Michela Alioto for Secretary of State, Barbara Boxer for U.S. Senator, and Joan Thayer for Marin County Assessor-Recorder.

Thank you, Marin County, for voting with your hearts.


Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana


Kor Responds

My response to Mr. Braverman's opinion of me and my circumstances, which he expressed in last month's Coastal Post, was to mail him a package of material so he could step out of his ignorance and into enlightenment. I promise all Coastal Post readers that this person, Mr. Braverman, will do one of two things now. He will find the integrity to ask Mr. Deane to allow him to print a retraction, or he will do his very, very best to let as few people as possible see what I mailed him.

As far as the violence Mr. Braverman advocated through his less-than-brave words, I can promise all that anybody who initiates violence against me or someone I care about is stepping into an arena that could be extremely costly to them.

The "innocent woman" this ignorant person referred to, poisoned three human beings including myself. Additionally, as the Marin Sheriff's Department knows, she admitted to her psychiatrist that she burned her ex-boyfriend with a lit cigarette while he slept as an act of revenge. Think about it with some intellect rather than cowardly prejudice when determining how "innocent" she was. It may also be of interest to note that in the last 22 years in all of the United States, only three women have been executed. The last one they should not have killed (Karla Faye Tucker), and the two before her were put to death for poisoning people. You do the math.

On May 7, 1998, I filed a Motion To Dismiss and on May 12 I filed a Supplemental to the Motion. Both are now public record. As I submit this letter to the editor, I have a hearing scheduled on the matter for May 26. For those Coastal Post readers who care to hear another side of the story rather than lick the boots of the involved government personnel (a la Mr. Braverman), you can get yourself a copy of the Motion and its supporting documents through the County Clerk. After that, if you care to come look at the photographs and listen to some of the audiotaped evidence supporting the truth which the government is trying to murder, I will accommodate you.

It does not take rocket scientist caliber intellect to determine that there is in fact something very wrong with the picture. Not just one but both of the detectives originally assigned to the case have been yanked off of it and booted completely out of the Investigations Unit of the Sheriff's Department. The late Jeanette Prandi told her son, who is a deputy here at the jail, "Don't be surprised if he is acquitted of all charges." I swear to God this is the truth, and you have to figure she heard enough via the grapevine before she died to know this is not the open and shut case that simple and prejudiced minds see it to be. Do you hear that, Mr. Braverman?


Government v.s.American Ideals

I have no doubt I am confused, but isn't this the United States whose colossal economic clout was developed by the accident of geography after WWII, when our economy for 20 or so years pumped out industrial goods almost without competition?

Isn't this the United States whose secret services have corrupted or destroyed 30 or more budding worker-based democracies to insure monocultural subservience to the U.S. domestic market?

Isn't this the United States whose mutual funds and pension plans are invested in corporations everywhere devouring the biomass of the earth, in effect destroying the environment to finance the next generation of disruptive, arrogant, well-intentioned, cultural genocidalists who welcome au pairs with open arms and shriveled purses?

Isn't this the United States which trains and equips military governments to slaughter their working classes, driving them north to infiltrate the U.S. labor market, legally or illegally, permanently dividing the opposition to corporate control into disadvantaged, less advantaged, working poor, lend-lease slave prison labor, street people and the omnipresent gilded eunuches of the non-profit (heh-heh) corporations?

Isn't this the United States that righteously bans DDT (among other things) and continues to manufacture it for sale abroad?

Isn't this the United States which, in effect, is financing the destruction of the environment with credit?

Isn't this the United States whose fundamental foreign policy-penetrate, devastate, and evacuate-is currently starving to death 40-60,000 Iraqi children a year to prevent the discovery of evidence linking U.S., German and French corporations with equipment Saddam Hussein is using to produce his bio-chemical weapons?

Isn't this the United States whose capitalists, domestic and imported, have bought up the means of public discussion and decision-making, allowing the headlong pursuit of racial suicide to continue unabated?

Isn't this the United States whose government has just sent 72 pounds of plutonium up in a missile with a five percent rate of failure (atmospheric incineration) with, as well, a planned trajectory bringing said missile back to skip against the surface of the atmosphere to accomplish what I cannot remember?

Isn't this the United States which at least twice has attempted to build nuclear reactors exactly on top of active earthquake faults?

Isn't this the United States that isn't sure where the homeless come from less than 30 years after leveling 4-6 million rooms in working class hotels?

Isn't this the United States that ignores the past, denies the future to secure a more perfect union of morons roller-blading on the faces of the masses of the world, for no particular reason at all?

As I say, I have no doubt I am confused. It couldn't possibly be true that what I think I see is so.

This is the United States that apparently is surprised that slick Willie occasionally pursues sport sex when Hillary is waiting at home.

How droll.


San Rafael

Stop The Witch Hunt

Our traditional family (like other traditional families in our community) are very concerned about the Ken Starr witch hunt of President Clinton and the Clinton Administration.

Let's look at the possibility. Ken Starr and his ardent Republican conservative ditto heads overthrow the Clinton Administration. A Republican president gets in-the Republicans already control Congress.

Can you imagine the terrible consequences of the "Contract Out to Get America?" HUD is dismantled. The property owners and landlords quadruplet the rent. Suddenly there are a million more homeless. Social Security is tampered with, and millions of American lose a part of their benefits. There is out-of-control pollution in the environment. And on and on. The Titanic sinks and the majority of the American people sink with it. The Republican conservatives can never leave well enough alone.

Our traditional family has never had it so good since the Clinton Administration came into office. President Clinton and the Clinton Administration believe in the opportunities for and the fulfillment of the American dream for everyone.

Let's stop the Starr witch hunt now. Starr is the one that needs to be disbared and behind bars for his Nazi-style tactics and his trying to overthrow the government.


San Francisco

Supes Blow Money On Spec

Marin supervisor appointed Deputy DA Gridley as the new DA (IJ news story, March 18) despite advice by Assistant DA Kevin Jones that they might save at least $342,000 in his future perks and pension by waiting until the June 2 election, only 77 days away, for a new DA to be chosen by the voters. I joined Mr. Jones in urging the Supes to delay their appointment pending the election in June, but to no avail. After all, Mr. Gridley has run the office (satisfactorily according to testimony) for 18 months following the DA Jerry Herman's heart attack. What's another 77 days?

The Supes blew it. The county counsel said the law requires that the BOS "shall appoint" someone to fill a position that becomes vacant, claiming it meant immediately but admitted that the law does not specify either "immediately" or a specific limited "reasonable time" for such appointment.

Logic says even 90 days would not be an unreasonable time to conduct a talent search and interview candidates. Thus waiting 77 days until election is certainly reasonable.

The IJ correctly said Sup. Kinsey offered to withdraw his motion to permit further board consideration of the matter, and Sup. Kress was inclined to delay, until Sup. Rose offered her view that the board might face the same problem in June if a runoff election were its outcome, whereupon Kress, Kinsey et al went ahead with the appointment, voting for certain expenditure instead of a merely possible one.

Please note that our supposedly responsible board of supervisors thus cavalierly opted to squander what may prove to be an entirely unnecessary cost of perhaps $342,000 based solely upon not one but two speculative conjectures:

First, Sup. Rose's conjecture that there will still be three candidates come June 2, that no one will have dropped out of the race.

Second, her conjecture that with three candidates, there would probably be a run-off election in November, and the board would on June 2 again be in the position of having to appoint an interim DA, with the same expenditure of $342,000.

Government by speculative conjecture is a helluva way for them to run our county, especially when they expect somebody else to pay for it.


Secretary, MUTA

San Rafael

Banking on Charlotte

As a gay businessman living inside the city of Charlotte, I am very pleased that our #1 corporate citizen has finally met its lifelong goal of becoming the USA's #1 bank.

NationsBank has a long reputation for its full service to all citizens of Charlotte. Yes, it is a well-run banking institution. And, being the first major Charlotte employer to offer domestic partnership medical benefits continues Charlotte's blossoming diversity. I am proud to know that San Francisco has exported their domestic partnership to our growing city.

I went on-line to search what BA's headquarters looked like. Personally, its tower is a non-descript blob on the beautiful San Francisco skyline. Whereas NationsBank's Caesar Pelli-designed, 60-story skyscraper (1992) is well-thought-out and commands your attention miles before one arrives in Charlotte's Uptown.

Charlotte was chartered in 1768 being named for Queen Charlotte Sophia von Mecklenburg Strelitz, King George III's wife. We are called the "Queen City." San Francisco is familiar with the title.

Charlotte had about 54 gold mines within the region by 1835, many years before gold was ever discovered on the West Coast.

There are some similarities between these banking cities. Come to Charlotte. You'll fall in love with our landscaped neighborhoods. And, you'll adore our reasonable real estate prices. See y'all soon! (I mean it).


Thanks For The Breath

I receive the Coastal Post from a friend. I live on the East Coast. Thanks for your fine publication and special thanks to your writers: Stephen Simac, Karen Nakamura, and Jim Scanlon.

In this age of muted reporting, it is a breath of fresh air to read your publication.

Could you please ask Stephen Simac to do another story about extraterrestrials?


[email protected]

Edward Miller Is A Jew-Hater

Edward W. Miller's cancerous and obvious Jew-hatred (April Coastal Post) deserves a dunce cap covered with swastikas. It's nauseating to once again read that we Jews "politicize the Holocaust". How? By not meekly keeping silent about the unfathomable atrocities which destroyed a third of our people? By not letting the hellish tortures of fifty years ago fade into the mist of history? He also claims we "attack the Pope" by asking for a deeper and more accurate accounting of Vatican inaction during those years of death. How disrespectful! Most curious, though, is his defense of the Swiss bankers. He appears to find it appalling that the mask of phony neutrality has been stripped from the thieving "gnomes of Zurich" who collaborated thoroughly with the Nazi killers.

Miller has every right to critique Jews and Israel to his heart's content. But any human being who can write "There is a growing realization, worldwide, that the only people who learned nothing from those deaths in Nazi labor camps are the Jews themselves" is man far, far removed from any compassion or understanding of human suffering. Indeed, Jews have learned that it requires armed force to defend against those individuals. It is the blatant hatred of Miller and his ilk that has led directly to the creation of Israel. Now he must live with it and gnash his teeth in vain.

Mickey Disend

San Francisco

Restore Electronic Court Reporting

As a California taxpayer I'm outraged by the current crisis in our courts. Special interests have used the courts and legislation to manipulate the system and effectively destroy their competition.

I urge my fellow taxpayers to protest the elimination of electronic court reporting from our Superior Courts. Using only stenographic reporters will cost taxpayers, and individuals involved in the justice system, twice as much, and provide a less accurate record.

Contact your legislator in Sacramento. Demand that they support AB 128 to restore electronic court reporting as a less expensive alternative and put our tax money to work where it's really needed. As citizens we must continually watch out for special interests seeking to stifle competition and enrich themselves at the taxpayers' expense.

Greg Holland

Reseda, California

Manipulation Of Justice

Larry Flayman, chairman and general counsel for Judicial Watch was a guest on the Barbara Simpson show on KSFO on March 21. Among his comments were two of outstanding interest:

Judicial Watch is currently carrying some 17 lawsuits against one or another aspect of the Clinton administration.

In a lawsuit involving John Juang, the Chinese connection in the Clinton fund-raising scandal, the Clinton lawyers asked the judge to enter a judgment against them, and they offered to pay the roughly two million dollars of Judicial Watch's legal costs.

The Clinton gang must be terrified of what will be uncovered if that case goes to trail. Could it be treason by the president? Why else would they offer, in effect, a $2 million bribe for Judicial Watch to drop the case? Flayman said Judicial Watch would not drop the case.


San Rafael

Education Reform A Must

We currently rank 14th of 17 industrialized countries in academic achievement in math and science. And all because the educational establishment (teachers unions, administration, school boards, and superintendents), after a generation of dumbing down, is satisfied with the status quo. Their hyperbole is a little like Garrison Keillor's mythical Lake Woebegone in the Prairie Home Companion, "where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all of the children are above average."

Have you noticed the large number of immigrants that are from the professional class (doctors, dentists, engineers, mathematicians, computer programmers and system analysts)? It turns out our country has to import them because our school system can't produce them in sufficient quantity.

The existing situation is approaching a disaster-a SNAFU! How will we know when we have reached disaster proportions? Violence on or near school premises, with the requirements for metal detectors, metal screening and high fences. These requirements suggest the lowest concentration on academic thought. Solution:

A. Before Congress takes any action, you, Mr. and Mrs. America, must stop the nonsense of making sports personnel national heroes. Those overpaid ball dunkers, hitters, throwers or whatever should be at the bottom of the social totem instead of at the top. Isn't the time long overdue when we start re-arranging our value system to qualities of thought instead of mastery of quickness and brawn?

B. It is also necessary for parents to implement a culture of academic excellence.

C. Establish voluntary (without carrots and sticks) national standards and goals. Publish the results. Please refer to National Standards in American Education by Diane Ravitch and published by Brookings, pgs. 181-186.

D. Implement unlimited school choice. Support a free market approach to include vouchers for private schools. Without inter-school competition who is to know where the apex is and what example to follow? The cream naturally rises to the top and the whey sinks to its natural level. Do you think Bill Gates went to a public school? Think again! We need a continent full of Bill Gates' type of ingenuity!

E. Push school boards to re-introduce IQ tests. They are one sure way to measure if a student is working up to his full potential. Nuts to the "poppycock" that they are not justified. That "hooey" is perpetrated by the malicious malingers of victimology. All they strive for is "feeling the pain" of those in the lowest common denominator-giving them "self-esteem." Self-esteem is earned, not bequeathed.

Please notice. I didn't say any extra money for schools. If voters decide that teachers and classrooms need more of the green stuff, don't let a dime go towards administration. Like most public officials, they are already overpaid.


Thousand Oaks

[email protected]

Estimados Amigos

Between 1892 and 1954, 12 million "European" immigrants entered the United States from Ellis Island in New York Harbor, greeted by the Statue of Liberty "next door." Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty is now a "Memorial" for all the European immigrants who came, mostly from Germany, England, Ireland and Italy.

Noticeably missing is any kind of monument or memorial for the millions of our ancestors who have migrated north of the border and who have established exemplary lives here in the United States. We believe that it is time that we begin to start the work to erect a memorial worthy of the contributions that our immigrants have made to this country.

Impacto 2000 has established a web site at to began the work. We are inviting you to visit the web site to obtain more detailed information on this important Impacto 2000 project.



Impacto 2000

The American Feudal System

When my prospective roommate showed me the hole in the ground barely covered by a few rotting boards and said, "It smells once in a while," little did I know that this "cesspool" would become the bane of my existence for almost a year.

At the time I thought, small price to pay for a great old house on a large country property in Marin with my cat. I had been looking for a rental for nine months and this quiet spot seemed to have it all.

Though the house was run down, it still had the charm of a splendid old manor, with its many paned windows, chandeliers and scalloped ceiling trim. I'm a sucker for architectural detail, but the shit really hit the fan two days after my move.

We had a huge septic blow out! A foot deep of raw sewage was floating around the laundry room floor. Toilets and showers backed up as sewage water seeped into the basement where most of my furniture was stored.

Roto-Rooter came out in waves. As the first wave assessed the situation, the plumber took me aside and in a solemn, urgent voice, said, "Move out immediately! This cesspool is collapsed, illegal, a health hazard and should be condemned. Even breathing the air from this mess could cause you serious, long-range health problems!"

Not exactly what I wanted to hear as I was settling in.

The second wave pumped out the small three-by-three-foot decomposing cesspool. Looking down in amazement, I couldn't see how this little hole in the ground, with its ancient collapsed leach lines could handle any household's wastes.

The third wave came on the crest of the "El Nino" explosion in the laundry room. It was beginning to look like a sewage version of Clue! Mrs. Peacock in the laundry room with the wrench.

Now these top sewage specialists prodded, poked, snaked and dug deep for hours, pondering long and arduously. The Rotor Rooter High Command would leave no stone unturned!

When a pipe was unearthed beneath my bedroom window, it was revealed that this was the source of the present problem and sewage was dead-locked in this spot. Soon sewage was flowing smoothly again.

As a result, a new problem was born. This pipe had a hole in it and within days large pieces of shit sat on the ground covered with flies.

But as the triumphant Roto-Rooter men were wrapping up their mission, they too echoed the opinion of the first plumber: "Illegal, health hazard, should be condemned." It was clear-I had to move. More calls were made to the landlord.

The large ad in the Yellow Pages says... "Honesty, Stability, Dedicated and Personalized Service." It was obvious the Prandi Property Management Co. of Corte Madera had only one thing in mind: doing as little as possible, while collecting as much as possible.

The sewage water dried on the laundry room floor. Three weeks and many calls later, two small, sorrowful Hispanic women cleaned up the crusted, toxic goo.

And the pipe with the hole in it? Nothing, they did nothing! I went to a local plumbing supply house and was advised to spread hydrated lime into the raw sewage. I then built a large plywood and plastic covering over it. Hydrated lime is used in India to keep the smell of rotting corpses down.

As I scoured the classifieds for a new place and weeks turned into months, I couldn't help but notice Prandi's rentals seemed lower than most, which made sense out of my situation. Charge a low rent and people will put up with most anything. They'd line up for this place! Prandi never fixed the sewage problem. As I was moving out and the new person was moving in, "Old Faithful" erupted again. Her stuff sitting in water, I pitied her as the dance was being repeated.


The Big Picture

I have been reading your writings on and off for a number of years now, always finding some enlightened views and reliable information in your pages.

In these days of diminishing and restricted media sources, the more alternative and local voices the better.

Keep going after the big picture, and as I am sure you all know, the personal is political.


No C

For the voters of my home town, Fairfax, I would like to recommend the perfect alphabet:


Please help all of us Fairfax kids get a real park, instead of an enormous housing development. And thank God for Frank Egger.



Put Fair Back Into Fairfax

We moved to Fairfax and built our home 22 years ago, and a large part of our decision was based on the basic decency and genuine caring attitude of Fairfax people. Now we repeatedly read that both Vanni and Ghiringhelli, the brown-shirt front for the development group, very cavalierly and routinely state that Measure C will evict the present residents of the Marin Town and Country property from their homes to make way for the gated, ultra-luxurious estates to be built there. We have to put the "fair" back in Fairfax and defeat this monstrosity-it's simply not Fairfax!

Vanni and Ghiringhelli repeatedly threaten Fairfax with impending lawsuits if we "disobey" and vote against Measure C; they speak as if a lawsuit is laying in wait. However, due to this zoning ordinance, the only lawsuits that we Fairfax citizens are aware of are the shrill, mutitudinous threats to sue Fairfax, repeatedly voiced by Ghiringhelli when his bar was stripped of its liquor license for drug dealing!

In their many press statements, both Vanni and Ghiringhelli continue to attack Frank Egger as well as Paul Chignell-attempting in their rambling, often unintelligible remarks to portray themselves as having superior solutions to our problems. Since a lot of us personally evaluate their two IQs as together not adding up to that of a half-wit, doesn't this really appear similar to the old joke of Chief Justice Learned Hand filling two Supreme Court vacancies with Donald Duck and Goofy?

And guess what? Isn't the collective behavior of Ghiringhelli and Vanni the absolute, best argument ever possible in the universe for our zoning decision to be made by Fairfax citizens and not the Town Council Members?

Ghiringhelli stated in his campaign that his heart was with the people; it appears that the problem is that his heart is decidedly too close to his wallet. And I think we all liked it better when Vanni did absolutely nothing for all of those years that he has been on the Town Council-you know, when his entire political career could be completely summarized as not being worth mammary glands on a male pig.



C For Charade

I am writing in reply to the many lies and deceptions put out by the Measure C massive-housing-development faction: Both Vanni and Ghiringhelli repeatedly threaten us that we will be sued unless we vote for this abomination. Are they really so ignorant, or in reality, being deceptive, of the fact that this zoning ordinance has been decided in Appellate Court; hence any lawsuit brought by the mega-buck development group would be dismissed immediately via Summary Judgment. If these two are really so convinced of the possibility of a lawsuit, what do their reactions tell us of their leadership capability-scary, right?

Isn't it amazing and thrilling to read that Vanni and Ghiringhelli are so sincerely committed to this fictitious park, etc.-when every one of us know absolutely and positively that neither of these two have ever directed a micro-second of effort, nor word nor penny toward anything remotely connected to acquiring this land? And, as proof positive, neither-though lifelong Fairfax citizens-have ever been a member of Time for a Park nor donated a nickel. Incredible upon observing their efforts now on behalf of developer Felson and the wealthy Friedman heirs-wouldn't it be only fair to the Fairfax citizens that Vanni and Ghiringhelli vacate their Town Council seats, so as to work on a full-time basis for these developers?

Both of these people attempt to knock Frank Egger-voted in by Fairfax citizens to serve over 33 incredibly successful and rewarding years; Ghiringhelli states that Frank has done nothing for this land for over 25 years! May I remind all that, in addition to a multitude of beneficial and extremely positive Town results secured by Frank during this period, he has always supported our Fairfax Police, even when they were successful stopping the drug dealing in our community by closing down Ghiringhelli's bar!

As to Ghiringhelli's statement that Felson is a "concerned developer," all of us are most worried about Felson's true and only concern: $50,000,000 for the 79 houses-as well as Ghiringhelli's concern for a vision of a world of additional pizzas! Isn't it really time for some out-front honesty in this absurd charade?



Israel's Offer Not Good Enough

In the May 13th New York Times and repeated in the local papers, that detailed map of the territorial divisions in the West Bank and Jerusalem represents a diagram for disaster. This purposeful fragmentation, or "bantustanization" by Israel of the Palestinians' anticipated holdings after 50 long years of desperate survival, accentuated by Israel's military terrorism, has been intended to provide a militant response.

Netanyahu today is offering these oppressed people less than 3% of the land promised them by that 1947 vote of the nations of the UN. The repeated demand that despite their continuing theft of the Palestinian's water, land, human rights and even lives, Isarel's people should expect or even deserve "security" is a dangerous charade. As President Wilson warned after watching the debacle of Versailles: "Only a peace between equals will stand the test of time."

The Clinton administration has again and again demonstrated its purposeful impotence in negotiating with Netanyahu. Despite repeated warnings by Israel to keep their hands off, perhaps the European Union may try once more to mediate. Many fear that the ascending violence may deliver to Israel's radical Right their longed-for excuse for another and bloodier war in the Mideast.


San Rafael

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