The Coastal Post - June, 1998

The Points Of No Return

By Kirby Ferris

"To be forewarned is to be forearmed." And with the spirit of that musty proverb in mind I opened my copy of a new book called "The Millennium Bug". The author, Mark Ludwig Ph.D., is a theoretical physicist, computer systems designer and systems programmer. His book is an explanation of the "Year 2000" computer crisis and what it spells out for the future of America. One of the most powerful points that Ludwig makes in his book (and he makes many powerful and credible observations) is that the Year 2000 crisis does not even have to actually, technically occur for there to be mass mayhem in national and international monetary affairs. It will be spelled out in the reactions of everyday folks and businessmen as the stroke of midnight January 31, 1999 creeps closer each day.

He poses the question: What if you thought there was a five percent chance that your life savings, your stocks and bond portfolio, or your pension fund were to electronically "go up in smoke" as this century ended? Would you, or would you not, attempt to extricate your savings and investments from the hands of your banker and stockbroker for a short period while you watched and saw if the electronic fecal matter was truly going to impact the gigabyte fan? Remember the panic over the "Michelangelo Virus"?

Suppose you decided to close out your bank account. Would you accept a cashiers check from the bank teller? Or would you, realizing that your bank's computers (or some other remote computer that "pollutes" your bank's supposedly "Year 2000 compliant" system) might not be able to process the negotiation of the cashiers check, demand cash...just to be safe? You'd probably take cash and stuff it into a safety deposit box or take it home and bury it, would you not? The question Ludwig then poses is: What if five percent, or ten percent, or fifteen percent of all bank depositors in America decided to withdraw their savings over the next two years? The government would call it one thing. The bankers would call it another, but it would be, simply put, a bank run. Those two words strike the fear of Baal into the hearts of bankers and politicians alike. The first few people to take out their money (in cash) probably wouldn't raise too many eyebrows...until the manager of the bank spotted a trend. Like, what the heck is the local minister doing withdrawing his life savings? And why is that retail merchant, who has banked here for twenty years, taking out all this cash? It wouldn't be long before the quiet murmur of squeaking bank official sphincters could be heard all the way from here to the castles of the Federal Reserve System. A blip would appear on the radar screen as local banks quietly call the Fed and tell them "Uhh, don't tell anyone, but we need more cash out here. Like five times more than we needed last week."

Bad news travels fast, even if it isn't true. You might learn that your neighbor cleaned out his account "just to be safe." Now are you going to sit there on your trusting ass and simply see what happens? Probably not, unless you are a truly well trained sheep and believe everything that the government and the Federal Reserve System and the government controlled media tells you. More likely, you are going to go down to your bank and take out a chunk of cash. But now the bank teller informs you (with that wonderful smile of hers) that there has been a "temporary limit" put on the amount of cash that can be withdrawn. The bank will gladly issue you a short term cashiers check that you can hold and redeem in a short period of time. Now your own sphincter is gently squeaking, but, being a good American, you take the greenbacks (not nearly as much as you expected) and you take the cashier's check and you leave the bank.

You are approached at the front of the bank by a clean cut gentleman in a suit who asks you quietly if you would like to cash that cashier's check. You look around and discreetly say: Yes!" The well tailored stranger smiles. His offer? Ninety cents on the dollar. Take it or friggin' leave it.

What a ripoff! You turn your back on the moneychanger and strut indignantly down the street. But as you pull out from the curb you see another patriotic American doing business with the guy in the suit. A couple of days go by, and with the prompting of your overly concerned wife or husband, you hunt up the suited stranger and are told that the rate is now eighty cents on the dollar. The man politely tells you that he is taking a risk and no one does that for free.

I've added a bit of color to one of Dr. Ludwig's scenarios, but the story gets nastier and nastier as banks realize that a run has begun. The President calls a bank holiday (just like Saint Franklin Delano Roosevelt did way back in ancient times). And, just like FDR, Slick Williebone (who skated past MonicaGape and the Chinese missile mess) declares a "National Emergency" that will last "only as long as the duration of this present crisis." You old timers may recall how FDR made it illegal to hold gold. The modern solution? Make it illegal to hold or do business in cash. And, for the sake of our democracy, you have ninety days to turn your cash back into electronic debit and credit "currency" because, in ninety days, cash will no longer be recognized as "legal tender." This is why the full title of Dr. Ludwig's book is "The Millennium Bug-Gateway to the Cashless Society?"

Nearly ten years ago, while discussing the diabolical moneychanger fraudulence of the Federal Reserve System in this 'column, I quoted one of the most fascinating verses in the Bible:

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell, save that he had the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is six hundred threescore and six." (Revelation 13:16-18)

Folks, a "cashless society" will give the government and the power crazed elitists behind the scenes complete control over your life. Every transaction will be known to them. They can apply pressure from every direction imaginable. Unnoticed, like a bloodsucking leech, they will tax you invisibly as you earn and as you spend. It is Ludwig's thesis that the "Year 2000" crisis could possibly be the launching pad for a totalitarian government the likes of which the world has never seen. He explains and forecasts his scenario in precise detail. This is an important book. Be forewarned.

"The Millennium Bug" is available from American Eagle Publications, P.O. Box 1507, Show Low, Arizona 85902 ($16.95 includes priority mail and handling). Or call (800)719-4957.

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