The Coastal Post - May, 1998

Sierra Club Opposes Fairfax Rezoning

In a letter to Fairfax Mayor Steve Vanni, Sierra Club Marin Group Secretary Steve Katz announced the organization's opposition to developer Jack Felson's proposal to rezone the Marin Town and Country Club (MT&CC;). Katz called on Vanni and other members of the Fairfax Town Council to take the lead in preserving the entire property as a public park. Felson's proposal to rezone the parcel and build a new development there, he said, is "an attempt to reverse 25 years of hard work by Fairfax volunteers who know that it's 'still time for a park'."

The MT&CC; has a long history of recreation use benefiting both the residents of Ross Valley and its visitors, Katz wrote. He also voiced concerns about the traffic impacts that residential development will have, particularly on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard and the connecting town streets.

Katz also raised concerns that both construction and the increased use of the parcel will have negative environmental impacts on the San Anselmo Creek, which, he said, "is the historic spawning ground for steelhead trout which are now listed as threatened under the Federal Endangered Species Act."

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