The Coastal Post - May, 1998

Pay Attention To Sonoma Water, Marin!

By Paul D. Stutrud

Having recently heard about the Novato election issue that passed and will allow the development of the Renaissance Faire/Black Point property into a Golf Course-oriented development, I had to stop and shake my head at the gross stupidity of those who have allowed this to happen.

First of all, the Renaissance Faire should have been given this site as a permanent place that belongs to Marin County. The Renaissance Faire is a unique experience that millions upon millions have enjoyed for years. How many people will be able to enjoy a golf course?

I know, I know. Money talks! Well, let's put in another factor that has been a bugaboo for Marin County for as long as I can remember. WATER! Or the lack of... Sure, we have had record rainfall in the last couple of years, compliments of El Nino. How many new reservoirs have been built during the interim since the great drought of the 1970s?

There won't be a pipeline across the San Rafael/Richmond Bridge the next time. And Marinites, you better start paying attention to what is going on in Sonoma County and the Russian River and that pipeline that slithers into Novato and Stafford Lake. They are screwing down the valve on that source of water, unless you don't mind drinking Sonoma County's waste water.

There is a whole chain of events going on in Sonoma County regarding the Russian River water which is supplemented by a siphon into the Eel River in Mendocino County. All kinds of changes are being put in place that are definitely going to cramp the Marin County Hot Tub set's desires for water and greenery.

Pay attention! Think twice about those building permits and the rampant water-consuming housing construction. Think about how much it will cost to build a desalinization plant, because that will probably end up being your choice and source for water. Sooner or later.

Maybe the Santa Rosa Press Democrat should open up a Marin County distribution center so Marinites can read the news about their future water delivery abilities. Sonoma County is certainly not curtailing its

building boom.

Happy new era!

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