The Coastal Post - May, 1998

Ode To Free Speech

We're proud to have a friend named Jim

Who likes things to be right.

It was injustice, not a whim,

To help Susan and Jerry Knight.

When the threats came from the county clerk,

And a succession of DAs

Jim decided to get to work

And he jumped into the fray.

He helped us tell our story

In a paper called the "Post"

Along with publisher, Don Deane,

Free speech, right here on the coast!

Then Stephen Barrett, in his own write,

With honest words about our plight.

Publisher, David Mitchell helped make it right

When he shined his "Point Reyes Light!"

Poppies, posies, criminal stats,

You helped us expose the dirty rats!!!

Your letters and phone calls, the poppy straw,

All helped us find justice under the law!!!

Guy Ashley's headline in the "Independent Journal"

"Charges dropped in Poppies Case,"

Words that for us will be eternal,

Have left us in a state of grace.

What can we say about Carl Shapiro?

For "We the People," he is our hero!!!

Bless freedom of speech, and our "Bill of Rights"

You helped to free Jerry Knight!!!

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