The Coastal Post - May, 1998

Is The Cure For Cancer On The Internet?

Tel Aviv, March 3, 1998-What do you do if you're a computer systems analyst, working with several engineers and a physicist, and you just happen to invent what could be the cure for cancer? You have a patented "paper technology" based on physics, which according to all the equations has a real chance of working, but building a prototype to see if it works is just too expensive.

According to William Drewes, the systems analyst and inventor, the answer is to "go public" and present your case on the Internet. That's just what he did. The new Internet site is

The technology is a totally new approach to the selective destruction of cancer cells based on the physics phenomenon known as sonic mechanical resonance. The basic idea is strikingly simple and easy to understand. It is well known that sound can cause objects to vibrate and that this vibration can cause damage to the object. The principle is similar to the classic example of an opera singer who shatters a wine glass by singing the correct note. Since the structure of internal parts of cancer cells (e.g., the nucleus) is different from that of healthy cells, and the frequencies at which an object will vibrate (resonant frequencies) are determined by the structure of the object, cancer cells and healthy cells should vibrate at different frequencies. Therefore, by introducing sound at the resonant frequencies unique to cancer cells, it

should be possible to cause severe destructive vibration exclusively in cancer cells, while healthy cells and other tissue cells will remain unaffected.

Regarding the new Internet site, Mr. Drewes explains "We are using the power of the Internet to present our case and to promote an awareness and understanding of the technology. We are hoping to interest

business people to invest and corporations or foundations to provide grants so that we can conduct an in vitro (outside the body) proof-of-principle project to prove the real-life viability of the approach. Our Internet Site opens up the details of our technology to the scrutiny of the academic and scientific community in order to build support and to solicit their supporting professional opinions and recommendations that such a project should be tried.

According to Professor Giora Rosenhouse, an eminent world-class authority in physics and acoustics and consultant to Mr. Drewes, "The approach of utilizing the target-specific destructive capability of resonance is rather simple and straight-forward and is based on well-established principles of physics and engineering which have been known for over a hundred years. There is no apparent reason why this destructive phenomenon cannot be harnessed for the good of society.

"It is my opinion that there is a yet undefinable, but highly realistic and reasonable probability that a device/system can be constructed which will selectively destroy cancer cells throughout a host body based on the phenomenon of acoustic resonance."

While the approach to selective cell destruction described at is based on physics and will employ computers and other high technology, the material is presented in a step-by-step manner (easy-to-hard) so that the basic ideas and physics principles can be easily understood. At the same time, professionals in physics, biophysics and engineering can proceed to review material appropriate for their levels of expertise.

Mr. Drewes can be contacted via e-mail at [email protected]

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