The Coastal Post - May, 1998

News And Notes Of Novato

By Betty Machado

Hello, Dear Hearts

Happy Mother's Day! Isn't the Spring weather great? Novato is green and has beautiful flowers that add to the reason for living in Novato.

Welcome Tuesday Morning to Novato

On Thursday, April 25, a new store will open at 191 San Marin Drive. This will be the second Tuesday Morning store in Marin County. The first outlet is in the San Rafael Montecito Plaza. It is a unique store, since it operates from April to June, August to September, and then starts the holiday season in October. According to Karen Costigan, Tuesday Morning VP of real estate, "It's sort of like having four grand openings a year." In 1998, the company plans to open 32 new stores. Welcome and good luck Tuesday Morning in Novato!

City Council endorses the transportation tax measure

The Novato City Council held a public hearing on the adoption of the County Plan for a transportation tax of an half-cent sales tax for an election to be held this November. Sonoma County is also joining us with a half-cent sales tax election for Transportation. During the meeting, Councilman Jim Henderson brought up questions that were very valid. "What happens if we pass the tax and Sonoma County doesn't?" Mark Siesenfeld, County of Marin Planning Director, didn't really have an answer. There will be two Measures-A and B-on the ballot. One will authorize the sales tax increase; the second will be an advisory measure "spelling out" how the money should be spent. Councilman Henderson did not receive his answers, but because the Transportation Steering Committee of the representatives of the 11 cities have spent so much time and money, the vote was unanimous, with Henderson going along with the rest. The Plan has everything but the kitchen sink in it to seek the "Yes" vote-rail, buses, ferrys, bicycles, HOV lanes, jitney service-so everyone will be happy! For 20 years the plan will go on.

Release of students from school: Administrative rules and regulations

The Novato Unified School Board of Trustees adopted the following policy on December 18, 1984: Release of studennts from school for venereal disease medical treatment and counseling, and for pregnancy counseling and birth control information.

A students age 12 and above shall be permitted an excused absence from school for treatment of a venereal disease upon request without parent consent. Verification of an absence shall be made by the school nurse and/or physician. No record of reason for absence shall be maintained except that it is excused. Reports of examinations, cases, invstigations and all records thereof...for the control of venereal diseases are confidential. (Califonria Administrative Code, Section 2636; Civil Code, Section 34.7).

In the matter of veritifcation of pregnancy or counseling regarding pregnancy, students shall be permitted an excused absence from school without parent consent.

In the matter of a request for an excused absence to go to a birth control clinic or to a physician for birth control information, the school shall excuse the student. Confidentiality shall be maintained if the student requests this relationship.

School personnel shall begin to work with the various agencies to be open other than school hours and to encourage these agencies to work with the school and parents to better understand the nature of these social problems.

No student shall be excused from school who has a letter on file from his/her parents or guardian requesting that the student not be excused.

Is your letter regarding your student or students over 12 on file?

North Marin Water District to celebrate 50 years of service

The Board of Directors of the Water District are preparing the party for this summer. Hope Jerry Gilbert, Gene Churchill and John O. Nelsen will be in attendance.

"A Plus for Kids"

This publication comes from the Novato Unified School District. Annette Conklin, Director of Community Relations, is the Editor. The annual 1996/97 Report has been mailed to Novato residents. The back page carried the story "Aging School Buildlings: Solutions Needed." It goes on to state, "A Blue Ribbon Committee, composed of community volunteer experts, established priorities to assist the school district in deciding what to tackle first." The price tag for repairs was estimated at $38 million. A survey was conducted in January, 1998, to support the following building needs: protect students by replacing unreliable fire alarm systems. This is the first priority! Has the school board allowed the fire alarm systems to become unreliable while they have given a large raise to the Superintendent? Health, safety and welfare has a top priority for this taxpayer. Our students should have every right to expect they are in a safe environment as should every parent demand it be available. I called the Fire Chief. He checked the statement out. But the school buildings are under the State, and therefore, the State Fire Marshall has jurisdiction. Hope the insurance carrier for the school district isn't aware of our unreliable fire alarm systems!

Downtown Specific Plan

As the producer of the TV show, Public Advocate, I could not get one person to go on the show to discuss the Plan April 22. The City Council will be adopting this Plan in June. Even the Mayor professes she doesn't understand the Plan. There is a lot to understand. Main concern: five- to 10-year development plan being given to property owners without consent of neighbors. It's called incentive. Ned Lagin, the author of the plan, wouldn't come on the program nor would the Chamber of Commerce! After Brookside, I thought the Council learned a lesson regarding development plans!

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