The Coastal Post - March, 1998

An Astrology Chart And Saddam

By Karen Nakamura

The September, 1990, issue of magazine included its regular column "Tomorrow's News" by Jimm Erickson. The opening went like this:

"Watch out! Now, don't say we didn't warn you. Sometime this month, or at least between early August and late October, we're in for a major shock."

That major shock was Iraq's invasion of Kuwait on August 2nd. Erickson, one of America's pre-eminent astrologers, went on to say:

"Historical precedence mandates that we forecast militarism or a foreign policy crisis-though...[it]...could manifest in a [nuclear] power plant disaster (caused by sabotage?). Another possibility is a nuclear scare prompted by terrorists or by an overzealous Third World leader. The Iraq-Israeli situation could heat up, resulting in a "preemptive" Israeli strike... If anything happens, it will provoke direct U.S. action..."

The astrological aspects which led to this conclusion, and which affect us still, are complex. For those with some knowledge of astrology, there were strong Uranus (sudden action) and Mars (war) influences with Neptune (illusions), opposing George Bush's Pluto (mass communication). In fact, on this point, Erickson points out:

"Any military action be [Bush] orders will result from long-term planning. However...he's bound to affect surprise at the opportunities available."

What's even more amazing, especially when you consider all the ramifications, is that the article was submitted in May of 1990, months before Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.

In January of that year, the U.S. was coming to grips with the looming recession. Things didn't look good. At the same time, our man in the Middle East, Saddam Hussein, hosted a Weapons Fair where everything from missile launchers to fight planes were sold. At the Fair, investors in companies which manufacture weapons complained the peace dividend was seriously hurting profits.

Erickson states: "Frequently, a strong Pluto means nefarious behind-the-scenes activity in American foreign policy."

One must wonder what those activities were. A destructive recession, low poll ratings, lack of profits in the military sector for the first time in decades? A Wag the Dog scenario? Perhaps. We'll never know.

It was soon after, beginning in March and building to a peak in July, that Saddam started exerting pressure on OPEC nations to increase their oil prices and reduce output. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, those bastions of democracy, were engaging in the deceptive practice of surpassing quotas and glutting the market. Their back-stabbing was the basis of Saddam's actions. He felt Iraq was being deprived of billions of dollars of revenue and would soon be bankrupt.

In fact, sanctions have allowed the Saudis to almost double output and profits. In the meantime, the Russians are still owed billions from Iraq and haven't been able to collect. The Russian economy truly needs an influx of cash. One wonders why the UN hasn't allowed Iraq to pay this bill.

By the same token, an article in the December, 1990 issue of the same magazine by Jamie Lankford speaks to the astrological aspects as they concerned Saddam Hussein.

"...Hussein's bold and unexpected action is so clearly favored in the invasion chart that it suggests the influence of an experienced electional astrologer-or the hand of Fate itself!"

Again the explaining aspects are complex. The Path of Fortune, a void-of-course Moon among other technicalities, promised "nothing but success" for Saddam. The invasion itself, at 5:13 a.m. Baghdad time, was exactly at sunrise. Lankford states, "A quick check confirms...the invasion...coincides with sunrise to the minute." Sunrise, in this case, was the most auspicious time for Iraqi success.



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