The Coastal Post - March, 1998

Entrepreneur Files For Governor In California

By Arthur Sobey

Auburn, CA-A Lake Tahoe entrepreneur who played a leading role in the passage of Prop. 215 today filed petitions to be placed on June's primary ballot for governor.

"I'm running because I'm fed up with bad government, corrupt politicians, and arrogant officials. Like you, I'd like the government to just leave me and my family alone, respect my personal property, and stop treating me like a child," said Steve Kubby.

Kubby, 51, publisher of Alpine World magazine, turned in papers to appear as the Libertarian Party candidate. "You're about to see a new Libertarian Party emerge that will attract mainstream support," said Kubby. He pointed to last year's electoral success for the Libertarian Party (LP). In those off-year elections, LP candidates won 34 mostly partisan local offices. That included victories in 30 of 62 campaigns in Pennsylvania. And in New Jersey, LP gubernatorial candidate Murray Sabrin set records for third party and independent candidates, almost playing spoiler for Gov. Christine Todd Whitman.

"We've done our polling and know what the people of California want," said Kubby. "Based on what the people told us, the Kubby campaign will offer exciting, fresh alternatives to the tired old politics of the big parties." Those issues include:

Education-"I want to establish a Students' Bill of Rights," said Kubby. He added, "Year after year government schools become more dangerous, more politicized, and less effective in their core mission to teach our children. I'm a parent and share the concerns of Californians that our schools are in decline. I will develop policies to increase competition and cultivate private sector participation so students and parents have more choices to get the best education."

Crime and Safety-"It's time for safe streets, neighborhoods, and schools. I guarantee that the Kubby plan to reduce violent crime is the only way to make Californians safer. With more than half of our prison cells filled with non-violent drug offenders, the time has come to end this insane war on drugs to make room in our prisons for those criminals who commit acts of violence against the people," said Kubby. He said that police resources should be focused on violent crime and crimes of fraud and theft, not "babysitting adults over personal choices that do not hurt anybody else."

Health Care-"Having survived a terminal cancer diagnosis 22 years ago, I am acutely aware of the challenges within today's health care industry. Kubby for California will break down barriers to less expensive, alternative health care choices," said Kubby. He supports medical marijuana and fewer restrictions for alternative health care providers, such as nurse midwives.

Kubby also said he favors ending California's personal income tax. "The income tax is absolutely stupid in a society that wants everybody to earn their own living. It doesn't take a lot of common sense to understand that you don't penalize people for earning an honest living," said Kubby. He called for streamlining state government so that expense cuts over four years would eliminate the need for that tax.

Kubby's magazine, Alpine World, is a popular electronic environmental magazine. It's rated as one of the top sites on the Internet, recording more than 8 million hits per month. He earned a B.A. degree from California State University at Northridge in 1968 and holds a lifetime teaching credential. In 1970, he founded Earth Camp One, featured in National Geographic and Newsweek for its innovative and successful approach to child development. Kubby also launched Ski West magazine, now published as Adventure Journal.

Kubby lives with his wife Michele and daughter Brooke in the Lake Tahoe area. His son Sky is an entrepreneur in his own right. An avid skier and outdoors person, Kubby is especially concerned with health care issues because of his own personal experience. Twenty-two years ago he was diagnosed with adrenal cancer and given six months to live. Crediting natural medicines, inner determination, and the love and support of family and friends, he says he "beat the odds," and that's a theme that underlies his campaign for governor. "We're going to beat the odds."


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