The Coastal Post - March, 1998

Speculations And Advice

By Kirby Ferris

We live in interesting times. One might even confidently declare that the next five years will be pivotal in the flow of human history. Here are some takes on recent events and events to come:

1. As I wrote last month, and the theory is holding, I believe that the present sex scandal in the White House is a reverse sting aimed at Kenneth Starr. It has been choreographed by James Carville. Monica Lewinsky is bait. She fed disinformation to Linda Tripp, and Clinton never told her to lie under oath. Such a sting was played on Matt Drudge when he was fed a story about an administration official being a wife beater and was later sued for $30 million for libel and slander. It was a setup, and Drudge will go down. Likewise, Monicadate will (someday) be shown to have been a setup...and Starr will go down.

2. The United States will not bomb Iraq in the foreseeable future. When you're got Rush Limbaugh and the extreme socialist left wing agreeing on the recklessness of such a move, you know that American public opinion is firmly entrenched against the option. Bill Clinton is, if nothing else, a weathervane President. Saddam will play international opinion with a tightrope walker's skill, giving in just enough at each 11th-hour crisis to keep the Stealth bombers out of his airspace.

3. On the other hand, should the U.S. bomb Iraq, we will see terrorist activity of unimagined level explode in America. All Saddam will need are thousands of dead Iraqi civilians to muster waves of suicide volunteers from a virtually bottomless well of Islamic true believers. Along with significant loss of American life and a massive disruption of the domestic economy, our Bill of Rights will be gutted as fear-filled Americans beg the federal government to do anything to stop the wave of terror. If this happens, expect:

4. "Gun control" legislation that would have never passed through Congress before. Expect centralized gun registration, further limitations on ownership of firearms types, and ammunition, and door-to-door searches carried out under the pretense of "martial law" in those areas worst hit.

5. The Internet will be censored, monitored and persecuted as the government thought police drop the iron boot on every citizen who voices a harsh opinion against this federal Goliath that we have allowed to grow in our midst. Private encryption software, your only guarantee to true privacy on the Internet, will be outlawed and you can expect your every move during a web-surfing session to be monitored and recorded in some NSA mainframe computer. (That is, if this is not the case already.)

6. The prevention of, or solution to, all this turmoil can be simply spelled out in one simple idea: get rid of the industrialized world's dependence on oil. This will not be accomplished by a Luddite mentality as espoused by the Unabomber's Manifesto. It will be accomplished by the brisk development of cold fusion energy. The American press, spoon-fed by the entrenched "hot" fusion pork barrel elite, succeeded in laughing professors Pons and Fleischman out of America and giving the impression to most Americans that their "cold fusion" was an experimental hoax. This is not the case, and the Japanese, especially, are working overtime on cold fusion devices that are reportedly extremely economical. Here in America, the"Patterson Cell" is causing raised eyebrows in the more open-minded scientific community. Do some Internet searches on "cold fusion," "Patterson Cell," and "Infinite Energy" magazine, a periodical started by an MIT scientist who realized that Pons and Fleischman were not a hoax, and who also has a very disturbing story to tell about how the largest scientific institutions in America teamed up to lie to the American people about what really happened with the original cold fusion discovery.

7. This incredible El Nio winter will be a wondrous boost to American wildlife. Streams and rivers are being cleansed as though these downpours are nature's own immune system. Expect record striped bass, steelhead, and salmon populations. Waterfowl are quacking in delight. The pastures are greening like never before, and on the human side of the coin, the underground aquifers are getting a much-needed recharging. We should be thankful and use the abundance to best advantage by re-evaluating our irrigation, fertilization, and pest control practices. Nature is giving us a big opportunity to go fully organic and we should copy Cuba's (yes, believe it or not, Cuba's) lead and mandate the switch to all-organic practices. Keep your eye on the bogus federal guidelines for "organic" procedures. Sneaking, rotten bureaucrats in the federal government, led by the multi-national agribusiness concerns, will make every attempt to sabotage evolution towards an all-organic continent. Don't let it happen. We're talking about what you have the choice to eat and drink.

8. Pay attention to a movement in America known as "Identity Christianity." These people are being vilified by the same media that lied to you about Randy Weaver, Waco and what really happened in Oklahoma City. That doesn't mean that Identity Christianity is correct in its views, but you might want to take a look at their main web site at Then check out the ADL and the "Hatewatch" websites to compare points of view. There is a spiritual storm coming to mainstream, Christian America and you can sample the direction of the earliest winds by checking out this present controversy.

9. A fun last thought: The Phil Henry Show on KFI (640 AM dial) out of L.A. at 7:00 p.m. weeknights. This is some of the most insane radio that has ever happened. You would have to go back to the late, great Don Sherwood to find such inspired lunacy. I highly recommend Phil Henry as an antidote for excessive seriousness.

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