The Coastal Post - March, 1998

Securities Fraud Grows In America

Burned Investors Can Fight Back And Win

By Caren Gellman

February 9, 1998-In every hour of every day of 1997, a new securities arbitration case was filed. Over 8,500 cases were filed last year (a record!) awarding more money than ever before to burned investors ($80+ million through 12/1). The percentage of victories for investors continued to grow in 1997 as well, where now burned investors are winning almost 6 out of every 10 of all cases brought, proving "David"

can beat "Goliath".

As the stock market goes higher, so does the abuse of investors! Retired people, engineers, housewives, business people, and investors from all walks of life and all states are burned by stockbrokers working for both large and small brokerages in the USA. The US Senate reported in September 1997 that stock fraud is "roaring back"-and it clearly is.

When investors lose money because of false representations (lies), if unsuitable recommendations were made by brokers, if buys/sells were unauthorized, if victimized by commission grabs (churning) or other common abuses, then real, viable recourse exists to recover lost funds. And it exists now! Out-of-pocket losses, lost interest, costs and punitive damages may be awarded by arbitrators.

Securities arbitration is available to all burned investors in America. And it works! Arbitration provides victims the right and opportunity to take on Wall Street and succeed, as the stellar national results from 1997 prove. Arbitration is both cost-effective and time-efficient.

Securities fraud and investor abuse is an acknowledged growing problem affecting people-real people-across America. But while government recognizes this fact, it cannot get money back for victims on a case-by-case basis. That's where S.A.G. comes in.

Securities Arbitration Group, Inc. is the veteran top leader in the country representing burned investors in securities arbitration. People must overcome victim embarrassment and anger to fight back. S.A.G. founder Paul Young believes that for each case filed, 10 are not. But fighting Wall Street is a specialty. For many years, Securities Arbitration Group has represented individual burned investors nationwide in non-court arbitration and mediation, and has an established track record of success in winning millions, to the grudging respect of Wall Street.

The Securities Fraud Hotline-1-800-222-4724-is a free service nationwide sponsored by S.A.G. for burned investors. Plus, S.A.G. also has the free "Burned Investor's Recovery Pack" available.

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