The Coastal Post - March, 1998

Child Sacrifice In Iraq

A thousand children die each month in Iraq. Aren't you proud?

Sacrificial offerings to the white man's ego-starving in sewage overflow or dying from amputations without anesthetics or penicillin. Dying each day we speak about some imagined wrong. Pawns in a death game played by people who talk of family values and make it a crime to send food or drugs to them.

How does it feel to be blind in the age of information? With all your World-Wide Web and satellite relay stuff to know nothing?

Deals are made behind closed doors at the Business Roundtable where the company which makes the bombs owns the TV stations and nobody sees what isn't shown. Doesn't anybody consider what isn't shown to us-Americans,

at IRS-point, loosing our cash to the war machine? Don't you want to see the piles of bodies your tax dollar has wrought? Doesn't it make you proud that 33 children died in Iraq today?



P.S. Thanks for USDA article. I wrote letters to them.

Medical Billing Bogus Business

In less than three years, approximately 4,000 consumers have been bilked out of nearly $32 million by phone "medical-billing business" promoters. The victims-who had hoped to start a high-tech, home-based business-lost an average $8,000 each. The promoters of these bogus business schemes portray a lucrative and wide-open market for processing medical billing and insurance claims for doctors. In truth, most doctors who outsource their billing don't do so with small, start-up companies.

The enclosed new Federal Trade Commission brochure, "Medical Billing Business Opportunity Schemes: A Bitter Pill," describes to potential investors the deceptive and misleading promotions used by these unscrupulous promoters. Copies are available free from:

Federal Trade Commission

Consumer Response Center

6th St. & Pennsylvania Ave., NW

Washington, DC 20580

(202) 326-2222 or

(202) 326-2502 (TDD for the hearing impaired)

For additional information, visit the FTC at

If you have any questions, please call me at (202) 326-2988.


Washington D.C.

Revenge Killing

The word "Texas" has been added to the list of Algeria, Bosnia, Serbia, Rwanda, Northern Ireland, as famous for killing. The deliberate killing of a young woman in revenge for her killing is of the same moral disease that distinguishes these societies.

The real basis for the death penalty is hate-revenge. The polite word for revenge (adding evil to evil) is "justice." Many people think that justice is a sacred principle.

If justice means "an eye for an eye, a life for a life"-retaliation, dragging another human down to my level of grief and suffering, then I have no use for justice.

On the other hand, if justice, as in "social justice," means lifting other needy and suffering humans up to my level of security and comfort, I would prefer the word "caring" as more appropriate.

Too many unthinking people glorify the first concept of justice, while belittling and scoffing at the second caring concept.

For this reason I have come to have little respect for the word "justice." Let's rather choose universal caring, the principle that leads to a better life for all.



Iraq Non-Crisis

To President Clinton

This letter must be written and sent in good conscience, for my friends, children and grandchildren, rather than hanging out at home with diverting minor escapes: i.e., storms, debts, family problems, local volunteer work with community groups. Copies will certainly have wide distribution.

Please put more emphasis on your State of the Nation worthwhile message, with higher priorities to be implemented. Iraq is not a big military threat to its neighbors, or the world, as you well know, despite your headline mentality, as the public sees you.

Please listen to the World Council of Churches delegation recently returned from Iraq who appealed for compromise negotiations.

Please don't become another Spiro Agnew as the oil and military "bag man."

Please give more leadership, as an alternative, for Israeli-Palestinian Middle East land disputes and previous agreements for peace settlements, reducing military threats all around, now a much greater threat to world peace. Be a good Boy Scout, "on my honor," etc., simply put, rather than a big bully, for imperialistic markets. What kind of merit badge will you deserve? Personally, I was a Sea Scout, practicing rowing together in rough weather. And so I did, in the WWII Navy in the South Pacific for three years. I would like to be proud of my family and my own military service. Just listening to John McLaughlin on TV #9-thank God for some sense items (4:30 pm, Bay Area).

This letter, a diplomatic type of missive, as my grandfather would have written to then-President Abe Lincoln, as Hon. Counsel J. Augustus Johnson, Beirut, Ottoman Empire, reappointed by President Lincoln, 1866, with commendations, for protecting Christian missionaries, with a gunship in Beirut harbor. "Showing the Flag"-so to speak.

Another major point: Please stop using outworn platitudes of U.N. sanctions as sanctimonious coverup for big military political show-off bombardment threats-where accidents can happen, at great expense. The exaggerated pompous statements by our puppet Blair only provides your combined mercenary status to serving Big Oil profits, KSA, and our imperialistic Pentagon. Please don't be so gullible by falling in line with our media's false enemy images, such as previously used for Grenada, Panama and Viet Nam extended warfare, with great citizen casualties, all with unclarified purpose and motivation. All using phony incidents to glorify our military actions, at such great cost and mutual losses. Do you really believe your off-stated mis-statements? It's really hard to keep the faith in you as president, even though I've been in public service all my life-with a good record, as a City and Regional Planner.

We can see now the strong possibility of media-driven cartoons of "The Wimp Makes Good," serving as our typical headline mentality, but accepting this historical perspective, if you and your advisors really follow through on bombing, desecrating Iraqi people and infrastructure (normal nationalist Muslims) who don't matter, don't count, don't vote, just like our early Native Americans, blitzed by U.S. cavalry and foot soldiers with canons and machine guns, depriving them of their livelihood and land, their leaders and spirit of independence. Why not learn from experience, for a change?

This letter is being written during very helpful flash flood warnings on TV and radio, local, here in SF Bay area. But please, no "flash bombing" warnings, anywhere, which would reverberate around the world. I'm a retired City and Regional Planner, international transportation economics, worked in six third-world developing countries ('70s-'90s) with a Masters from Harvard Grad School of Design ('53)-working with US AID, UNDP, Peace Corps, and consultants, pleading for common sense, economic aid and cultural exchange and negotiations for World Peace-NOT "gun boat" blasting with carriers and planes in this case and for the future. Set a good example and look good-quite manly, after all.

Repeating myself--please give more emphasis to State of Nation programs, reducing new Israel settlements, land to Palestinians (returning what was theirs earlier) rather than crash-land destroy helpless Iraq a second time around.

Our future history books need some positive examples of humanitarian leadership. I hope you won't be protected from this growing sentiment across the world by lip-service employees, who cater to preconceived notions of your military stance or nothing.



P.S. I grew up on the Stanford campus, quite out of the depression years.

Thanks And Donations

Bruce Carlton's January 1 letter is so true.

Great paper-keep up the good work.

We are sorry for taking so long to send this check.


Point Reyes

* * *

Be my Valentine! Enclosed is a check in support of your efforts to provide an insightful, educational, amusing, off-the-wall, serious, outrageous, entertaining, and thought-provoking publication. Keep me Coastal Post-ed.



Growth and Ozone

This is in response to the letter you published by Miles Vetus-"Growth Junkies"-in the Coastal Post of January, 1998.

In many ways his letter was excellent. It struck an instant recognition to what is happening in towns of British Columbia, higher up on the West Coast. Indeed organized greed entrains a total lack of integrity and consideration of anybody or anything standing in its way.

These abuses always existed. What makes it worse now is the uncontrolled population explosion (which is rarely if ever mentioned). Also, the powerful technological tools that can magnify and accelerate the implementation of greed to a well-high lethal extent.

I want to register these two points with your readers since they exemplify the kind of deep probing of the Coastal Post in its admirable search for facts and truth.

Another point concerns the ozone layer-or lack of it these days. The point is simply that the hole has been started and widened principally by the military's use of fluoro-carbon solvents to wash down war planes. This practice far more than any hair spray is behind the ozone hole, and is not stopping because there is too much money in huge contracts with nameless corporate poisoners.


Sardis, BC, Canada

P.S. I visited your web site. Congratulations!

Keep Hamilton Airstrip

The IJ report of a proposed $500,000 study (?), NOT cost, relating to the destruction and conversion of the Hamilton Field airstrip into a bird sanctuary/wetlands, proves to be totally ludicrous in view of the Flooding and Evacuation of Gnoss Airfield. It took El Nino weather to prove that Gnoss is not to be relied on as the only airport for Marin County's emergencies. Incidently, it was reported that the Hamilton Airstrip was above the tide level that inundated Gnoss' runways and could have been put to use in event of serious flooding.

Now that we have established a need for retaining the Hamilton Field's runways, how can we convince our good Senators Boxer and Feinstein, and our Marin County Board of Supervisors with Rosalie Webb, to change their views? Can we recommend converting Gnoss Field into the wetland sanctuary and keeping the 60-year-old proven runways at Hamliton? It's worth a try!



Another Vietnam?

In listening to President Clinton, how much I was reminded of Lyndon Baines Johnson promising us all kinds of domestic goodies in exchange for our acquiescing to bombing the poor, innocent people of Vietnam, only this time it's Iraq.

And then, with outrageous demagoguery, the First Lady dares to wax indignant that many of us are accusing her husband of murder. What would she call it, involuntary manslaughter?

Do our presidents lie awake nights trying to dream up excuses to give the taxpayers' hard-earned money to the military-industrial complex?


Mill Valley

Right Wing Or West Wing?

Hillary says its' all part of a "vast right-wing conspiracy."

What a shock, to learn that the ultra-liberal Washington Post, who broke the story, the New York Times, and even Chicken Little Newsweek who sat on the story, are all part of that right-wing conspiracy-along with AG Janet Reno, who gave Ken Starr the expanded investigation go-ahead.

Now Hillary and other Clinton claque liars, to smear the messenger, are chanting their anti-Starr mantra of $40 million and no results."

"No results"? How's this for "no results'? At least 29 indictments, at least 12 pleading guilty or convicted, with several imprisoned. And don't forget the White House's own count of no less than 40 separate scandals engulfing Clinton, his cabinet and his cronies.

It's a conspiracy, all right, a "vast White House West Wing conspiracy."


San Rafael

An Open Letter

To Senator John McCain

I wonder, John McCain, whether you thought this through before you jumped on the anti-Iraq military bandwagon in Washington. I can think of no act more irresponsible or reprehensible than waging a second destructive bombing campaign against a people already bombed back into a third world status, a country where starvation, pestilence and death have been part and parcel of their daily fight for existence for seven long years.

Retired now, I served as a Navy surgeon in the Pacific toward the end of WWII, and was recalled as a battalion surgeon with the Marines during Korea. I've seen enough of killing. Nowadays it's the civilians who bear the brunt of war's terror. Did you learn NOTHING from your Vietnam experience?

My friend ex-Attorney General Ramsey Clark recently called me after returning from his seventh visit to Iraq since the Gulf War. I suggest you contact his office (212-475-3232) and get a copy of his findings which he has forwarded already to Richardson at the UN. The Iraqi people are dying by the thousands from our US-UN embargo.

You brave Senators find it so easy to bully the UN Security Council into threatening small countries like Iraq and Libya and Cuba, but you turn tail and run when it comes to enforcing a single UN Resolution against Israel, a country that terrorizes her neighbors, occupies three foreign countries, steals land and water rights, builds illegal settlements, kills kids in the street with live bullets and both keeps and tortures her political prisoners. To date there have been more than 70 such Resolutions against Israel for human rights abuses. You may see yourself as a military hero, McCain, but I have NEVER heard you campaign to enforce even ONE of the many Security Council Resolutions against Israel's misbehavior. Why?

Saddam is no prince, but Washington supports a dozen dictators around the world who could be demonized just as easily-take Indonesia's Suharto for example. We accuse Saddam of excess militarism in his wars with Iran and then Kuwait, but much of Asia sees the having mounted two terribly destructive and unnecessary wars in their part of the world, and beside our debacles in Korea and Viet Nam, the Asian people remember our genocides in Laos and Cambodia, counties who had experienced peace for over 1,000 years.

Do you really believe, John McCain, that after seven years of UN inspections Saddam has any significant weapons left, or more important, any way of delivering their payloads? And more to the point, if Saddam is really the threat that Washington continually broadcasts, then why are none of Saddam's neighbors except Kuwait supporting this military onslaught against his country?

BBC reporter Tim Llewellyn called me from London just days ago to say he felt the Blair administration was considerably more under the political thumb of Israel than had been Major's, which accounted for their Prime Minister's recent appearance at the White House as Iraq was being discussed.

As has been recently pointed out in the Egyptian press, the U.S.has either refused to support or vetoed most UN Security Resolutions condemning Israel, which country is armed with not only chemical and biological weapons, but has a military that JANE'S 1997 Military Review states can overwhelm all the Arab countries combined. Israel also threatens the entire Mideast with 400 or more neutron-loaded missiles.

All this considered, Americans might encourage their Washington representatives to negotiate a peaceful and fair settlement with Saddam, while pressing for a withdrawal of the US-UN punitive sanctions at once. The Security Council today (February 20th) is considering a Resolution to allow Iraq a considerable increase in its oil sales, in order to give Kofi Annan more wiggle room in his negotiations with Iraq's leader.

Yesterday's New York Times (February 19) contained an interesting letter from Pepe L. Gaibor in Longwood, Florida. Pepe suggested: "Since we have mounted so much military power in the Middle East, let's force not only Iraq to comply with United Nations Resolutions, but Israel as well. Israel has defied numerous resolutions...including the illegal control of Arab territories."

For the next few days our media will continue to boil over with this Mideast stand-off. No doubt on which side our smoke and mirror boys stand. This morning's CNN showed shots of anthrax bacilli interposed with pictures of Saddam, because some stateside militia group had supposedly seized a bacterial culture. The reason for this seizure and even the identification of the organism was uncertain, but that didn't stop CNN and other networks from beating the drums of war and further villainizing Saddam. It's quite possible the whole incident as set up. Older Americans may remember those posters of Germans bayonetting Belgian babies which helped push our boys overseas into WWI. Mind Control by the media has become more subtle.

Let's hope the US' bullying of the Security Council fails, Secretary-General Kofi Annan returns from Iraq with a smile on his face, and both the Clinton administration and Saddam are rescued from another cliff-hanger.


San Rafael

DoD Experiments

On January 16, Clinton signed this bill and made it legal for the government or its contractors to burn the flesh off your bones or give you a healthy dose of anthrax with your morning coffee...if this doesn't scare the living daylights out of you, then may I suggest that you are crazy.

USCA Title 50 Chap 32 Sect 1520

1520. Use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents by Department of Defense; accounting to Congressional committees with respect to experiments and studies;/ notification of local civilian officials

(a) Not later than thirty days after final approval within the Department of Defense of plans for any experiment or study to be conducted by the Department of Defense, whether directly or under contract, involving the use of human subjects for the testing of chemical or biological agents, the Secretary of Defense shall supply the Committees on Armed Services of the Senate and House of Representatives with a full accounting of such plans for such experiment or study, and such experiment or study may then be conducted only after the expiration of the thirty-day period beginning on the date such accounting is received by such committees.

(b)(1) The Secretary of Defense may not conduct any test or experiment involving the use of any chemical or biological agent on civilian populations unless local civilian officials in the area in which the test or experiment is to be conducted are notified in advance of such test or experiment, and such test or experiment may then be conducted only after the expiration of the thirty-day period beginning on the date of such notification.

(2) Paragraph (1) shall apply to tests and experiments conducted by Department of Defense personnel and tests and experiments conducted on behalf of the Department of Defense by contractors.

You can look at the U.S.Code at:


Inverness Park

War For Oil, Again?

The U.S. government is threatening a new air war against Iraq. Seven years ago, during the Gulf War, the Pentagon and its allies dropped 88,000 tons of bombs. Iraq's water, sewage, electric power and telephones were deliberately destroyed, as was much of the country's industry and agriculture. More than 250,000 Iraqis were killed or seriously wounded, in what was really more of a high-tech slaughter than a war.

Since the Gulf war, Iraq has been under U.N. sanctions, denied the right to trade with other countries. Shortages of food and medicine have killed over 1.5 million Iraqi people, half of them children under the age of five. Much of Iraq has already been destroyed by war and sanctions. Gloria La Riva of the International Action Center who recently returned from a fact-finding trip of Iraq, said: "Iraq is not a threat to any other country. The real purpose of the war and sanctions is to secure U.S.oil companies' control of the Gulf region, which holds two-thirds of the world's oil supply. At a time when social programs are being cut, the Pentagon is spending $50 billion a year to kill Iraqi people and protect oil profits."

Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General, said of the plans for a new attack on Iraq: "The U.S. government has climaxed months of propaganda and threats against Iraq with the statement that it will launch a new sustained attack. Many innocent Iraqis are sure to die." A U.S. cruise missile attack on Al-Ameriya bomb shelter in Baghdad killed 1,500 Iraqis in their sleep.


Mill Valley

Republican Witch Hunt Will Backfire

No matter what the Republican conservatives' witch hunt of President Clinton appears to be, the truth about it is its real reasons for it: 1. The Republican conservatives are expressing their own tendencies, similar to the accused, in the disguise of their rhetorical flame throwing (They are Puritanical peeping toms.), and 2. The Republican conservatives' are attempting to harass and to weaken the entire political opposition in order to undermine "family values" (the opportunities for middle-class traditional families to receive adequate jobs, wages, food, housing, education, health care, and a safe environment.) This is the lust for power, and the lust for out-of-control profits. The Bible says "The love of money is the root of all evils." (I Timothy 6:10)

Every witch hunt has backfired on the conservatives. Remember Senator Joe McCarthy versus The United States Army?


San Francisco

Hands Off Social Security

Amid due prediction that the Social Security fund will go bankrupt 30 years from now, the Clinton Administration is talking about convening a post-election session of Congress next November, or convening a bi-partisan commission to "fix" the problem.

Once before, during Reagan's first term, a bi-partisan commission on Social Security was set up amid similar "sky is falling" predictions. That commission proposed and Congress approved an outrageous package that included raising the retirement age and increasing regressive Social Security withholding taxes. Later it was admitted that there was no real emergency and the Social Security Fund is now flush with surpluses. Today, the dire predictions hide another hidden agenda: To open the door wide to the privatization of Social Security. The Cato Institute, Economic Security 2000 and other corporate right-wing outfits are itching to get their hands on the half trillion dollar Social Security Trust Fund.

Quietly, they have pushed resolutions through state legislatures calling for waivers that would permit states to force all state residents out of Social Security and into individual retirement accounts. Democratic governors and others have pooh-poohed these resolutions on grounds that they are non-binding and cannot affect a federal program. But a leader of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare warns that the Cato Institute aims to push through 30 to 40 state legislatures and then descend on Washington with claims of a mandate to terminate Social Security. That stealth project could surface with a vengeance at Clinton's special session on Social Security. We need to mobilize everywhere to defeat these open and covert attacks on Social Security.

* * *

Stop Thief!

Most of us depend on our Social Security checks. Strong corporate and financial institutions want to get Congress to steal them from us by using their strong influence to get Congress to get rid of the Social Security Administration and hand it over to private institutions. In other words, hand it over to them. So they use the media to write stories of Social Security going "bankrupt." This is a LIE! Based on this lie, they get the President to appoint a commission to STUDY the matter. Thus, you have a method to begin attacking the Social Security system. Proposals to make beneficiaries wait to receive payments at a later age, demand a means test, making Social Security a charity. Having assets, property or money would disqualify you from receiving benefits, turning the entire system over to banks and to Wall Street speculators, etc. Billions are spent to "rescue" foreign currencies, billions are lost by giving tax credit to large money-making institutions. Federal responsibility to take care of the poor and disabled are dodged and passed over to the communities. Now their eyes are on destroying Social Security. This is a serious threat to our lives and to the lives of the upcoming generations. We must put pressure on our Congressional representatives including Senator Barbara Boxer, Senator Feinstein to STOP THIS ATTACK AND TO DEFEND OUR SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM.


Seeks Sanctuary

To Havalapai/Havasupai Nation Tribal Headquarters, Peace Springs, Arizona

This letter is a formal appeal for sanctuary.

The United States Government is and has been persecuting me and harassing me with continual intensive surveillance, setting undercover informants on me, "shadowing" me in person as well as following my vehicle by use of leap-frogging and bracketing, monitoring and recording all my telephone calls, intercepting my mail, etc. These acts of the USofA agencies and TelCo are the result of my activities as a religious dissident, my outspoken opposition to Global 2000 and the New World Order, and my participation as major player in the people's non-violent activism, i.e., Freedom Fight against mandatory motorcycle helmet law, etc.

Recently I attempted to initiate litigation in federal court (9th District Federal Court, Phoenix) to obtain remedy and redress for fraud and conspiracy by the Social Security Administration, actions which deprive me of my SS disability benefits. I am a recovering stroke victim.

I am a homeless pauper, 62 years of age, a Caucasian living in a truck since 1982.

I am a native-born American citizen, resident of the state of Arizona. My vehicle is duly registered and currently licensed in the state of Arizona. I am not an ex-felon nor ever been arrested on a felony criminal charge. No warrants for my arrest are outstanding. I neither smoke nor drink, don't have any communicable diseases.

I seek sanctuary within the Havasupai Indian Nation in order to obtain relief from the harassment and persecution of the United States Government, its agencies, and various civilian law enforcement agencies which cooperate fully with U.S. Government requests, legal and otherwise.

The actions against me by the United States Government, its agencies, and TelCo are unconstitutional and without justification, some being outright illegal and unlawful. I am suffering loss of my freedom, my liberty and pursuit of happiness. My mental and physical health, my well-being, my peace of mind are all being affected adversely.

Additionally, I have reason to fear for my safety. The endangerment is real and increasing.


Flagstaff, Arizona

Sex And Moral Authority

The latest daily polls show the public is giving the President the highest approval rating, even higher among women, alas, for the way he is handling his job. Marlin Fitzwater, former President Bush's press secretary, was quoted the other day as saying, "He'd [the President] be crazy to talk about the sex scandal. Everybody knows he's a womanizer and he's a liar and they don't care." If this is so, then we got the President we deserve. Help, Barbara Boxer and other Congresswomen who marched against Clarence Thomas and Senator Packwood. Where are you now?

I am a Democrat and I am outraged! My civics textbook has been around for a 100 years, and in it George Washington is quoted as saying that the public life and the private life of a president are intertwined. Should we not hold our president, the leader of the free world, to the highest moral standards? Whatever happened to the more intangible powers of the presidency such as moral authority and respect? The president also holds the power to reward his friends and punish his enemies.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt's words are engraved in stone at his memorial in Washington: "I never forget that I live in a home owned by all the American people and that I have been given their trust." Are we going to allow the People's House to be desecrated by scandal, paper shredders, trysts and foreign interests?

In his brilliant essay, "It's a disgrace if Clinton clings to office," SF Chronicle, January 28, George Will writes, "If Clinton had sufficient moral sense to see his duty, he would not be in a position where resignation is his duty. The swift, irremediable collapse of Clinton's presidency has not really occurred in one week. Rather, one week's revelations have ratified six years of suspicions extending to matters beyond his personal conduct that have crystallized into the unassailable conclusion that this is America's tawdriest presidency."

Those "matters beyond his personal conduct" are well documented in the shocking video "The Clinton Chronicles" (1-800-828-2290) which was widely distributed in Europe and given to each member of Congress.



Storm Or Thunder, Still A Charade

Do not look now, but Saddam Hussein is intently paying attention to the current discord between the U.S. and Russia relative to his cleverly-crafted missiles crisis. He is surprised to observe an uncharacteristic interest by the Yeltsin government to protect him from his supposed arch-enemy, the United States of America. Russia is actually scolding the U.S. over its announced intentions to use military measures in addressing the pernicious and protracted crisis. It is even talking of a possible world war as a consequence of any military action against Iraq. Saddam is not surprised over the reluctance of other UN Security Council members to join the U.S.and U.K. in their war-mongering efforts. That is a given. But for Russia to go all out in his defense and even resort to subtly threaten the world with a world war as a consequence is not only unexpected but entirely unnecessary. It is merely taking Saddam a little longer now to blink than usual. Even the U.S.knows that it is imminently forthcoming.

Why Yeltsin is getting into the picture of an almost decade-long charade between him and his perennial adversaries is totally beyond his comprehension. He realizes that President Clinton was very instrumental in Yeltsin's election into power and is most certainly not one who will oppose his American buddy rather than support him at a time when his government is alone and in need of friends. Russia did not react this way during the Desert Storm, eight years ago. Why should it now that the "storm" was reduced to a "thunder"? Why does Russia appear to be oblivious to this little game that he has been playing over the last eight years? Even the Saudis and the Kuwaitis who are directly threatened by Iraqi's aggression are already wise to what is really going on. They are more fearful of the indomitable Israelis than the noisy saber-rattling Iraqis. After almost a decade, they can now tell between fantasy and reality. The Desert Storm magic is beginning to wear off. This may be the reason why a Desert Thunder is currently in order.

Is Russia participating now in the charade? Is its reference to a possible world war an attempt to inject some vim in what is appearing to be a ho-hum event? Will it help lend a louder roar to the impending Desert Thunder? Will it wipe out the complacency from the disinterested members of the United Nations? Saddam Hussein realizes that he cannot lay his nod, wink and blink game forever. He has to demonstrate that he indeed has the potential of a modern Hitler to remain in power. This is where the danger lies. A desperate Saddam Hussein may resort to some tricks of his own that even the experts who have so far correctly second-guessed his seemingly crazy behavior may yet be sprung a surprise.

The only time Iraq will truly cease to be a problem is if Saddam Hussein is brought down from power. The only time the U.S. will be taken seriously by the world in its handling of the Iraq question is if it demonstrates its willingness to recognize the real core of the Iraqi threat and deal with it courageously and with candor. To say that Uncle Sam's hands are tired on the question of eliminating a mad and dangerous aggressor because it is against its Constitution to do so is begging the pardon of anyone with an average intelligence. Omar Khadaffi is alive today only because the fighter pilots sent to take him out bungled their mission. Was President Reagan reading a different Constitution then? The fact that Saddam Hussein has proven to be indestructible in spite of U.S. efforts to stop him depicts two scenarios: Either the U.S. is an ineffective super power, or the U.S., for whatever reason, needs him. I am inclined to believe the latter. Aren't you?


San Francisco

Repair The Tracks

It will be interesting to see how fast Sonoma and Marin Counties along with the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District, owners of the Northwestern Pacific Railroad, act to protect their $26 million investment and repair the tracks so freight traffic can resume as soon as possible. The financially-strapped North Coast Railroad Authority, operators of the freight service for the counties and the Bridge District does not have the estimated $3.5 million needed to repair the tracks. And because of an unrealistic and lopsided operating agreement forced on the North Coast Railroad Authority by the Counties and the Bridge District, the Authority and not the Counties or the Bridge District is responsible to fix the damage.

There is much more involved here than just the movement of Redwood Empire Lumber products to nationwide markets. The railroad right-of-way is also home to Pacific Bell's multi-million-dollar fiber optic line and the equally valuable cable TV route owned by TCI. Both are hanging in the air across the deep cuts in the roadbed created by the floodwaters.

In addition, before the advent of flood control levees and irrigation districts in both counties, the raised roadbed acts as a levee and a dike, holding back flood waters from the west side of both countries along Highway 37 and 101 corridors. I can tell you as a meteorologist, with more severe storms to come, public and private land is very vulnerable to more flooding as long as the breaks in this valuable roadbed remain open and allow more high water to flood dry land west of the railroad right-of-way.

In addition, the super-efficient railroad keeps over 20,000 lumber trucks off 101 each year, saving fuel, reducing emissions, relieving congestion, and limiting further damage to the freeway. I hope that the Counties and the Bridge District understand all of this and step to the plate and repair the damage immediately with their resources. Both counties have been declared Federal and State disaster areas and can recover any money spent on repairs from FEMA and OES. The Counties and the Bridge District have been allocated $29 million to create commuter passenger service on the line; if the line is not repaired, such resources should be returned to the taxpayers. Local citizens and local elected representatives, should contact their State Legislators on this issue now. Oh, by the way, did officials of both counties remember to include the railroad in their damage assessments?


KCBS Meteorologist


Identify Your Writers

I don't read your newspaper too often but when I do, I'd like to see your writers identified as to their organization, jobs etc. You have lead stories (2/1/98) by Frank Scott (?), Edward Miller (?), Jon Moore (?), Betty Machado (This one I know).



Editor: What's your point?

Don't Throw These People In The Trash

Just the other day a friend of mine from Oakland responded to one of my e-mail missives regarding the subject of violent males and the crimes they commit, especially against women and children. My friend is a preschool teacher who deals with children on a daily basis. What my friend stated expressed my viewpoint so much more eloquently than I have been able to do that I felt it would be appropriate to share what my

friend said here with you.

I wrote: The only way to guarantee that these incidents do not keep happening is to take three very simple steps. First must come the education and therapy of the women themselves so they may unlearn the cycle of abuse patterns they live by unconsciously. Second must be the treatment and therapy for the kids, so they can recover as well. These patterns are what they have witnessed their whole young lives and have come to subconsciously view as normal behaviors. Third must come people, like myself, who are trying to develop programs of recovery for the men involved. It does not help our society when these men are stuck in a pen and treated like animals. When they are forgotten and subjected to an environment where they have to learn even more violence to just survive, the results are obvious. Society ends up needing more and more prisons, and the repeat offenses get worse and worse.

The three strikes attitude sweeping our country is one of the scariest propositions I have ever had to confront. Logically it makes much sense, and technically it can be effective, but look at the cost to our society. In the long run, more and more men are losing their lives to the insanity of the criminal ideologies. They learn these ideas, of whom they believe they are supposed to be, on the unconscious level, and in the end hate themselves for being. Every one of these men turns out to have very low self-esteem, and their violence towards women and children is just one way of venting the pain they feel.

My friend responded: This is hard, even at the 4-year-old level. It's very difficult to look at a kid who is hurting other children and acting like a bully, and realize that this is the child who is the most scared, and needs the most help. Sometimes the very aggressive kids make it truly difficult for others to show them affection they so desperately need.

Almost every politician in our governments could do well by taking lessons from this preschool teacher. Someone once said, God does not make junk! What I have to ask myself is this simple question: If human beings are not junk, why does society keep throwing them into the trash?



Weapons Of Mass Destruction

The term "Weapons of mass destruction" coined by the American Administration is typical propaganda-speak. The term, which is ill-defined and inaccurate in its application, is used to garner a war-mongering attitude from the American people in order to justify a bombing campaign over Baghdad. America, of course, is allowed to keep its "weapons of mass destruction." A cruise missile, a FA-117a, a 2000 lb. HE bomb-are all very definitely "weapons of mass destruction."

The innocent people of Iraq-the normal man/woman in the street-has NO control over this situation. Yet America plans to obliterate Baghdad. They plan to bomb dams and power supplies, hit schools and hospitals, and all forms of human and civilizing assets. In fact many members of the American Congress wish to invade Iraq and lay conquest over its sovereign dominions. This is a disgraceful episode in the history of the USA; indeed, many times this century America has been nothing more than a "schoolyard bully." This time, however, if a mistake is made in its campaign to rid Iraq of the current regime-the mistake will be very costly for a long time to come.

To try to commit "genocide" on a sovereign people is just as bad as actually doing it. Wake-up America, and be a concerned citizen of the World-one who is against all forms of aggression-and especially against Arabs peoples.


anthony fellows, [email protected]

A Libertarian Likes The Coastal Post

Reading over the Coastal Post for February was quite a delight. Many things that the Libertarian Party stands for where addressed and we want to thank you for providing an open forum for otherwise neglected topics.

The Libertarian Party has been the only Political Party continuously and consistently supporting the rights of medical marijuana users. I was personally getting signatures for Prop 215, before it passed, and organized a fundraising event that raised $5,000 for the cause.

The article on the Bill of Rights is sure to stir up some people at our monthly meeting. Mainly, I just wanted to touch base with your newspaper and let you know we are inspired by your work.


Marin County Libertarian Party Chair

P. S. Join the Marin LP at the Petaluma Flea Market, March 28th. The MLP is accepting donations of clothing and household goods for our fund-raising drive.

My Poor Arab!

My poor Arab! The abused child of the world!

The darkest clouds blown by the winds of the West

Have cast shadows upon your land once again...

Who knows this time which of your sons will they claim?

Which of your towns will vanish with keyboard strokes

And how many friends will you search for in vain?

And how much blood, how much blood will they vomit

Flooding your streets and your bedrooms once again?

O my brother, where will you now hide from them?

They call themselves civilized...!

Yet their warplanes will very soon reappear

With blue and red and white colors marked on them

And fifty stars boasting their crimes without shame!

Soon they will creep into your space once again

Invisible like the fingers guiding them

Raping! Raping! The virgin face of your skies

Chasing your nights away with their blinding fires

And bomb by bomb and shell by shell tearing down

All that you built stone by stone and breath by breath!

They call themselves civilized!

O, my brother, close your eyes and plug your ears!

No! Do not wait for what your dawns will unveil!

For their terror will make you hope for the nights

Which are trapped in the black holes of collapsed stars!

No! Do not wait for the yellow dust of death

To clear away from the limbs spread everywhere

Like the remnants of your defiled dignity!

And do not wait for your mothers to stumble

Upon the charred shoes their children left behind!

They call themselves civilized!

Yet these bullies will trade your blood for your oil

And the blood of their sons for their bank accounts!

So let us pump your black liquid down their throats

Until they gasp like ducks caught in their oil spills

And while it flows in the veins and tentacles

Of their global conglomerates and World Banks

Let us burn it! Let us burn it with revenge!

For they built them to rule our fate with black hearts

And they bred them to squeeze our lungs like pythons..

They call themselves civilized!

Where is your voice, where is your voice, my brother?

Where is your voice and why is it lost again

In the uproar of lynching mobs which exclaim:

Entertain us, entertain us now or else!

If you have no more of scandals, give us wars!

Where is your voice and how is it missed again

By armies of reporters with satellites?

And which court ruled that you deserved punishment

For suffering the curse of your own tyrant?

They call themselves civilized!

Allah Akbar! You cry from your minarets

"Bism Illahi El Rahman ou El Rahim!"

And you bow down like a zebra caught by throat

And accept your Allah's will with frozen eyes

While the High Priests debate your fate in Councils

Which they have made to legalize their vile deeds.

O, the High Priests and the nations they butchered!

Five times a day you accept your Allah's will

My dear brother, how will you now accept theirs?

They call themselves civilized!

Walk with me now beyond borders drawn for us

And beyond the deserts where we lived like ghosts

Without footprints and without a signature

And beyond all of the fountains where our lips

Blistered with thirst which could never become quenched

And let us leave forever all the cities

Where our conscience became a clown wearing rags

Come with me now with a shovel and a rose

Let us bury a century of coffins!

Only my soul hears your scream!


Ontario, California

Marin's Unfair Pay Scale

Affordable childcare is the hullabaloo of the day! Since Mom and Dad, Grandpa and Grandma as well as Aunt Susie all have to work outside the home these days, it is clearly a problem. Our children and their parents need good, safe childcare.

However, nobody mentions the salary structure Business America has fallen into, with huge gaps in pay between top management and workers. I see this gap as one of the biggest parts of the problem. Perhaps if business paid fairer, more honest salaries, childcare wouldn't be quite the problem it is, and the govenment or the greater society would not feel obligated to basically subsidize business-once again.

Marin is a good example of the salary problem. Marin is notorious for its poor pay, despite the high cost of living. Long ago in the '50s when the suburbs were born. Marin had a captive plethora of bright, educated, capable women who were interested in part-time jobs when their children started school. The thinking of the day was that since these women were not the primary "breadwinners" in the family, but only wokring for "fun" and "pin" money, they didn't need much money-and it wasn't forthcoming. Shamefully, it still isn't. Instead, Marin workers continue to suffer from a very old-fashioned idea that was never very sound. Given the brains, creativity and ability in the Marin talent pool, I am hard-pressed to believe that Marin businesses are not as successful,, productive and profitable as other businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area, so I have a problem with a salary scale that doesn't share the winnings. In general, I think business needs to see itself as part of society with some responsibility for it, and begin pulling its fair share everywhere.



Seeks Sanctuary

To Havalapai/Havasupai Nation Tribal Headquarters, Peace Springs, Arizona

This letter is a formal appeal for sanctuary.

The United States Government is and has been persecuting me and harassing me with continual intensive surveillance, setting undercover informants on me, "shadowing" me in person as well as following my vehicle by use of leap-frogging and bracketing, monitoring and recording all my telephone calls, intercepting my mail, etc. These acts of the USofA agencies and TelCo are the result of my activities as a religious dissident, my outspoken opposition to Global 2000 and the New World Order, and my participation as major player in the people's non-violent activism, i.e., Freedom Fight against mandatory motorcycle helmet law, etc.

Recently I attempted to initiate litigation in federal court (9th District Federal Court, Phoenix) to obtain remedy and redress for fraud and conspiracy by the Social Security Administration, actions which deprive me of my SS disability benefits. I am a recovering stroke victim.

I am a homeless pauper, 62 years of age, a Caucasian living in a truck since 1982.

I am a native-born American citizen, resident of the state of Arizona. My vehicle is duly registered and currently licensed in the state of Arizona. I am not an ex-felon nor ever been arrested on a felony criminal charge. No warrants for my arrest are outstanding. I neither smoke nor drink, don't have any communicable diseases.

I seek sanctuary within the Havasupai Indian Nation in order to obtain relief from the harassment and persecution of the United States Government, its agencies, and various civilian law enforcement agencies which cooperate fully with U.S. Government requests, legal and otherwise.

The actions against me by the United States Government, its agencies, and TelCo are unconstitutional and without justification, some being outright illegal and unlawful. I am suffering loss of my freedom, my liberty and pursuit of happiness. My mental and physical health, my well-being, my peace of mind are all being affected adversely.

Additionally, I have reason to fear for my safety. The endangerment is real and increasing.


Flagstaff, Arizona


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