The Coastal Post - February, 1998

Murder Trial Chronicles


On my way to court on the 16th of January, a bailiff told me that never in United States' history has a defendant in a murder case successfully defended himself acting as his own attorney. I already know that never in the history of Marin County has a criminal defendant gone to such extraordinary lengths to get favorable evidence secured in order to acquit himself. This will be the third year the Coastal Post has courageously provided me a forum to challenge the government's illegal conduct in my case.

Excerpted from the November, 1996 issue, "Since August, I have tried to have them do tests on my girlfriend, ex-girlfriend and myself to determine what poison was used. The court (Judge Boren), the DA, and the defense attorneys and all law enforcement involved have refused. I've been told that since no charges have been filed that I have no legal right to put together beneficial evidence. Only the DA can gather evidence now. And suppress it under color of law... The writing is already on the wall as to what sort of fair trial they have in mind for me."

From the July, 1997 issue, "...I voiced a complaint about the criminal justice system's refusal to obtain and test evidence that is crucial to my defense in a murder case. Now, nearly eight months later, the evidence... which I expect will show traces of poison still hasn't been secured... with assistance from the courts, smothering all evidence that I was poisoned on the night in question by the alleged victim. There is a murder of the truth in progress, and the government could do this to anyone who doesn't have O.J.'s money to pay them off where verdicts are for sale."

As a result of input given by the supervising investigator, Sgt. Richard Keaton, the Independent Journal printed the following on February 24, 1997: "For months, Kor asked to be charged with homicide so he could begin gathering evidence in his defense, Keaton said." The detective who negotiated an agreement with me that I would be arrested back in September of 1996 was thrown off the case and then booted completely out of the Investigations Unit of the Sheriff's Department. According to the law, which the Marin judges are ignoring, the detective was supposed to negotiate with my court-appointed attorney instead of me.

My arrest was purposely delayed for nearly six months so that traces of the poison would dissipate and I was prevented from getting tests done on myself or on the two other people poisoned. (Both have given statements to authorities that they too were poisoned.) The government utilized the delay to strengthen its case while weakening mine. This is completely against the law and the involved hypocrite judges know it. It seems particularly repugnant to the concept of justice that the government's message to me seems to be that I shouldn't have said anything.

On July 24, 1997, a toxicologist came to consult with me, paid for with your tax dollars, in order that maybe my evidence could be brought out. We were allowed no privacy, and he was forced to leave after a period of 10-15 minutes, which he has verified via a sworn declaration. Judge John Stephen Graham's position is that he didn't order for me to be interviewed. I benefitted not one bit from the expert and the government still has its one-sided show headed for trial with the Marin judiciary's endorsement.

I won a full acquittal in a major felony jury trial against the DA in 1992 and it has been said in legal circles that, "No acquittal ever goes unpunished." The sheriff wasn't thrilled when I became intimately involved with one of his female deputies back in 1985. Nor was the California Department of Corrections when I initiated an Environmental Protection Agency investigation against them in 1990 for dumping carcinogens in the public water supply. The State of California also didn't like my going on KGO-Channel 7 news in a two-part telecast and telling some truths about the DC they do their best to keep secret from the public. This displeasure was made particularly evident in my 1992 trial when Governor Pete Wilson himself wrote the Marin DA urging, "...maximum penalties when he is sentenced."

I am not getting a fair trial. I have irrefutable proof of the government's illegal conduct which a total moron would be compelled to acknowledge by now. The judges are actively participating as advocates for the prosecution instead of refereeing a fair fight This letter is submitted to let the public know that it's will is not being done, the truth is being silenced and the government is attempting to get away with inflicting a cowardly, one-sided slaughter upon me in your name, "the people." I am by myself at the defense table now. My only company is the truth.

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