The Coastal Post - February, 1998

News And Notes Of Novato

By Betty Machado

Hello, dear hearts

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Jack's Birthday, February 6

Cards can be sent to Pleasant Care, Room 411-A, 1565 Hill Road, Novato, 94947.

City Manager Rod Wood fails to communicate

The Public Advocate's program did not go on TV the third Thursday of January. I made an appointment with Rod Wood prior to the program to see if he would do a state-of-the-city message on January 15, and he said he had to ask the mayor prior to making a commitment. He never got back to me. I called Mayor Carole Knutson and found that she didn't have to give the City Manager permission to come on the show. I asked one of the Council people why the state-of-the-city wasn't presented by the City Manager at the first meeting on January 6. Rod Wood did deliver the speech, to the Soroptimist Club, of which the mayor is a member.

The City Manger goes to the League of California Cities' meetings. I am sure there are workshops on the of Public Relations and Communications. I hope Rod Wood updates his skills before next January.

The next public advocate show will be on February 19 from 9-10 p.m., and will have the Sierra Club on the subject of the upcoming February 24 Black Point election. You can call in your questions or come down to the Council Chambers.

The berm is coming down

The Novato Sanitary fill took excess dirt from the Partridge Knolls berm to use for their cut-an-cover operation. But now the weather precludes removal. Partridge Knolls residents are very unhappy with the situation. John Griffiths will be needing more money in order to come to a conclusion.

Major stoplights were not working on Christmas Eve and no police were available to direct traffic because that is the day the water pipes blew in Partridge Knolls and the police were up there directing traffic, leaving the townspeople to manage by themselves. I called the Chief of Police Brian Brady. His voicemail stated he would be gone until Monday afternoon and to leave a message. He has not returned the call.

A very unusual Rotary meeting

Former Supervisor Gary Giacomini was a guest at the Novato Rotary Club. The subject was 24 years on the Board and other matters, which turned out to be a bashing of our present supervisor, Harry Moore. He is "very happy" with 5th District Supervisor Harry Moore's decision not to seek re-election. "It is a sad thing that in recent years the Novato area has been represented by persons who are antithetical to the wishes of the City Council. There needs to be a synergy between the council and its supervisor. Otherwise, county funds available for needed projects get diverted to other supervisorial districts." The Chamber of Commerce is unhappy with Supervisor Moore over the Black Point development, so Giacomini threw the spear.

I attended the Supervisor's meeting when Moore stated he would not seek a second term. Supervisor John Kress was taken by surprise and said so when his turn came to state if he would seek re-election in June. He was looking forward to working with Moore now that he is President of the Board.

No more chair. Barbara Boxer did not want to be referred to as a piece of furniture when she was a supervisor, so she adopted the title president. John Kress is the first on the present board to be called president. With the rotation of the president of the board, Steve Kinsey will be president in the year 2000.

I walk by night

Has anyone observed the hand-painted signs on Vallejo Avenue in the median strip between Fifth and Fourth Streets? "Slow Down," was the first one. Now it states, "Not Sears Point Speedway." I hope the police are noting the signs. Watch for "Peacock Crossing" in Indian Valley. Seems there is a pitched battle over the flocks of peacocks nesting in trees and making wild noises during the mating season. Over on 8th and Marion, a police report states, wild turkeys are chasing cars.

I saw a note on the Thrifty drug store door that says February 28 they will be closing. Now the speculations begin. What's going into the Nave shopping center? One rumor: Nave's wants to take down the shopping center and build apartments. Another thought: ask Richard Nave if he would support a privately-owned skateboard park in the space. It might work instead of putting the park on Marion where no one wants it. The new law to avoid liability must limit the age of the skateboarders-that will not go over big with the youth.

Sanitary district funds protected by manager

Charles Joseph does not hand out money whenever the district causes a problem to a citizen. A claim for $100 was submitted for water entering a residence during a sanitary district maintenance job. It shot up through the toilet up to the ceiling, scaring the resident very badly. The crew was working at 4th and Grant applying water pressure to the lines when the mishap took place. The crew inspected what happened. The resident had already cleaned up the mess. However, the owner felt the tenant was due reimbursement by the district. A letter was written and ignored by Manager Charles Joseph. The taxpayer met a director and stated her viewpoint. The director said, charge $5,000-that will catch Chuck Joseph's eye.

The letter from the lawyer has not been placed on an agenda by the Manager for denial by the Board. Now a court case is being prepared and the judge will rule if the Sanitary District should pay the innocent resident for being in her own home invaded by gallons of water which she had to clean up due to the fault of the maintenance crew.

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