The Coastal Post - February, 1998

Letters Feb 98

El Loco?

Dear Kirby Ferris

I read your current piece, something about justifiable violence, and the contrived conditions under which you justify violence. We have strict laws that govern-you haven't forgotten, I hope. You moralize about individual responsibility, Adolph Hitler, Hebrew experts (?), provide readers with incorrect information, and prattle about matters you don't know much about. You can't simply link Nazi Germany and the Holocaust with the gun control movement in the US. The logic is untutored. Your gun issue argument (every citizen should be armed to the teeth) is nuts. Only special interests, which you've bought into, support that nonsense, even former Chief Justice Burger said so.

Your views are looney, Kirby Ferris. Maybe it's El Nino.



* * *

I was appalled to read the column of Kirby Ferris entitled "Deceptions Defined." His knowledge of socialistic job opportunities for minorities and affirmative action is so distorted that serious discussion of his statements is not warranted.



If In Doubt, Outlaw It

President Clinton on January 10 castigated physicist Richard Seed's plan to clone humans as "untested and unsafe and morally unacceptable," thus again demonstrating his own unfitness for high office.

Of course human cloning is untested, because it's never been done. If "untested" were reason to withhold effort, we'd still be living in caves, wearing wolf skins, eating raw meat, and fearing fire as supernatural, with no knowledge of medicines, engines, manned flight, space travel, or even the prosaic wheel.

Clinton has no way of knowing cloning is unsafe-nor does anyone. And we're rolling in the aisles at the thought of Clinton proposing to tell us what's "morally unacceptable."

More dangerous for the Republic, control-freak Clinton also said, "Personally, I believe that human cloning raises deep concerns, given our cherished concepts of faith and humanity," and adding, "I call on Congress to act now to make it illegal."

Whose "concepts of faith and humanity" is he talking about? Why is Clinton proposing to force his concept of "faith" upon the rest of us? Hasn't he heard of separation of church and state?

Clinton exposes his typically fascist mentality in that, without knowing anything about the subject, he's immediately demanding that Congress make it illegal.


San Rafael

Leave The Elderly Out Of The Jury Pool

To the Office of Jury Services

I am in receipt of a Juror Questionnaire from your office. Last year you sent me a similar notice and traced down one of my doctors for a written statement regarding my health. You should still have same and there is no reason to require another this year. I was born on June 22, 1918 and will be 80 in June. Does this notice indicate that I will be bothered on each of the few years I have left?

There are numerous reason I should not serve on a jury panel, and I summarize them in the hope this will end this foolishness:

1) I have a severe hearing loss and wear a hearing aid in my right ear, but not in my left, because the stapectomy with wire graft done in 1971 creates too much feedback; thus it is doubtful that I could catch more than one in 10 words, probably more like one in 100, in a courtroom. In a quiet restaurant, background noise is an indistinguishable rumble and roar, yet it is a strain to understand table companions. Ergo, I do not go to movies and watch only TV not requiring auditory perception.

2) My vision has deteriorated to the point I only drive for local essential shopping, avoid freeways and never at night or in stormy or overcast weather, as I suffer extreme night blindness. I have emphysema which requires eight hours of oxygen daily and a heart condition requiring medication, thus do not have the stamina to walk the some 10 blocks to catch public transportation. I also have prostate cancer which may require chemotherapy and/or surgery and medication to eliminate testosterone production.

3) I think our entire system of jurisprudence, particularly the jury system, is a farce and fiasco. The concept of trial by one's peers is ridiculous. In my case, they would be crotchety curmudgeons just like me. I emphasize with Grocho Marx who said, "I would not join an organization that would accept me as a member." I would prefer to cast my lot with an educated jurist or panel of same than by my peers.

4) I also consider it sheer insanity to consider anyone past age 75 for jury duty. Most of my peers, if not senile, certainly have their good days and their bad days. Today I can write this letter; tomorrow I may have trouble doing a simple crossword puzzle, and thus am not capable of rational judgment.

Finally, I would think you folks could make better use of your time than aggravating and harassing senior citizens.



No Light Shed

How unfortunate that in an article purporting to shed light on American ignorance of the Arab-Israel peace process, it is Karen Nakamura who reveals her own lack of knowledge of the Israeli political system, history and current events.

Ms. Nakamura attempts to integrate issues such as settlers, right-wing politicians, Hamas, religious pluralism, democracy and Saddam Hussein, with in inaccurate "facts."

Once again, it is the readership of the Coastal Post who lose out.


Chair, Central Pacific Region


Regional Director

Anti-Defamation League

Contributions & Thanks

Here are two dollars from my husband and myself. We enjoy your peppery little publication, although I don't agree with Jim Scanlon that Richard Sloan is "the Valley's nicest guy." I served as a teacher at Lagunitas School District when Richard was on the school board.


Forest Knolls

* * *

Thanks for the "non-filtered news" and the opinions.


Corte Madera

* * *

Keep doing what you're doing and please send me a copy once a month



* * *

Let's see if I got it right-take this fiver, wrap it in plain paper, send it to you, with lots of luck and hope for the only honest rag in the county. My grandfather would have sent bucks, too. He hated bullshit of any kind.



* * *

Thought I'd pass the buck to the Coastal Post, for whipping up my consciousness. In fact, 'cause I keep forgetting, I'll pass along two.



* * *

I felt obligated to send two dollars, enabling the Post to continue to kiss ass to North Bay, liberal and woman politicians.


Black Point

* * *

Here's a buck-good luck.


* * *

Here's $5. I'll send more later. Keep up the good work, Coastal Post! I've been an Edward Miller fan for years.



* * *

Enclosed is my buck plus 19 additional for those who forget.

My husband and I love your honest and courageous paper. Most of all we love Edward W. Miller's articles. Thank you, you do more for our lives than you will ever know.


Medical Ozone

Enclosed please find a small check from my wife and myself in answer to your requests for well-deserved financial support from the community.

A while back you published some information on ozone. I refer to medical ozone, not ozone as in the ozone layer or smog. As an expert on medical ozone, I found fault with the article, as it was erroneous in some of its statements.

In fact, properly dosed and administered medical 02/03 mixtures offer more scientific promise for "organic" medical advances than any other potential medicine currently being researched. A company I am very actively involved with, Medizone International, is actively pursuing research for the therapeutic treatment of HIV, Hepatitis B and other lipid-enveloped, viral afflictions. Our research has advanced to the point that human trials will begin latter this year.

The company is also involved in researching the deactivation of virus in serum products such as fetal calf serum and bovine serum. The recent outbreak of mad cow disease in England and bird flu in Hong Kong underscore the problem of potential cross-species viral affliction. Animal-derived serum products are used to make a media that is then destined for human vaccines. Thus the company's interest in making safer serum products as well as human therapeutic treatment. The company also has successfully demonstrated the ability to deactivate SIV (the simian equivalent of HIV.)

in blood.

I hope that you will see the potential of a rather compelling story. I live in your back yard and would be easy to communicate with should you wish to pursue this invitation. To read further about this subject, go to the company's web site at and read "A virology primer with special reference to ozone," by Dr. Gerard Sunnen. It is written so a layperson can understand most of it, yet every doctor that has read it has responded positively to the well-documented and compelling information.


General Partner, The Sand Collar Solution

Chairman of the Board, Medizone International

Money For Crime Guns, And Misuse of Military Force

Despite sponsorship by three major San Francisco hospitals and the presence of both the mayor and several county supervisors, Willie Brown's vaunted January 17 firearms turn-in program was a monumental flop, netting a day-long grand total of only four handguns.

According to radio news, the disappointed Mayor Brown predicts the next gun turn-in program will be more successful, since he expected a $50,000 donation from an unnamed philanthropist. That money, he opines, would enable the city to "pay $50 or $100" for each gun turned in, "no questions asked."

Brown's "don't ask, don't tell" gun turn-in policy offers violent thugs the ideal opportunity to safety dispose of crime guns-and be paid for them! The policy is not only outrageous, it's also dangerous-and sick.

Like former Mayor Dianne Feinstein, who tried to disarm her city (while secretly keeping her own concealed handgun permit), Brown wants to disarm San Franciscans and leave them at the mercy of criminal predators. He should pay more attention to world news. Algeria's grisly throat-cutting massacres of hundreds of helpless women and children by Islamic terrorists provide a grim lesson of what can happen when a government disarms its people. If Algerian civilians had had access to guns, they could soon have put an end to those massacres-and the terrorists.

The minuscule gun turn-in demonstrates that most gun-owning San Franciscans are too smart to give up their right to keep self-defense arms. They don't want to be prey for criminal predators.

* * *

Title 18, United States Code, Section 1385, is the posse comitatus law. It states in remarkably plain English, incapable of being misconstrued, easily understood even by the scofflaws of the Clinton administration:

"Whoever, except in cases and under circumstances expressly authorized by the Constitution or Act of Congress, willfully uses any part of the Army or Air Force as a posse comitatus or otherwise to execute the laws, shall be fined not more than $10,000 or imprisoned not more than two years, or both."

Neither the Constitution nor the Congress "expressly authorized" use of Army tanks or other armored vehicles at the government's abominable massacre unleashed by Attorney General Janet Reno that resulted in the government murder of innocent women and children at the Branch Davidian ranch.

Those pitiful victims cry out for justice. When will Janet Reno be brought to trial for their murder, and for her violation of the posse comitatus law? Or will her black guilt be whitewashed and swept forever under the political rug alongside all other scandals and crimes by President Clinton and his lapdog Justice Department?


San Rafael

Saving The Redwoods And Endangered Species

Dear Bill Gates:

You are the lucky grand prize winner! You have won this suggestion to help save a portion of our still-lovely planet.

You can buy out Headwaters Forest. Think of the magnificence of this: Microsoft buys out Maxaam. Gates takes Hurwitz. You would be using just a small portion of your vast wealth. You wouldn't even need to leverage the buyout. You could just buy Headwaters outright, donating this forest to the people of the Americas and Planet Earth in perpetuity. Imagine the tax break you would receive from this mother of all takeovers!

Then, having succeeded at that, you could rename Headwaters "Gatewaters." There you could construct a hidden getaway for you and your children-a state-of-the-art treehouse, high up in the lofty branches of a mighty old growth fir. There, for your hobby, you could observe and video the elusive marbled murrelets-this would be a planetary first. Microsoft would, of course, own and produce the marbled murrelet prize-wining video for its own endangered species show, starring creatures whose life patterns have been little or never documented. What a marvelous murrelet feather in your cap!

* * *

The current Senate Bill 1180 is shockingly dishonest in its title and its text. It should be labeled the Endangered Species Destruction act. Authors of the bill, Senators Kempthorne, (R-Idaho), Chafe (Re-Rhode Island), Baucus (D-Montana), Reid (D-Nevada) Interior Secretary Bruce Babbit and their buddies in the extra active industries demonstrate a zero intention of saving endangered species or protecting their besieged habitats. This bill is written by professional hypocrites making their attempt to dismantle the Endangered Species Act by feigning concern for life's threatened diversity. No conservation organizations were consulted to help draft this bill. Why has this bill been negotiated for two years in closed-door sessions? Why are there so many loopholes benefitting private interests? Why is there so much procedurally encumbered, mandated activity delegated to unfunded or underfunded state and local government departments, particularly when many endangered species migrate across man-designated boundaries without benefit of man-made maps? The job of overseeing endangered species needs to stay in federal hands.

The rare birds, insects, fish, reptiles, mammals and plants which most of us never see are as exotic as the species from far away which are featured on the Discovery channel. Yet without our vigilant concern, these marvelous creatures will pass from the planet into permanent extinction if your forked-tongued legislators are not put in check. Imagine a Discovery channel show featuring the elusive seabird, the marbled murrelet, a bird which requires ornithological detectives to glimpse, much less track its flight. This bird leaves its nest to hunt its insect prey only at dawn in the dim light of the earliest morning and at the evening dusk. Exotic creatures, thanks to the corporate-owned and managed media, are depicted only as those from far away places. Yet so many of our northern native plants and animals would be just as fascinating as those from Africa or Australia, if their life patterns were to be filmed or televised.

Thank you, Barbara Boxer, for voting against fraudulent bill SB 1180. A cautionary note to Diane Feinstein: You need to pay more attention to the concerns of your voting constituency. Most Americans, regardless of political party, want all endangered species to remain on this planet and their habitats protected. The United States is the wealthiest country on Planet Earth, with a standard of living exceeding most other countries. Yet our legislators play poor, posturing that we cannot afford habitat and endangered species conservation. Barbara Boxer has set a fine example on this issue. It would behoove you, Ms. Feinstein, to follow suit. Vote against SB 1180. Even the somewhat conservative Sierra Club is fiercely opposed to this species-threatening bill. Please, Ms. Feinstein, support Representative Miller's alternative bill Senate Bill 2351.

SB 1180 is very complex. It is flawed on many more points than I could include in this letter. Please write to your own letters to newspapers and magazines. Call talk radio. Discuss endangered species on your CBs and ham radios. Contact your legislators both federal and state, plus your county supervisors. Discuss this information with your children, their teachers, in your community organizations and women's and social groups. This bill endangers already endangered species. It deserves a resounding defeat!


Redwood Valley

Why Cater To Illegal Immigrants?

I was delighted to read your article about John Montgomery and your wise observations of county mismanagement. I was a Marin County Department of Health and Human Services employee for over five years, and realized how much money some county employees get paid (by our taxes) for doing so little First of all, there is no need for so many bilingual aides or employees. The job descriptions are unfair to specify "Spanish-speaking" because the demand is so little here. Certain services seem to cater only to our illegal immigrants, and our legal residents, the elderly and the poor, suffer.

Dr. Tom Peters is pressured by political groups to hire Spanish-speaking, bilingual aides who make more money than regular employees, but why? Why do some departments with the H&HS; cater to illegal immigrants, rather than assist those who need services most (veterans, the poor and elderly, especially women).

I would love to see an in-depth report on why this particular department wastes so much of our money to hire people not proficient in English at exorbitant salaries to provide services to people here illegally.

Thank you for your interpretation of our mismanaged taxes.



The Bitter And The Sweet In Globalization

Quite recently, the pussycat countries in Southeast Asia started to act and sound like they were the emerging economic tigers of that region. They opened their doors to western capital via their cheap labor and when their productivity started to take off, they interpreted it as the beginning of an economic renaissance. So much was written and said about it, that it woke up the real tiger which was taking a nap. The tiger stirred and started to do the same and obviously better. The dragon, turned tiger and swept the pussycats out of contention.

Chinese labor is the cheapest in the world, and the 1.6 billion Communist Chinese provide a compelling guarantee to the capitalist world that no one will compete with them in price. We are presently exporting our jobs abroad to reduce the cost of labor. For jobs that cannot be exported, for reasons of technological prudence and economic security, we import cheap, foreign professionals and technological experts, as much as we can to fill them up locally. U.S. capitalists are favored both ways. No one can urge against the wisdom of such a practice, as it keeps American capitalists the most profitable in the world and makes the U.S. the superpower that it is. This is what globalization is all about.

There is definitely a price to pay for everything and if your price is not competitive, you lose. The Southeast Asian countries are beginning to realize this now, and it is apparent that globalization does not work in their favor. American labor has been in the receiving end of this economic phenomenon, but the bonanza that American capital accrues from same puts it in a position to cover with subsidies whatever American labor loses.

American capital is so globalized that it really no longer matters where an American product is manufactured. America even imports its own products from foreign countries that manufacture them. What is important is profitability. "Made in the USA" has lost its meaning. Anything and everything can now be globally produced. Even the once universal measure of trade balances between countries has lost its relevance. America is currently importing more of its products manufactured abroad than it is exporting products manufactured locally. In spite of its negative trade balances with most of its trading partners, it is still the most economically powerful country in the world. The exports of most third world countries constitute products produced with American capital and therefore translate to American profitability.

Very soon even our mega-bucks superstar athletes like Michael Jordan, who is presently earning one hundred thousand dollars a day, will soon lose out to equally big and effective foreign basketball players, particularly from China, Russia and African nations, who will play as well and be happy to earn his day's pay for their year's work. Professional sports is a business and its object is profit. Beware, you outrageously over-paid multi-millionaire athletic superstars, your days are numbered. You better make hay while the sun shines.


San Francisco

The Real Story

Seeing news one has experienced through the eyes of the media changes one's perspective on all media news presentations.

The real story on the Bolinas flood of January 14th was missed in the frenetic search for dire consequences to present in soundbytes.

As has been the case in Bolinas' past, small communities such as ours pull together in a crises, even a minor, temporary condition such as becoming an island for a few hours.

Volunteer firemen worked for hours in the rain to elicit help from high-undercarriage vehicles to haul people through the water, while advising passenger car drivers to park at the church lot. There was a spirit of camaraderie among those waiting for their particular truck or sports utility vehicle to ferry them across the rushing tide/rainwater by the school. The volunteers were cheerful and efficient. A highway patrol car escorted vehicles from the wye to the spot sign where the fire trucks waited to make a wake in the flood for vehicles capable of driving through.

That's the real story. How much do we miss when we rely on hearsay reports which are presented to catch our attention through our fears? And what can be done about it? Read books, talk to people, question the pseudo-authority of media reports. What you see is not what you get.



Mideast Misinformation

In 30 years of asking, I've never heard anyone explain how it might sometimes be moral or practical to support an ethnically exclusive settler-state in a multi-ethnic area. No one has ever explained how our normal rejection of such an inherently gory, racist, and futile idea may be suspended, decade after decade, while we spend billions of our tax dollars every year to maintain our ever-expanding pet Jewish state in Palestine.

People simply avoid mentioning the official prejudice upon which Israel is founded, preferring to maintain a nice illusion that the issue is somehow complex, that it's a difficult matter of two ethnic groups claiming the same land, and that the endless slaughter of thousands of indigenous locals is unavoidable. Yet the Zionist intentions and realities have never been secret; the Mideast Problem has always been a perfectly clear case of one group openly evicting the original population, in order to maintain the Jewish majority required for an independent, expanding, and officially Jewish democracy. In reality, the only thing difficult about the violence in Palestine is that we seem determined to get away with it as long as we can.

Obviously, the politics entailed in the creation and on-going redemption of the Jewish state would be unthinkable here in the land that finances them, no matter which particular ethnic group was evicting the others. Anything of that kind would of course be utterly illegal here, no matter what the reason, because any such policy is itself an act of massive violence, and it sows a future of more bloodshed.

It's appalling that so soon after the lessons of World War II, civilized people could blithely support the on-going slaughter of men, women and children who don't peacefully accept the fact that they are not ethnically suitable for our remodeling of their homes, villages, fields, orchards, and cities into an independent state in which they are not welcome. These policies are ennobled in our schools as well as our media, while every spiritual or progressive pose belies itself with unstinting support for the carnage. Telling China to free Tibet is considered spiritually correct, but no one is holy enough to question his or her own support for equivalent horrors in the Mideast. We honor Martin Luther King, but no one applies his ideas to the specifics that challenge us today. And then we blame our stalled social progress on Bill Clinton or Newt Gingrich.

For decades now, we have seen our frontiers of free speech progressively pressing back the old proscriptions against mainstream child pornography. Even if this issue is troubling, even if it requires some tough tradeoffs, we see our entertainment liberties with children increasing every year because we suppose ourselves sophisticated enough to hold (adult) free speech that sacred. But those who speak plainly about the Mideast, using the First Amendment as it was intended, sacrifice all the normal standards of social and economic success, or the pursuit of happiness. That sort of integrity is not so welcome, certainly not in our school teachers.

All my life I have seen countless beautiful possibilities destroyed by the hate that's directed against anyone who objects to our communities' Mideast violence.

In June, 1967, even as the Summer of Love began, the evening news showed Israeli UN representative Abba Eban admitting that Israel had, in fact, launched the initial attacks of the Six Day War. He went on to provide the standard reasons, as used by every aggressor in recorded history. For the next six years, I tried to discuss the situation with anyone interested. In Berkeley, Boulder, Madison, and many other places, amid constant political talk, among my hippie, leftist, Vietnam-war-protesting peers, no such discussion was possible. No one had bothered to notice that Israel had admitted its attack. The facts were readily available, but the spinformation about dear, innocent little Israel and its miraculous slaughter of blood-thirsty desert savages was gospel. Everywhere I went, I heard that the Arabs had attacked first, and anyone who denied it must be anti-Semitic.

For years afterwards, kids representing their Temple Youth Groups sold books in their high schools which maintained the original lie, that Israel had defended herself only when invading Arab jets entered Israeli airspace. If 22,000 Arabs were slaughtered in six days, at the cost of 700 Israeli lives, it was not because the victims' air forces had been destroyed by sneak attacks the first morning. No, it was a miracle. Six years after the fact, in 1973, I finally met one person, a kid who had done a report, who was capable of discussing this issue. By then it was absurd to nit-pick about Israel's excuses for the attack; it was already clear that massive bloodshed could proceed on the basis of perfect disregard. To this day most people still blindly assume, and many still bitterly insist, that Israel has been repeatedly attacked by the Arabs.

Popular U.S. support for the slaughtering of Arabs is still based on that willingness to be misinformed. Even the most progressive American voters and taxpayers still like to think that Saddam Hussein, who forced us to start talking peace with the Palestinians, is somehow more evil than the rest of us, while we see nothing particularly wrong with shooting children (Arab children) who throw stones at our poor, stressed-out occupation troops in Palestine.

Even the protests against the war in the Gulf adopted an Israel-friendly charade that we were fighting for oil. The oil was never threatened, except by our attacks. Even the pacifists ignored the fact that Saddam Hussein had constantly expressed his readiness to leave Kuwait, as long as UN resolutions against Israel could also be discussed. We massacred all those thousands of innocent Iraqis just so we could delay the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks a little longer, so we could start by punishing the nation that had finally forced us into them. Even the most radical of the speakers at the anti-war rallies conspicuously upheld the charade, rather than engage in Israel bashing. Everyone enjoys a big war protest, but no one wanted to admit that our killing of Arabs, and the need for protest, had begun long before, and would continue long after, all the excitement.

Our most enlightened leaders still pretend that further Jewish settlements, continued ethnic cleansing of Arabs, is something to be negotiated at a peace table, while the victims of this relentless insanity are still dismissed as terrorists if they don't submit and wait peacefully while the settlement building continues, as always. And then we wonder why we have domestic social problems!

Amid all this perfectly avoidable insanity and bloodshed, here on this idyllic coast of the Pacific, I find at last the funky little Coastal Post. It is fresh air for the mind. It's not just the Mideast topic, of course, not just Edward W. Miller (but thank you so much, Dr. Miller); it's the genuine freedom of speech. That is the great thing. If any topics stand out, they're just the ones that are usually most deeply buried in the general suppressive nonsense.



History In The Making?

On my way to court on the 16th of January, a bailiff told me that never in United States' history has a defendant in a murder case successfully defended himself acting as his own attorney. I already know that never in the history of Marin County has a criminal defendant gone to such extraordinary lengths to get favorable evidence secured in order to acquit himself. This will be the third year the Coastal Post has courageously provided me a forum to challenge the government's illegal conduct in my case.

Excerpted from the November, 1996 issue, "Since August, I have tried to have them do tests on my girlfriend, ex-girlfriend and myself to determine what poison was used. The court (Judge Boren), the DA, and the defense attorneys and all law enforcement involved have refused. I've been told that since no charges have been filed that I have no legal right to put together beneficial evidence. Only the DA can gather evidence now. And suppress it under color of law... The writing is already on the wall as to what sort of fair trial they have in mind for me."

From the July, 1997 issue, "...I voiced a complaint about the criminal justice system's refusal to obtain and test evidence that is crucial to my defense in a murder case. Now, nearly eight months later, the evidence...which I expect will show traces of poison still hasn't been secured...with assistance from the courts, smothering all evidence that I was poisoned on the night in question by the alleged victim. There is a murder of the truth in progress, and the government could do this to anyone who doesn't have O.J.'s money to pay them off where verdicts are for sale."

As a result of input given by the supervising investigator, Sgt. Richard Keaton, the Independent Journal printed the following on February 24, 1997: "For months, Kor asked to be charged with homicide so he could begin gathering evidence in his defense, Keaton said." The detective who negotiated an agreement with me that I would be arrested back in September of 1996 was thrown off the case and then booted completely out of the Investigations Unit of the Sheriff's Department. According to the law, which the Marin judges are ignoring, the detective was supposed to negotiate with my court-appointed attorney instead of me.

My arrest was purposely delayed for nearly six months so that traces of the poison would dissipate and I was prevented from getting tests done on myself or on the two other people poisoned. (Both have given statements to authorities that they too were poisoned.) The government utilized the delay to strengthen its case while weakening mine. This is completely against the law and the involved hypocrite judges know it. It seems particularly repugnant to the concept of justice that the government's message to me seems to be that I shouldn't have said anything.

On July 24, 1997, a toxicologist came to consult with me, paid for with your tax dollars, in order that maybe my evidence could be brought out. We were allowed no privacy, and he was forced to leave after a period of 10-15 minutes, which he has verified via a sworn declaration. Judge John Stephen Graham's position is that he didn't order for me to be interviewed. I benefitted not one bit from the expert and the government still has its one-sided show headed for trial with the Marin judiciary's endorsement.

I won a full acquittal in a major felony jury trial against the DA in 1992 and it has been said in legal circles that, "No acquittal ever goes unpunished." The sheriff wasn't thrilled when I became intimately involved with one of his female deputies back in 1985. Nor was the California Department of Corrections when I initiated an Environmental Protection Agency investigation against them in 1990 for dumping carcinogens in the public water supply. The State of California also didn't like my going on KGO-Channel 7 news in a two-part telecast and telling some truths about the DC they do their best to keep secret from the public. This displeasure was made particularly evident in my 1992 trial when Governor Pete Wilson himself wrote the Marin DA urging, "...maximum penalties when he is sentenced."

I am not getting a fair trial. I have irrefutable proof of the government's illegal conduct which a total moron would be compelled to acknowledge by now. The judges are actively participating as advocates for the prosecution instead of refereeing a fair fight This letter is submitted to let the public know that it's will is not being done, the truth is being silenced and the government is attempting to get away with inflicting a cowardly, one-sided slaughter upon me in your name, "the people." I am by myself at the defense table now. My only company is the truth.


Kangaroo Court Junction

Media Disgrace

Many residents of Marin have long lamented that the county lacks a mainstream newspaper of integrity and honesty. The IJ, time and again, has shown its utter disregard for unbiased news reporting-routinely opting to downplay major news stories that do not fit its liberal political agenda.

The latest example clearly points to the unabashed disregard IJ editors habitually display in their penchant for manipulation of public sentiment. Several days ago, when President Clinton's latest sex scandal hit airways, one could not help but notice how the IJ buried and belittled this important story. While every major newspaper in the nation had banner headlines-including the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner-our own leftist media gatekeepers put it front mid-page. Instead, IJ editors splattered a dry headline story about a U.S. Supreme Court decision concerning the "trailside killer."

Excuse me-who cares about the ancient trailside killer (1970s) when an important story is breaking that if true, will finally lead to the swift impeachment of William Clinton?


San Rafael

Shameful Behavior

Did you ever meet such mean and sadistic people as those politicians that would take away marijuana from the sick and dying? I suspect that both major political parties are motivated by the fear of marijuana profits cutting into the out-of-control profits of the hard drugs and tobacco industry, the Latin American Investors, and the anti-drug war. (This is why no U.S. president has ever won or will win the drug war.)

Our family has often wondered how a police officer must feel after taking marijuana away from the sick and dying. The police officer goes home. His family asks him, "How was your day?" He must feel ashamed of himself when he replies, "One hundred of us stormed a sanctuary for the sick and dying and we took away their medicine." And think of their kids that go to school and tells other kids the demeaning things his dad or grand-dad must do as a law enforcement officer. These marijuana raids are an insult to the integrity of law enforcement. Let us believe that in the future law enforcement will begin to support and to cultivate ideas that have to do with listening to citizens' groups, rehabilitation for offenders of society, adequate training for officers, agreement between black and white officers, crime prevention and removing the causes of violence and economic unrest.

I can see now something very clearly that I could not see before-there is only a slight variation between the two major political parties. This hard and heavy behavior by the Democratic Party could cost them the State of California in the next national election. Here is one traditional family (not unlike other families in the state) that will not be voting either Democratic or Republican.

Richest blessings always to Colorado, Alaska, and Washington DC that will shortly send a message to the politicians that they want legalized marijuana for the sick and dying. Will the politicians listen? Prohibition came and went. We believe that the next generation will be wiser and more compassionate if they decide to become a politician or a police officer.


Flea Mall

If I had not lived in Marin County for the past 44 years, I may not be qualified to write this article concerning the completed development of the Marin City shopping center. For purely selfish reasons I did not want the flea market to be replaced with another pure vanilla corporate mall. My reasons were many, not only did I furnish three homes and my offices, but I personally sold and traded hundreds of items at the flea, as did everyone I know. The Marin City flea market was an institution of commerce and social experience unlike anywhere else.

My story is mirrored by most Marin residents of all social and economic standing. The weekend flea was the thing to do. there was never a time when I did not find exactly what I needed, without knowing that I needed or wanted it.

More money changed hands, saving numerous lives, on the weekend at the flea than this new improved development built to help the citizens of Marin City, which is a joke.

Let us bring back a flea market in concert with a mall. Imagine if the flea market were to work in harmony with the existing businesses. They would synergistically support each other-"It takes a village." I have always thought that Ross for Less stores are priced so competitively that they could compete with any flea market; the same could be true with Food for Less, etc.

The flea would be in the parking lot, bringing new business to a development that sponsors a flea market. The best of two worlds; win-win.


Mill Valley

Looking For Friends

I am a 41-year-old man, who is looking for friends all over the world, people who like me love peace. I have a wife, a son, 11, and a daughter, 10. I am purchase manager for a confectionery company, have many friends, like to travel, am interested in sports, music, world economy and politics, stamps, and postcards.


Krakow, Poland

[email protected]

Income Tax Reform Now

Want to give your Congressman a hotfoot? Send him a letter that adds up the city, county, state, federal taxes that you pay. Include the sales tax and hidden taxes. Fifty percent of a loaf of bread is tax. Don't forget gasoline and cigarette taxes. Mention Social Security, SDI and all the other deductions. Are you taking home 50% after the government puts your wages through their wringer? Depending on the state you live in, you are working for the government somewhere close to the end of June. The serfs, that worked the land for the nobility during the middle ages, were only forced to pay 25% of their harvests.

The best solution would be to eliminate the existing, hardly understandable, tax code and replace it with a 17% flat tax. When the dynamic economic growth impact starts to kick in, reduce the tax proportionately. Some say it could go as low as 10%. It's simple, fair and pro-growth. It would attract capital, investment and jobs from the rest of the world. It's simple, it ends income-tax withholding, and it offers visibility and honesty. To protect the poor, exempt those with income under $36,800 and index for inflation.

The flat tax should include getting rid of the double taxation on corporate profits. Also end capital gains taxes. Treat all savings the way we treat IRA's; end their double taxation.

I would like to see citizens stand for freedom and "get mad as hell and not take it any more!"

May you earn twice as much with half as much effort during the coming year.


Thousand Oaks

[email protected]

Another Buck Boondoggle

A few people at the Marin Institute for Prevention of Alcohol and other drug problems have been making a very good living for years doing whatever they feel like while taking advantage of other people's money and sympathy about alcohol problems. They use a lot of lofty language, but there is no accountability of how the funds are actually spent. Several people have personally profited at the expense of the Trust, and while some people work hard, the permanent "leaders" do very little except collect big salaries.


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Glad For Post Website

What a New Year's surprise to find the Coastal Post on the World Wide Web! And guess what, the neighboring Point Reyes newspaper's web page has been down over a week now . Here's to the Post continuing to tell it like it is! You and the staff are doing a wonderful job at informing folks from near and far about the truth and heart of the issues in our community-a real service!

I was raised in Point Reyes, my mom runs the Western Saloon and Hotel, and we have a ranch towards Marshall. I work four days a week in Silicon Valley. Given this, I am on the move and trying to stay up on many issues; however, I'm at home getting the real scoop reading the Post wherever I am.


San Jose

Poor Water Planning

It has been about 13 years since I moved from Marin County to Sonoma County and it has been a few years since I picked up a copy of the Coastal Post. I miss both Marin and the Post, and reading your January 1 issue, I realized how important it is to maintain connections and a broader awareness beyond the immediate community.

The article "Buck Center Crumbling More Than Partridge Knolls" took me back to my adventures in litigation when I filed a lawsuit against the City of Novato in 1980 for not having a complying General Plan. This litigation process was an education for me in the wiles and wherefores of Land Use Planning and the importance of long-range planning. It also made me very aware of the need for always keeping the General Plan in the forefront as a controlling document.

For example, if the Novato Planning Commission and City Council had paid attention to the safety Element of the General Plan, neither Partridge Knolls nor the Buck Center would have been built on the slopes of Mount Burdell and there wouldn't be the problems and the huge financial liabilities that will divert good money, that could have been used for much better purposes, into the black hole of litigation.

Does anyone remember the Salem Rice Report? This was the geologic study that was done in Marin County that delineated in words and graphics those areas that were buildable and not buildable. If I recall correctly, the slopes of Mount Burdell were classified as dangerous and indicated in red on the accompanying map for those who are not literate. Or, if this wasn't graphic enough, all it would have taken was a one-hour hike up into the slopes behind San Marin High School to see what had happened in the past when another development was attempted on the ever-moving land masses of Mount Burdell. What motivated the Novato Planning Commission and City Council to approve these potentially dangerous projects?

Where does Novato get most of its water? What is the source that fills Stafford Lake? Do you remember the drought in the 1980s when all of Marin County, except Novato, was turning brown and people were being extremely inconvenienced because of the empty reservoirs. Remember the pipeline across the San Rafael Bridge? That will never happen again.

How many people in Marin County are aware of the Russian River in Sonoma County as a source of water for Marin County? How many people in Marin County realize that the Sonoma County Water Agency has overbooked its water contracts and at the same time the Santa Rosa Subregional Sewage District is scrambling to do something about a tremendous waste water problem? Among the solutions is to increase the amount of sewage waste water that is dumped into the Russian River. Do you think that will effect the taste of the Russian River water diverted to Marin County?

There is more. The State is imposing restrictions on water withdrawals from the Russian River to protect the extremely endangered trout and salmon populations that in turn have impacted the fisheries industry. Do you think those water restrictions will also cause limitations to Russian River water exported to Marin County, or will it be the cause and reason for adding even more Sonoma County waste water to the Marin pipeline?

How many people in Marin County (and Sonoma County) are aware that the Eel River in Mendocino County has been tapped for years as a source to keep the Russian River flowing year around and that P.G. & E. is trying to get out of their role in maintaining that siphon from the Eel River? What happens when that source is unplugged? Will the price of water go out of sight?

And yet the building and construction goes on in Marin County as though there was an iceberg tethered offshore to provide all the fresh water needed until Marin County is paved from the Bay to the coast and from the Golden Gate to the Marin/Sonoma borders. Can Marin County afford to build a desalinization plant?

What happens in the next drought? What happens if anything happens to disrupt the pipeline from Sonoma to Marin? Who is in charge in Marin County? Why are the so-called leaders of Marin County ignoring reality and the fact that there is a finite limit to growth? Do we have to have a real disaster before the average people get off their duffs, out from behind their TV sets, and start paying attention and asking questions, and getting involved in local government?

Did everyone forget the empty reservoirs? Can't they remember when it only took 10 minutes to go from Novato to San Rafael any time of the day? Have the old-timers forgotten why the Air Force closed down Hamilton Air Force Base? (Because it was sinking into the bay mud and even they couldn't afford to keep up with the maintenance.)

There is a lot of long-term planning that has been again shoved into the bottom drawers and forgotten, but you can count on the reality that sooner or later, the inevitable will happen and then the discomfort of the drought, or the frustration of the current gridlock, will seem like nothing.

Hopefully 1998 will be a new year of awakening for the silent majority.


Sonoma County

E-Mail: [email protected]

Healthcare Forgets 40 Million Americans

While the Administration's proposal for a Patients' Bill of Rights would help provide better health care for the majority of the Americans who are fortunate enough to have health insurance, it would do absolutely nothing to improve the health care for the 40 million forgotten Americans who do not have any health insurance, including 5 to 8 million poor children. Our national elected leaders who themselves have excellent 72% taxpayer-subsidized health insurance have decided that these poor souls should continue to be forced to obtain all of their health care from overworked doctors at the emergency rooms of public hospitals. This is not only wrong, it is un-American and financially wasteful in view of the fact that it costs several times as much to provide health care in this manner as it would if such health care was provided at local doctors' offices.

Over 3,000 Massachusetts physicians and nurses recently formed an organization called Ad Hoc Committee To Defend Health Care, and this organization has written a manuscript entitled "A Call To Action." Following are a few quotes from this manuscript:

"Mounting shadows darken our calling and threaten to transform healing from a covenant into a business contract. Canons of commerce are displacing dictates of healing, trampling our profession's most sacred values. Market medicine treats patients as profit centers. The time we are allowed to spend with the sick shrinks under the pressure to increase throughput, as though we were dealing with industrial commodities rather than afflicted human beings in need of compassion and caring. The right to choose and change one's physician, the foundation of patient autonomy and a central tenet of American medicine, is rapidly eroding.

"We differ on many aspects of reform, but on the following we find common ground:

"1. Medicine and nursing must not be diverted from their primary tasks-the relief of suffering, the prevention and treatment of illness, and the promotion of health. The efficient deployment of resources is critical, but must not detract from these goals.

"2. Pursuit of corporate profit and personal fortune have no place in caregiving.

"3. Potent financial incentives that reward overcare or undercare weaken doctor-patient and nurse-patient bonds, and should be prohibited. Similarly, business arrangements that allow corporations and employers to control the care of patients should be proscribed.

"4. A patient's right to a physician of choice must not be curtailed.

"5. Access to health care must be the right of all."

This movement designed to return health care to doctors, nurses and patients that was begun in Massachusetts is rapidly spreading to all of the other 49 states.

Far and away the best health care system for Americans would be Rep. Jim McDermott's universal single payer health care act called The American Health Security Act, the most important features of which are as follows:

1. A patient visits the doctor or other provider of his or her choice. The provider then bills the State for the services provided under the standard benefit package and the State pays the bill on the patient's behalf, just as insurance companies pay medical bills on the patient's behalf now. The difference is that complicated and expensive formulas for patient co-payments, co-insurance and deductibles in addition to premium costs are eliminated.

2. The standard benefit package is in fact extremely generous. It covers all in-patient and out-patient medical services without limits on duration or intensity except as delineated by outcomes research and practice guidelines based on quality standards. It provides for coverage of comprehensive long-term care, dental services, mental health services and prescription drugs.

3. The system is financed 86% by the federal government and l4% by the States.

4. Everyone will contribute to the health insurance system except the very poor. Employers will pay 8.7% of payroll and individuals will pay 2.2% of their taxable income. A tobacco tax equal to 45 cents per cigarette pack is also imposed.

5. The Joint Committee on Taxation estimates that this Act will lead to deficit reduction approximating $l00 billion per year by the year 2004.

6. This act will provide all of the citizens with the health care they need at a price they and their country can afford. It is clear we cannot afford the price of doing nothing.

7. In substance, this act uses the huge savings resulting from eliminating the extremely high and unnecessary overhead of the health insurance companies to provide easy access to quality and affordable health insurance for all Americans, including the 40 million forgotten Americans who do not now have any health insurance.

Every other advanced industrialized country has had a universal single payer health care system for many years now, and without exception the overwhelming majority of health care providers and patients in all of these countries are satisfied with their countries' plan. Is America right and all of these other countries wrong? Of course not. It is America that is wrong.

The following from a paper written by Drs. Gordon D. Scott and Andrew B. Bindman entitled "Caring for the Uninsured and Underinsured."(JAMA, Sept. 14, l994-Vol. 272, No. 10) describes the kind of health care system I believe and most other Americans believe America should have:

"The best guarantor of universal high-quality care is a unified system that does not treat patients differently based on employment, financial status, or source of payment. This principle embodies the health care golden rule: If a service is necessary for oneself, it is necessary for others. We reject the notion that different people are entitled to a different quality of care. We believe that a single-payer national health program provides the most effective framework for implementing the quality-enhancing principles discussed above."

I challenge every elected official, federal, state and local, to visit the emergency section of any major public hospital so that he or she can see the shoddy, immoral and un-American conditions that the 40 million forgotten Americans are forced to endure to obtain their health care needs. The cries of the sick children as they wait sometimes for many hours while sitting on hard wooden benches would melt even Scrooge's cold heart.

If you are among the majority of Americans who favor a universal health care system of either the for-profit or the not-for-profit variety (I strongly favor the not-for-profit variety), then you should let your feelings be known about this,the moral and economic issue of our time, to President Clinton and your legislators, and when you do, remind them that they already have excellent 72% taxpayer-subsidized health insurance.



:e Board, Medizone Internationalr its distinct pract,Yn

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