The Coastal Post - February, 1998

Urban Myths And Marin General


While waiting for the laundry to finish drying at Mom's place, reading the sex ads in the local yuppie weekly, Mom handed me a four-page Marin General "Myths and Facts" publicity piece. Mom calls it "misinformation." Agree?

"Myth: MGH dumps psychiatric patients and sends them out of the county because of low nursing levels.

"Fact: Although indigent psychiatric patients are sometimes sent to facilities outside Marin County, these referrals are the decision of Marin County Mental Health Service, not MGH. They have nothing to do with nursing levels at MGH."

Truth: Marin County pays only $297 daily for Short-Doyle psychiatric patients. MGH will not accept them. Ross Hospital, a small psychiatric hospital, accepts a few. No beds at Ross means the patients get cared for outside Marin.

* * *

Where are they now: Gary Guacamole, Doug Baloney and Mad Mary of Mt. Burdell?

* * *

The clunker always gets gassed east of White's Hill. Since last driving down Second Street in San Rafael, I noticed cheap gas at what once was a Chevron station at the D Street intersection. How come? The gas jockey says it is still Chevron, but the owner buys the gas from a broker who gets it from Chevron. Seems most of the gas peddled in Marin comes from the cracking plant in Richmond. What is variable are the prices!


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