The Coastal Post - December, 1998

News And Notes Of Novato - BY BETTY MACHADO

Hello, Dear Hearts

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I wish you the very best for 1999.

Congratulations to Jeff McApin of Novato for receiving the Citizen of Novato award. This took place on Wednesday, November 18 at the Chamber of Commerce awards affair out at Hamilton Community Center, Novato's newest recreational hall. Very nice event...always a surprise to know who has received the honor. Jeff is on the Novato School Board plus the Novato Community Hospital Board. Very involved in the community. His wife Margie told me later she was so glad to not be in the position of keeping a secret. Wonderful family, including a new daughter-in law, joined Jeff during the ceremony. Always great to see a worthy person receive an honor when due.

Lunch at the Senior Center in Point Reyes

I was invited out by Marge Salin who now resides there in the beautiful new senior housing called Walnut Place. Met Dave Mitchell of the Point Reyes Light. Even purchased a subscription to the paper.

Press release from Carolyn Crabtree

The subject is the new county library branch at 476 Ignacio Blvd. in the Pacheco Plaza shopping center. The new South Novato library will open its doors with special ceremonies scheduled for 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 13. Participants in this event are expected to include Supervisor Harry Moore, Supervisor-elect Cynthia Murray, Novato city leaders, Friends of the Marin County Free Library and President Lori York, Friends of the Novato Library and President Jacky Ford, Boy Scout Troup 27, members of the American Association of University Women, dancers from the Novato Ballet, Ignacio Rotary, local teachers and students. County Library Director Carol Starr, and county library staff. All will welcome the library's first visitors to an inaugural open house marked by entertainment and refreshments until 3:30 p.m.

The new library hours, in effect as of December 15, will be Tuesday and Thursday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Wednesday and Saturday, 10 to 4. For further information, call South Novato librarian Helen Romero, 499-6470. (See you at the library in Ignacio!) Thanks, Carolyn... Downtown Redevelopment Feasibility Study

On Thursday, November 12, at the Hamilton Community Center (formerly the Officers' Club), the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee of Downtown Redevelopment Project Area met at 7 p.m. There was a presentation of the Keyser Marston $40,000 report. The citizens of the downtown area were told the meeting was out in Hamilton because all City space was taken. Policy: You vacate if City needs the space! The City Council room was being used by Sutter Hospital Program. I checked because when I have a public advocate program, I cannot use the council room if the City needs it. So, out to Hamilton only two members of the public went. Yep, Gail Meyers and Betty Machado. Councilman Jim Henderson was there. Dietrich Stroeh is the chairman. I called him during the day to object to the location of the meeting and he hung up on me! At any rate, City Manager Rod Wood showed up. Don Urban, member of the committee, came in stating, You need a map to find this place!" Item on the last of the agenda: Consider recommendation to Agency/Council on proposed next steps. The Downtown Boundaries include: Nave shopping center, Tresch/Nave shopping annex and all the way out to the Square on Novato Blvd. Do we need the third Redevelopment Project in Novato? Rod Wood feels we should explore the possibility. After all, he is an expert in the field of redevelopment. That's what sold him to the Council when Ernie Gray recommended him coming up from the Indian Wells desert town in Southern California. As I stated at the meeting, redevelopment means we have failed. I don't consider we have failed in the downtown area. Just need to maintain the streets and sidewalks, which the taxpayers have already paid for. Now the City is considering a new street bond issue and the school district wants a bond issue in the spring. As Joe Silveria says, "How much taxes you pay?" and I strongly feel that should be the theme we should stress in 1999!

Thanks, Joe!

Who will replace Cynthia Murray as councilperson?

January will see the seating of Cynthia for the 5th District Supervisors representation. Want to add the name of Ernie Gray, Mayor Emeritus, as the replacement on the council for the ten-month term left by Cynthia as she goes to the county position? No cost of an election, just an appointment. Speaking of the City Council, did you catch the error in the IJ of naming Pat Eklund as the Mayor of Novato instead of Michael DiGiorgio, and councilman dinner meeting held in Novato on Wednesday, November 18? Same night as the Chamber of Commerce party for the Citizen of the Year award. The mayor didn't hand over the key to the city as Michael had to be host for the County of Marin elected officials. Check your calendars next time, Chamber!

Goodbye to Scooter's

Cecile Godden Manning and Sherry Strugnell are retiring from operating Scooter Pet Shop after 25 years on Grant Avenue next to Pini's Hardware. C.C. was an eight-year-old child in Sausalito when I met her. She had a brown and white dog named Lucky. She lived with Aunty Annie on Crescent Avenue. Her parents were in the Army so she stayed in Sausalito. Always wore a woolen hat pulled down over her ears. Why did I know C.C.? She was Jack Machado's godchild with cousin Chinia Chase.

Have a happy holiday season.

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