The Coastal Post - December, 1998

Y2K: Time To Almost Panic

By Kirby Ferris

If you were a banker would you tell your customers that your computers are not now, and will not be, Y2K compliant? Would you ever admit this? If you were the CEO of a huge corporation and your I.T. (information technology) experts told you months ago that your entire computer system was screwed and there wasn't time to fix it, would you tell your stockholders and employees the truth? If you were the head of a huge utility company, and the entire power grid of the Western United States was your responsibility, and you now realize that the millions of embedded computer chips in your vast system cannot be replaced in time, would you tell your customers to prepare themselves for prolonged and terrifying periods of blackout? If you were a big shot scientist talk show host, with a nighttime audience of millions, would you tell your listeners the horrifying truth, when they called and asked you how serious the Millennium Bug really is?

People, you are being deceived to a degree unmatched in human history. That banker, that CEO, that utility company head, and that talk show host are not evil people. They are probably doing what they think is the right thing. None of them wants to be responsible for starting a panic. Besides, if they open their mouths, and tell you what they really know and expect, they will be fired.

It is time for you to almost panic. By this I mean you should be as upset as you might have been when Pearl Harbor was attacked. You should be as concerned as a swamp dweller in Louisiana with a hurricane bearing down on you. You should be as attentive as an airline pilot with two engines out. You should be almost crapping your pants, but still have your wits about you. That is how damn serious the Millennium Bug actually is.

Do you realize what will happen to our civilization if the power grid goes down for even a week? In the dead of winter? What part of the word "chaos" don't you understand? There will be looting and burning and killing and massive insanity in every major city in America (and the rest of the world, I might add). Desperate people will find no food in the super markets, no gas being pumped (the gas pumps are electrical), no water pressure in their pipes (the water pumps are electrical), no phone communications (phone calls are driven by electricity and those embedded chips are also non-compliant), no cops (they've bailed out to protect their own families), no soldiers (same story), and no news stations that can be picked up on the television sets that are plugged into wall sockets. Millions upon millions of helpless people will freak out completely. Many will curl up in quivering balls and die. Many will do whatever it takes to get some food, water, or fuel for themselves or their loved ones. It will be hell and it will be happening in every city at the same time. The failure will be systemic and it will be total. Not one single urban area will be unaffected in some catastrophic way or another.

You will be on your own or, if you have prepared carefully, you might have a reliable support team of friends and neighbors that you can trust. The Red Cross won't come. The government won't be able to help. The cops won't care. You will be on your own or you will be a part of a small, focused unit that has planned ahead for the foreseeable scenarios.

There will be no medical care except that which you can provide for yourself. There will be no medicine except that which you have had the foresight to store. There will be no food except that which you are growing or have had the foresight to store.

I beseech you to go to Dr. Gary North's web site ( and study this matter in depth. North has provided both sides of the debate. You can read what the "it ain't no big deal" people are saying. It isn't comforting. North isn't trying to present just his side of the issue. Pay attention, people!

As I've done in recent columns, I'm going to run through the basic list of what you must do before it is too late. If this prompts only a single person to prepare for what is coming, and they survive because of this advice, I will be grateful.

1. You must have six months' to a year's worth of survival food stored away. All the gold in the world won't feed you if you can't buy food. Besides, as the crisis erupts, the wealthy will buy up all the food in a bidding frenzy. You can count on this. You must have enough food to keep you alive, alert, and healthy for at least a year.

2. You must have a gallon of potable water just for drinking and cooking for each day of the crisis. Get a quality camping water filter. Start storing water (with eight drops of bleach in each gallon).

3. Get a gun. You have a moral duty to protect your family and loved ones. Let the looters kill you if you want, but if you let them kill your children without a fight you are the sickest of all possible creatures. Have a thousand rounds of ammunition for whatever rifle and handgun you purchase. Get the rifle first. Even if it's a .22. It is better to have one gun and a thousand rounds than a thousand guns and one round. Oh yeah, Mr. and Ms. Liberal, go out and ask those sociopathic street gang members (and there are millions of them) if they give a rat's ass about all the "gun control" laws that you've been pleading for.

4. If you live in a city, sell and get out. Now. Move to a small town of twenty five thousand people or less that is a healthy distance away from any major metropolitan area. Plant a garden immediately.

5. Begin stashing cash. There will be bank runs. Gold and silver coins are better than paper money. Bic lighters, ammunition, vitamins, matches, warm clothing, durable shoes, and any kind of food will all be prime barter items.

6. Stockpile pet food. I'll bet you love your pets. Your dog could save your life by warning you of trouble. Your cats, as they go on a diet, will kill their weight in rats and mice.

7. Organize with a tight group of friends. Go in on a country house or a small farm. Buy a piece of land with running water and form up an RV caravan to move and encamp on the property. Prepare to circle the wagons.

We are going back to the future, 1900 to be exact. You must re-adjust your life in profound ways. Simply pretend there is no gasoline, no electricity, no Safeway stores, no piped in plumbing, no high tech medical help. Just pretend it is 1900.

Here is the sad part: Many people won't live through this. The good news is that you and your loved ones can survive. Knowledge is power. You don't have to re-invent the wheel. Simply begin to study how our ancestors made it in the old days. Then act immediately on what you learn. You've had plenty of warning.

The Millennium Bug is going to be the most traumatic event in human history. Two stupid little zeroes in the millions and millions of computers that now completely control our lives. A whimper, not a bang. How immensely ironic.

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