The Coastal Post - November, 1999

Y2K - Hell To Pay

By Kirby Ferris

I've just realized the fundamental (albeit perhaps subconscious) attitude of the typical Millennium Bug doubter. In his or her mind, while making no effort to prepare for the turmoil that the Y2K computer bug will almost inevitably dump into our social order, this person entertains an absurd level of denial, but is also secretly thinking: "If it happens I'll just steal what I need."

Does this seem like a harsh indictment? Follow my logic for a moment. Don't you expect the government to help you if the Millennium Bug crashes the electrical grid, demolishes your bank records, fractures American food production and delivery, and blasts your once friendly local ghetto into smoke and flame? Well who is going to pay for those government employees to come to your aid? They have families of their own. You can bet they'll expect overtime pay. I'll tell you who is going to pay: all the other taxpayers. You will expect the government to steal from others so that you can have your denial ridden ass hauled out of the fire. Hiring or "legislating" someone else to steal for you is the same as stealing in person. But what do you expect in an era of "situational ethics?"

What kind of lunatic would advocate leaving the life jackets on the dock before taking a trans-oceanic yacht voyage? What kind of idiot doesn't strap his or her child into a safety seat before driving to the corner market? What kind of imbecile neglects the most fundamental safety procedures before hiking into mountainous terrain during snow season? And yet those of us attempting to prepare for the Y2K computer crash are ridiculed in the mainstream media and in our communities as "paranoid survivalists."

On October 2nd there was a front page story in the San Francisco Chronicle about Y2K "survivalists" and how they were "hoarding" food and other goods. Putting aside food and other essential items in times of plenty (now) is not hoarding, it is stockpiling, and your ancestors did it every Fall in preparation for the hard times (Winter) that were coming. The word "hoarding" has negative connotations and it is used in the language of various Executive Orders that give the President unprecedented power in times of "national emergency." In other words, what you do today could be declared illegal, at the stroke of Bill Clinton's pen, some time in the future. Think about it.

The socialist propaganda machine is attempting to effectively demonize those of us who are stockpiling essential goods in our sincere concern for the immediate future. So when you steal those goods from those of us who have made the effort to be prepared you can soothe your twitching consciences by simply telling yourself that you "liberated" the food and fuel from those rotten, antisocial, paranoid, survivalist, right wing conspiracy kook, religious fanatic, gun loving, racist, isolationist, hate mongering (take your pick) "hoarders."

Here is a reality checklist for those of you who just might be getting a bit concerned about the effect of the Millennium Bug on your futures.

1. Immense rape of the Constitution has happened before. Saint Franklin Delano Roosevelt made the possession of gold illegal in 1933 and removed the gold backing of American currency. The recall of all currency in circulation, and the complete conversion to an all electronic cashless society is one way to prevent bank runs.

2. The global economy is in dire straits. Nation after nation is now plummeting into "recession". No one in the mainstream media has the courage to simply call the situation in Korea what it is: a horrible economic depression. "Recession" sounds curable.

3. Inflation is a big way. When the Federal Reserve decides to lower interest rates, as they have in an unprecedented manner in the last couple of weeks, what is actually happening is the creation, out of thin air, of massive amounts of funny money. The Weimar Republic in pre war Germany did exactly the same thing in the old fashioned way. It printed tons and tons of Deutchemarks that soon became worthless.

4. The companies that manufacture long shelf life storage foods are falling further and further behind in their ability to supply the increasing demand for nitrogen packed, dehydrated food. You are looking at a month and a half wait before you can even get buckets of red winter wheat shipped.

5. The politicians and business leaders are keeping very quiet about Y2K. They don't want to be blamed. They don't want to lose money. They don't want to start a panic. By the time you read (in the mainstream, sheep control media) about something serious happening out there it will be old news, and too late for you to act in any appreciable way.

6. Your savings are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation? Oh yeah? Do you know how much money they have in their emergency account? About one dollar for every hundred you have in the bank! Get real. FDIC is only effective if small, isolated bank failures happen under very limited circumstances. The Millennium Bug is huge. Bank runs are inevitable, sooner or later, as more and more people realize the true vulnerability of their life's savings. Is it really worth five percent interest for you to leave your money in the bank if there is even a one in twenty chance that the banking system will collapse because of either the Millennium Bug or the global financial disaster that is looming? You may actually think that the five percent interest is a good deal, but believe me when I tell you that the Big Boys will be bailing at some point or another, and they'll keep it as quiet as possible so that you commoners won't rock the boat with your own nasty little bank runs.

Wake up, people. Learn what is happening. Again, check out Gary North's web site ( He has cross links to all sorts of data and articles (even those written by doubters) that will prove to you how immense the Y2K crisis actually is. Act now.

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