The Coastal Post - November, 1999

Russ Weiner's Assembly Platform

I am the true representative of the environmentally aware Republican, Democrat, and Independent families of Marin and Sonoma. Kerry Mazzoni is the representative of the John Burton/Willie Brown/Sacramento/Democrat machine. Ninety-five percent of my money has come from individual people. Mazzoni is outspending me at least 3 to 1 from big business, big unions, and big special interest groups from Sacramento.

I am endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, and the two largest local law enforcement groups in Marin-the Marin County Deputy Sheriffs' Association and the San Rafael Police Association. If you believe in the police as being the protectors of our community, you must vote for me. Mazzoni is not supported by local law enforcement.

Mazzoni is on record as saying she wants to "reform" Proposition 13! I will fight to protect all homeowners and not allow Proposition 13 to be gutted.

Mazzoni voted to mandate fluoride in our drinking water, a toxin that leading health authorities understand is a ruthless toxin, causing osteoporosis and many other debilitating effects on the human body.

Mazzoni is the chair of one of the worst performing education committees in our state's history. She is in charge! If we don't hold her accountable for our failed public education system, then there is no point in having elections. She wants diversity offices in schools, harassment lessons, multi-cultural studies, all experiments that have taken away from academic courses-this is why our ranking is near the bottom of the country.

Mazzoni says it is because they need more money for schools. More money does not equal better results! Proof: The Sausalito school district (in her own back yard) spends nearly $12,000 per student, twice the state average! Look at their results. Tragic. One million per student would not help. The only way to save public education is to return to the fundamentals that built our nation, and give teachers the power to teach what they know will help children succeed. Academics, art, and athletics should be the only subjects taught. To teach politically-correct subjects takes away from the 135 minutes of each school day. What do you want your child or grandchild to study: mathematics, reading and writing, or multi-cultural studies, harassment lessons, and self-esteem building?

This is really going on in schools. Many good teachers have been driven away from public education because of the constraints put on them. Teachers are afraid to put their arm around a student for fear of being accused of sexual harassment. I want to live in a world where not only is affection allowed, it is encouraged. The only way for children to gain real self-esteem is to compete with one another and master the basics, not be told they are important while stifling individualism. I want to increase the entrepreneurial spirit in children, and build a nation of leaders, not followers.

Mazzoni represents the special interest groups that have destroyed our schools. You must see this, think carefully which direction you want to take our future, and vote with your conscience, not simply by a party label. I am running for this office specifically to combat everything her political machine has done to our children and school system. Whoever controls the minds of the children controls the future. Please help me stop them and put our country back on track. Our children are too important.

- Russ Weiner

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