The Coastal Post - November, 1999

Romanowsky's Hospital District Statement

Hello, my name is Peter Romanowsky and I am a candidate for the Health Care District. I am the father of two grown and one still-growing child. I am 49 years old and have lived in Marin for 36 years. I have a background as a former pastor and a minister in general.

I have a burden and concern for the elderly, poor, working class, youth and the state and quality of our system. With managed care, non-medical staff are making life and death decisions based on the bottom line. We have all been reduced to numbers, stats. I would like to see the regular meetings more accessible to the public. I would like to see better treatment for the mentally ill. I would like our hospital back under the control of our community.

For more information, call me at 289-9540 or write POB 1591, Sausalito 94965 or e-mail me at

[email protected]


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