The Coastal Post - November, 1999

News And Notes Of Novato

By Betty Machado

HELLO, DEAR HEARTS: Happy Thanksgiving... This holiday has always been an unhappy one for me personally since my birthday falls either before or after the day. I felt I was alone with this great annoyance until my cousin married Charlotte Turney and hers was in line with Thanksgiving also... But, you have a great day. We have a lot to be thankful for in 1998.

ELECTION DAY NOV. 3RD. Be sure you vote! The contribution lists are appearing for the Supervisorial Seat. Thank goodness the law demands the list be available prior to the election. Seats of power show up on Murray's list of contributors. One certainly can read that growth advocacy in Marin is being represented. Stompe has all the environmentalists signing in, so the war zones have been established by names of people involved on both sides.

On October 28, the Public Advocate TV show will be "live" from 9:00 to 10:00 PM on both sides of Measure A and B. The 5th District candidates were invited to represent the side for the two measures since they came out on the same side. To date, Stompe refuses to come and we haven't heard from Murray's camp. Interesting! Wouldn't you think candidates would jump at the chance to been seen on TV, especially Channel 23 since that is the area where the voters are going to watch and hear their viewpoints just prior to the election And they don't want to appear? Watch Channel 23 on October 28, 9 to 10 PM. It's a Wednesday night.

NEW DRUG STORE FOR NOVATO. The Mission Lodge site was under consideration for the Rite Aid Drug Store. Drive up window for prescriptions, but there is concern about the site in regards to intrusion on the neighborhood. The residents on Elm Drive are very sensitive to what is going into the Mission Lodge replacement. What happened with Blockbusters adjacent to Elm Drive being filled in, causing additional flooding is not going to happen again! Remember the Planner named Jeffrey Halbert who worked for Novato? He is the Real Estate Director for Rite Aid which is a combination of Payless and Thrifty Drug Stores...small world?

SKATEBOARD PARK COURT DECISION. The court heard the lawyer defend the owners of Marion Park Apartments give a passion plea on reserving Marion Park for the tenants' "open area" as promised when the apartments for affordable housing on the old school site were under discussion. When the City of Novato created Marion Park it was to be a passive park. Then in came the sports use which was accepted by the new residents. But when the skateboard park was added, the residents reacted. So, I am the only resident who went down at 9 AM to hear the case. One amazing thing happened in the case before the Marion Park issue was heard. The lawyer pleading his case referred to the "stain on the blue dress." Never heard that entered into the record as part of an argument before. The decision has yet to be heard. I am sure the City Council will have the verdict first before the public knows the answer.

HOW TIME DOES FLY. Our grandson, John Wilmott, has turned seventeen. Now he has his first car, a Volkswagen Bug. It seems so strange having so much time go by and seeing him driving. Grandma's plea: Be careful, John, and congratulations on joining the adult world with a car.

CONGRATULATIONS FOR JIM WILMOTT: The County newspaper carried a story about Jim showing how he donated a computer to Children's Hospital for the patients who enjoy doing their homework, surf the Internet, send email and just play games. Jim was an employee with Broderbund when he envisioned the use of computers for patients. Others joined him and reality took place in Children's Hospital this month.

Carol Coffin, director of Children's Hospital school program says its "a dream come true" when the computer was presented by Jim Wilmott. There are about 35 school-aged patients who remain at the facility from a couple of days to months and their lives have been brightened by Jim Wilmott's contribution. He attributes his serving in the Marines as the reason for his strong desired to serve in problem solving. "I believe people can make a difference if they make an effort," he says.

Jim has been hired by another software company in Novato called INFERENCE. He plans to continue his work with the new company's employees by rallying them to help Children's Hospital school with high-tech needs. Congratulations, Jim. The best of luck on your new job and with your project!

CONGRATULATIONS TO JUDITH MEYERS. Gail's youngest daughter, Judith, was married in Saratoga on Saturday, October 17. To Tracy of Zenith Printing for becoming a mother to young Joseph. And I am sure I am forgetting great people for congratulations, especially the Citizen of the Year. But it hasn't been announced yet. To Councilman Jim Henderson for not granting a waiver to the fees for the Chamber of Commerce event coming up. Jim felt very committed to the taxpayers in not allowing the fees to be waived. Good job done, Jim. We appreciate it.

WATCH THE PEG USE OF CHANNEL 23. When you pay your Channel 23 Chambers bill you are paying a franchise fee for educational use on the TV Channel. There is $270,000 appearing on the City of Novato Budget for the collected franchise tax. The Council, on the advice of the City Manager, has placed the $270,000 into the General Fund. Since the Chambers Cable uses our streets, the money is available only for that use, however, PEG requires a studio and staff to operate. The public has no studio or staff, but "education" has the school district and the government has the Community House with the Council Chambers equipment. Where and how will the Public Advocate Program be scheduled. Never be on again if no studio or staff is available. Watch for the next chapter!

THAT'S 30 for this month. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Be sure to vote on November 3.

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