The Coastal Post - October, 1999


By Edward W. Miller

America, isolationist in attitude but never adverse to threatening or even interfering with any country which ignores Washington's whims, has long been persecuting Sudan, the poorest nation on the African continent. Our State Department conveniently designates any state Israel wants us to target as "terrorist." Iran and Iraq have long been the most obvious examples, and Sudan is now on the list. US's covert support for Garand's attacks across Sudan's southern border plus the CIA's $21 million in arms for militias in both Eritrea and Ethiopia to threaten Sudan from the east, tells the world we have been hand-in-hand with the Zionist State in destabilizing Sudan's Muslim government.

Last month, Clinton, embarrassed before the world by an unzipped fly, crystallized earlier threats against poor Sudan by firing off a series of Cruise missiles at that Shifa plant in Khartoum which not only was manufacturing most of Sudan's badly-needed pharmaceuticals, but under contract to the United Nations in their "oil for food" program, was producing vaccines for Iraq's impoverished livestock business. The UN confirmed it had contracted with Shifa Pharmaceuticals Co. to supply 100,000 liters of veterinary pharmaceuticals. None had been delivered by the time of the strike.

Most of the world wisely discredited Washington's excuse of "nerve gas production." As time passed and more details found their way into the international media, it became clear that, again, Washington lied. Sudan's president, Omar Hassan el-Bashir, has vowed to pursue this international crime in the World Court, and American taxpayers will eventually pay the damages (estimated at somewhat over $100 million dollars). The recent vote by the United States in the UN Security Council canceled for the time being any extensive UN investigations of Sudan's pharmaceutical plant. Unfortunately, the Arab world, disjointed as usual, failed to insist on this investigation, and our UN Secretary-General, Kofi Anam is not likely to wage a personal campaign to pursue it. On September 18 the White House rejected former President Carter's plea for an investigation into whether the factory was really making nerve gas ingredients. Clinton's Jewish national security advisor, Sandy Berger, responded, "I think we had overwhelming grounds to strike the facility."

Meanwhile, and again with Cruise missiles, Clinton had managed to destroy a group of barracks designed and built by our CIA, when, during the Cold War we funded and trained mujahedeen (holy warrior) militias to fight the "Soviet threat" against their country. As CNN reported, one of our 65 missiles that night also destroyed a small adjacent mosque, killing 16 sleeping religious students. Americans learned too late that the Muslim soldier-students in these madrasas or religious-military camps were being trained to help the Pakistanis drive the occupying Indian Army from Kashmir, an exodus long desired by our State Department. Thus, with the magic of one of Washington's special edicts, our once "Holy Warriors" have been magically transformed into "Terrorists."

The now-famous Osama bin Laden, who has been living with three of his four wives in tents just north of Jalalabad in the mountains of Afghanistan, is by far the richest of our former mujahedeen "freedom fighters." With the Soviet threat gone and all that CIA money (over $4 billion) dried up, Osama finally realized he and his friends had been used by the US. He has since sworn revenge against the "Great Satan," a Satan he says, which destroyed the futures of his comrades-in-arms in Afghanistan, still militarily occupies his Saudi Arabia, and, Osama repeats, has starved to death one and a half million of his fellow Muslims in Iraq.

In his May 28th interview with ABC's correspondent John Miller, Osama pointed out that America had broken its promise made to ailing King Faud to withdraw its forces from the Kingdom once Gulf hostilities ceased. This betrayal fuels anti-American anger in Saudi Arabia where our troops' presence is seen as a desecration of Islam's two holiest shrines. Osama reviewed for Miller America's "criminal acts" against his Muslim brothers: The Zionist-Christian massacre of Muslim women and children in Lebanon's Sabra and Shatilla camps, excusing Israel's use of live ammunition against Palestinian children, President Clinton's condoning Israel's merciless killing of Arab refugees in the UN Qana camp. Osama noted: "The American government is an agent that represents Israel inside America. If we look at the sensitive departments in the present government like the Defense Department or the State Department or sensitive security departments like the CIA and others, we find that Jews have the first word in the American government, which is how they carry out their plans... in the Muslim world."

Sharply pictured in bin Laden's memory must be that carefully-contrived publicity shot, shown worldwide during the Cold War, of our then-Jewish Defense Minister, Casper Weinberger. Weinberger, standing on a hill in Afghanistan, made an ass of himself before the cameras by pointing towards the Soviet lines and shouting: "Jihad, Jihad, Jihad." Even today that photo memory is enough to make any true Muslim vomit.

The Nation's editor recently (September 23) pointed out: "This latest pyrotechnic spasm is a gift to America's worst enemies," adding that our actions "would have more resonance on the streets of Damascus and Cairo if Washington responded to Israel's behavior the same way it does to that of its neighbors. Rather than vengeance the United States should offer the Arabs respect for their concerns and interests."

As for the ongoing "Zippergate" in Washington, the University of Ill. Professor of International Law, Francis A. Boyle, in an interview of KPFA (Flashpoint, September 15) remarked that although investigator Starr had not as yet presented any evidence of Clinton's crimes against the State which would be grounds for impeachment, "If I were to identify an abuse of power, an impeachable act, high crimes and misdemeanors by President Clinton, a good example would be the recent gratuitous bombing of Sudan and the attack on Afghanistan."

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