The Coastal Post - October, 1999

Is Y2K A Conspiracy?

By Kirby Ferris

Yes and no. The Millennium Bug, in itself, cannot be a conspiracy. For so many computer programmers to have deliberately used two digit dating, with an insidious future agenda in mind, is ludicrous. We know it isn't so because no programmer (that I know of) has come forward and said: "IBM is Satan and planned this all along." No, Y2K (the computer glitch itself) is not a conspiracy, but it has spawned one: THE OUTLAWING OF CASH IN 1999.

In his book "The Millennium Bug-Gateway to the Cashless Society", computer programming and virus expert Dr. Mark Ludwig shows with inarguable precision exactly how the powers-that-be lust for a cashless system of commerce. In short: an "e-dollar" and only an e-dollar. They must accomplish this before the century ends.

The government must have more taxes from you and they'll take them right from your electric money account as soon as your employer wires it to your bank. A "flat tax" would be handy, wouldn't it? Sales tax can then be applied to every single transaction, even food, or cleverly hidden in some pre retail tariff that is applied to the farmer or food packaging factory. The government can't take it's pound of flesh when two citizens do business discreetly with cash. And that amounts to a heap of rubles that politicians can't spend to buy the votes to keep them in office. Realize and remember this one point: Cash will be declared illegal in 1999.

A cashless, all electronic economy, has another advantage to many of our more despotic rulers. The government would like to know exactly what you are doing and exactly what you are thinking. (It's "for the children", doncha know?) Bureaucrats and politicians quiver in anticipation as they realize that an all e-dollar economy will let them know everything you are reading, everything you put in or on your body, every trip you take, your exact whereabouts every time you make a purchase, everyone you talk to (except face to face) and even your deepest and most private religious beliefs (traced through your donations to your church, temple or synagogue). "THERE WILL BE NO BUYING OR SELLING WITHOUT THE MARK OF THE BEAST." Sorry, I can't help it. That part of the Book of Revelations is just too freaky for me to ignore.

No, by 1999 we won't have the choice of currency, coin, and e-money, as we do now. Trading in currency (but not coin, because of all the vending machines) will be outlawed sometime in 1999. Repeat: ALL PAPER CURRENCY WILL BE DECLARED INVALID AS LEGAL TENDER IN 1999. This is the mind boggling assertion that Mark Ludwig so clearly outlines in his book. And the more I think about it the more I realize that it is the ONLY POSSIBLE COURSE OF ACTION THAT CAN BE TAKEN BY OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Because the Millennium Bug is real, it's huge, and there's hell to pay. And the President has to act BEFORE the Millennium clock ticks over and while the non-compliant bank computers (that can handle the changeover to a cashless economy) are still operating perfectly. This will allow time for all the paper money to be forcibly redeemed and be re-calculated as e-dollars using Y2K compliant software. This is far, far simpler than fixing the Millennium bug itself. The banks will just shut down the non compliant computers at the end of this century, warning anybody who hasn't made the change that it will be good-bye to any funds that they didn't convert into e-money.

This event is inevitable because bank runs are inevitable. Millions of citizens, from poor to rich, will predictably get very, very edgy about their life savings as they learn more and more about the Y2K screw up. They will want to take their money out of the banks. But the mainstream media won't start the panic until the banks are ready for the e-money conversion. This is the conspiracy.

Ludwig points out that this type of event has happened before. I repeat: THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE. In 1933 the bank runs caused by the deflationary spiral set in place by the stock market crash of 1929 caused millions of Americans to dig into their savings accounts and go to the bank for what they believed to be gold backed paper money or gold twenty dollar coins. These were bank runs. Since the "fractional reserve" lending system allows the banks to loan out money that they don't have, they didn't have the gold on hand to back the paper money the depositors came to redeem at the teller's counter. So, in 1933, Saint Franklin Delano Roosevelt, at the advice of the Federal Reserve Board, declared a state of emergency. He used the "War Powers Act" (which is still in effect, boys and girls) and simply declared that you could no longer trade in gold. He made even the possession of gold as well as all commerce in gold illegal with a single stroke of his pen. Hey, you don't believe me? Ask some oldster who was around back then. History repeats itself.

So I'm amending my past advice to you. If you stockpile cash now, realize that it will be declared unlawful as legal tender sometime in 1999. Plan to have purchased durable, useful goods with your cash by then. Also, don't go to the bank and withdraw your savings in cash. This stands out. Plan to write checks for food, fuel and firearms that will draw your account way down. Don't use a credit card unless you absolutely have to. You will have left a traceable inventory of your survival goods.

REQUIRED READING: "The Millennium Bug-Gateway to a Cashless Society" by Mark Ludwig, American Eagle Publishers, PO Box 1507, Show Low, Arizona 85902 or call: 1(800)719-4957 ($16.95 with two day Priority Mail included). Knowledge is power. Be prepared.

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