The Coastal Post - January, 1998

Cause for Hope

By Mike Nickerson

[email protected]

We should expect another ten thousand generations of people to lead secure, fulfilling lives on this planet. If we do not, it is because of Bad Management.

We are an organism of remarkable abilities. Far less gifted creatures have lived on Earth for hundreds of millions of years.

Our ability to observe the world around us is good-with the aid of our sensing tools it is extraordinary.

We can share what we learn, record it and pass the knowledge over great distances and into the future. Already we know enough to easily master living on this bountiful planet.

We have thumbs to hold things and a vast array of tools to aid our work.

And we can sing and dance and play sports, make friends, learn and appreciate the beauty and wonders of the universe, all with little more required than nutritious food and adequate shelter.

Why do we face disaster on so many fronts?

Some say it's because we are greedy.

No doubt, self-interest is a part of the human character, but so too is generosity. Anyone can prove this by doing something for someone else and observing how it feels. How would we face our problems if this human quality was encouraged as much as selfishness is?

Self-interest is cultivated because greed stimulates growth. To pursue perpetual growth in a world as full as ours is bad management. Our survival depends on replacing the goal of perpetual economic expansion with sustainability. It is a Question of Direction.

If this question were asked of the world's people we would soon change management objectives and secure the world for countless generations to come.


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