The Coastal Post - January, 1998

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Nurses Needed

Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners are needed to assist Marin residents in need of health care at Ritter House in San Rafael and Homeward Bound's New Beginnings Center in Novato. Volunteers provide free primary care for uninsured homeless and low-income Marin residents .

Call 457-5253, ext. 117 for more information.

Scholarships Offers

Applications are now being accepted for the Marin County American Revolution Bicentennial Scholarship. One or more scholarships of $500 to $2,000 will be awarded to Marin County residents in 1998. The money is given to recipients to further their education or training at approved institutions of higher education. The awards are made on the basis of merit and community involvement. Application forms are available through counseling offices in Marin County high schools and community colleges, or by writing the Buck Instititute of Education, 18 Commerical Blvd., Novato 94949. Or call 883-0122.

Valley Dance

West Marin musicians in the funk-reggae band Lost Tribe will play an all-ages concert at the San Geronimo Valley Cultural Center, 6350 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., five miles west of Fairfax, on Saturday, January 10 beginning at 8:30 p.m. Adults $3, 13-17 $2, 6-12 $1, under 5 free. Call 488-9385 for more information.

Housing Grants

U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer joins with Mary Lee Widener, Chair of Federal Home Bank of San Francisco, in announcing affordable housing grants worth $22 million to a number of non-profit housing groups.

The grants will help create some 5,200 opportunities for affordable homes for renters and buyers, most of them in California, and all of them very low- to moderate-income individuals and families.

Fairfax Pot Club Stays Open

The Fairfax Planning Commission renewed Lynnette Shaw's permit to sell medical marijuana to the critically ill of Marin County in a heartening display of support for the sick, with a nod to staff of the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana for complying with 84 conditions in six months.

The town attorney advised the Commission that the Dennis Peron San Francisco Club case would be appealed, thus holding off Attorney General Dan Lungren's threat to shut down all pot clubs in the state.

News Laws

News laws authored by Assembly Republicans were passed during the 1997 legislative session. A partial list follows:

10-20 Life-Calls for stiffer sentences for gun violence.

School Bus Safety-Bus drivers much flash red warning lights ever time children get on or off; cars in both directions must stop.

Sex Offender Registration-Sex offenders must register with local law enforcement upon release from prison, and update annually.

Stalking-Peace officers may issue an emergency order to protect a person they believe to be victimed by a stalker.

Domestic Violence-Restraining orders take precedence over any conflicting civil orders.

Inmate Release Notification-The State must notify victims or their families if a violent felon is released from state prison to a community within 100 miles of their home (current law says 25 miles).

Endangered Species Reform Act-Eliminates red tape for parties that have obtained a federal permit.

Underground Storage Tanks-Prohibits depositing petroleum into underground tanks that are not up to code.

Tax Cut Package-Includes nearly $1 billion in tax cuts for the middle-class, provides tax benefit for families and capital gains relief for homeowners.

Education-Creates the Life Science and Conservation Project to provide students in grades six, seven and eight an opporutnity to learn about biological conservation and public policy.

School Safety-Prohibits school districts from hiring anyone that has been convicted of a violent or serious felony.

Body Piercing-Requires minors to obtain parental permission to pierce most body parts.

School Immunizations-Requires all students enteging 7th grade after July 1, 1999, to be immunized against hepatitis B.


A free and anonymous AIDS test will be available in Pt. Reyes Station Wednesday, January 14 from noon to 4 p.m. Call 499-7515 to make an appointment (drop-in ok), location or more information.

Park Group Opposes Developer

It's Time for a Park, Inc. opposes a developer's proposal of changing the current commercial-recreational zoning for the Marin Town and Country Club site to a conditioned planned development, so that 79 homes would be built on approximately nine acres. A cash contribution would be made and the remainder of the land would be promised for public use. Park, Inc. has been working for public acquisition of the entire parcel for use as a park, without any residential development, nor any change in the current zoning.

Angel Island Landmark

The U.S. Immigration Station at Angel Island has been declared a National Historic Landmark, Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt announced. The station, in operation from 1910 until 1940, was often called the Ellis Island of the West. While the immigration station processed nearly a million immigrants from different countries, the Chinese faced unique obstacles and hardships, being detained in locked barracks until their legal right to enter was proven. Normally, detainees were held for two weekks to two months, but some were held for almost two years.

During the time of their incarceration, a number of the prisoners carved poems on the walls expressing their frustration, disappointment and bitterness over being held while trying to enter the United States, a place they called "Gum Saan," The Gold Mountain.

Sports Expo

The Sacramento International Sportsmen's Exposition will be held at the state fairgrounds January 7-11. Adults $8, senior and children, $5. Under 6, free. Call the corporate office, Vancouver, Washington at 360-693-3700 for more information.

Computers To Schools

Senator Boxer, author of the Computer Donation Incentive Act, announced the donation of 10 PC-compatible computers to the Verde Elementary School by the American Airlines' Sabre Group. The Act was part of tax legislation passed by Congress earlier this year. Companies who donate new or nearly-new computers to elementary and secondary schools can take tax deductions, and the schools get computers that can handle complex programs and access the Internet.

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