The Coastal Post - September, 1997

Mysterious Disappearance Of Newspapers

A dozen phone calls were received by the Coastal Post in mid-August reporting that the current edition of the newspaper had vanished from newsstands along 4th Street in San Rafael.

Editor Don Deane advised readers of other locations in San Rafael where the newspapers might be available, pleased that the edition was moving so well along the town's main street.

Other locations inside stores and restaurants along 4th were checked where newspapers were still available in the third week of the month.

Further investigation showed there were no newspapers in any of the Coastal Post's stands along 4th and hadn't been since the first week of August.

In the 4th week of the month a caller reported that foul play might be at hand because of anger over a series of articles which have appeared in the paper.

A report has been received by the paper that an employee of an Marin agency displeased with articles in the newspaper was ordered to remove papers from the stands along 4th street.

Anyone with information about the missing papers or individuals seen removing them are encouraged to call (868-1600) or FAX (868-0502) the Coastal Post so the matter can be pursued further.

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