The Coastal Post - September, 1997

News And Notes Of Novato

Hello, Dear Hearts

September is here and school is starting a new year. Of course, we expect the weather to turn hot with the first week of school, but this year, who can tell, with the rain already starting? Good luck everyone, with the new year of school...

August 8

Jack Machado has been returned to his wife of 52 years by Judge Taylor. Betty is now Conservator of Jack since he is a long-term patient at Pleasant Care Skilled Nursing facility in Novato. Jack has dementia and requires full-time nursing care. It feels great to have strangers out of my life for decision-making situations. But the amazing part is: It took involvement by six public employees-Monica Rudden, Deputy Public Defender Dorothy Jones, Deputy County Counsel Sandra Esteves-Guidi, Marin County Probate Court Investigator Sheila McCorty, Marin County Ombudsman and Conservator Deputy Public Guardian Edwin Castleman, with his Department Head, Marilyn Christiansen.

We met in court with Judge Lynn O'Malley Taylor. Judge Taylor spent from 9:45 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., with time out for lunch. Laura Machado, Paul Machado and his wife, Angela, were opposed to returning their father back to me.

The case was titled: Order Appointing Successor Conservator. Can you imagine we signed a Mediation Consent Agreement to visit Jack? I have requested to go back to court on Monday, August 25, as I had to re-write the Court Order that has been submitted by Monica Rudden, County Public Defender, Jack's court-appointed lawyer.

I went into the court on August 9 with my own group of friends: Bruce Crane and his wife Basia, Barbara Dolan Atherton, Antonietta and Silvia Gregori plus the well-wishers who contacted me before court.

The family has a long way to go before healing on this matter. Judge Taylor asked why I am writing about his case in my column. I answered the public has a right to know what is going on in the Marin County courts. Remember my Durable Power of Attorney and Durable Power of Health? The court has permanently revoked all powers of attorney! The court also instructed Betty Machado that as Successor Conservator, any failure to follow the court's order could result in her removal as successor conservator or in her being held in contempt of court resulting in a sanction of five days in the Marin County jail and/or a $1,000 fine.

I did find out how Paul rescinded my durable power of attorney: He had his father sign a new one putting him in charge, going over to Napa opening up a new back account, canceling Jack's and my bank account of 50 years in Marin and requesting Social Security and all pensions be sent to the Napa bank.

It was an attorney in Terra Linda, Judith Austin Brown, who made up the papers for her clients, Paul, Angela and Laura Machado. I noted Judith Brown is now serving on the LITA Board in San Rafael. Seniors of Marin, beware-don't let this happen to you!

Ron Cromwell's Chevron station is temporarily closing in August

His flyer states: In order to serve you better and to ensure a safe environment, our gasoline facility will be temporarily closed for eight to 10 weeks beginning in August. The Bay Area Rental site will be available to check fluid levels, do under-hood safety inspections, and check your tire air pressure.

Circus is coming to town on September 30

This has been a controversial subject in Novato. The Sunrise Rotary is using this as a fund-raiser for the Novato Theater restoration plus the building of a new skateboard park. The Marin County Humane Society went before the City Council on July 22 to request conditions in favor of the animals be placed on the Use Permit.

On August 21, I produced a public advocate TV program on Channel 23. Shirley Graves was able to bring the following guests to the program: Dr. Michael Hartnett, Lauren Sullivan with In Defense of Animals, and Michael Kennedy, local young man who wrote a letter to the editor after the City Council meeting. He is going to U.C. Davis. The Sunrise Rotary and the Marin Humane Society were contacted, but negotiations are still going on, so they refused to come on the show. As it stands now, the public is becoming aware of how animals are treated for entertainment.

Purchase of an alternative-fuel, 15-passenger, rideshare van

The Novato City Council at their August 26 meeting will decide to purchase the above-mentioned 15-passenger van. This is State Assembly Bill 1671, Chapter 980, Statutes of 1995. The City is authorized to submit a grant proposal for an employee rideshare van. The grant was awarded October 29, 1996. All of the employees that will participate in the program live in Sonoma County. The cost is $33,340 and the purchase order went to Sun Valley Ford, the lowest responsible bidder. The van will also be available during normal shift hours for use by other City staff for all City business.

I walk by night...

Did anyone catch the item in the county paper about Johnny's Pizzeria in Terra Linda (3815 Redwood Hwy.)? One customer declared the thin-crust pizza is the best he's had since moving to California 20 years ago. Why is this of interest to Novato? Because Johnny is Johnny Sansome, whose parents owned Giovanni's in Novato for 20 years.

Congratulations to:

Suzanne and Craig Perrin for the birth of their new daughter on July 16. I mention this item as I am now an honorary aunt of this beautiful baby girl.

Bea Carpenter has a new knee

Received a note from Bea last week. She was going into Kaiser for knee replacement. She would love to hear from you. Her address is 230 Hula Circle, Union City CA 94587. Can you believe she is still sewing for organizations? She needs a new knee to complete her projects. Get well soon, Bea.

Labor Day

Come and join Novato for the Labor Day picnic at Stafford Lake-a good party for all.

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