The Coastal Post - September, 1997

Connect-The-Dots Thoughts


Here's the sampler of my cogitations over the last few months. Do you see a pattern?

1. The Randy Weaver Incident is back in the news. The State of Idaho is charging FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi with manslaughter, when, in fact, it an be substantially alleged that Horiuchi was ordered by his superiors to assassinate Vicki Weaver. Horiuchi and other FBI snipers are trained to hit a quarter at 300 yards. These guys are the best marksmen in the country. Vicki Weaver was blasted in the temple with a soft-tip rifle bullet. That is exactly where a sniper is trained to aim in a "clear to kill" command situation. Horiuchi, along with whoever gave the radio headset command to take Vicki out, should be charged with premeditated murder and the trial should begin from there. Where are the videotapes and audio recordings of the FBI's entire spectacle on Ruby Ridge? Most likely they have been destroyed, along with other incriminating documents. But what if they haven't?

On the other side of the coin, Kevin Harris, formally acquitted by a jury of the same charge in a federal trial in Boise, Idaho, has been indicted for a second time for the murder of William Degan, the U.S. Marshall. Doesn't the Constitution say something about double jeopardy? As this American tragedy refuses to recede from our consciousness, I would direct those of you with further interest in the Ruby Ridge incident to my book on the event: A Mountain of Lies-The Apprehension and Arrest of Idaho's Randy Weaver. You can obtain a copy from Common Sense Press, POB 1544, Billings, Montana 59103 ($10 postal money order will include shipping and handling). To my knowledge, no other author has so probed the real reasons behind the Weaver affair. The book was completed and printed before the trial of Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris, and up to now, none of the assertions I make in that book have been invalidated, and many have been emphatically verified.

2. Which leads us to Operation Empty Gun, which is my project name for the agenda of the New World Order socialists who run this country and the planet at this moment in history. The "gun control" fascists (I kind of like the label "CommuNazi") plan to eventually outlaw the sale of ammunition to the American public. They know that they can never trace the ownership of more than a third of the 200 million firearms that are in the possession of the American people. Watch for laws requiring the registration of ammo purchases in the near future. This will allow the brownshirts to eventually go door-to-door with gun confiscation campaigns. That is exactly the pattern Hitler engineered in Nazi Germany (See "Gateway to Tyranny" by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, 2872 S. Wentworth Ave., Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207, 414-769-0760).

My suggestion, while one can still do so without registration, is for every law-abiding and sane American (even if they don't own a firearm) to buy at least 100 rounds of .223, .30-06, .308, or 7.62x39mm rifle ammunition and bury it in a plastic bag somewhere off their property. If we can double or triple the volume of ammunition purchases in the next year, we will be sending a quiet, but somber message to the goons in the ATF and their CommuNazi bosses in D.C.

3. How about the new movie Conspiracy Theory? It wasn't as bad as I was afraid it might be. Those of you who have been keeping track of this column will recall my detailed explanation of the "Lone Gunmen" in recent American history. The movie suggests Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, Hinckley, and David Chapman were mind-control automatons. Check out my column in the May, 1997 issue of the Coastal Post (on the Internet, if you must). Political assassinations are not the primary mission goal of the Lone Gunmen. In my previous column I explain what the real agenda happens to be.

Of local interest is that the villain in Conspiracy Theory is very loosely based on our own notorious, late Colonel White who lived in Stinson Beach. He was the head of the CIA chemical mind-control experiments. MK Ultra was a real project.

Black helicopters? Silent running can be achieved by imprinting the faces of the rotor blades with an embossed "fishscale" pattern that creates micro-vortex vanturi phenomenon within the boundary layer. Also useful is the venting of super-heated exhaust gases through the leading edge of the rotor blade. (Just thought I'd pass those highly-classified Area 51 tidbits along to all you aerodynamic wizards out there.)

4. And speaking of mind control, have you caught any of radio talk show host Art Bell's interviews with David John Oats? Wow! This guy runs tape recordings of people speaking backwards and has found that perfectly clear phrases and sentences occur. You can buy tape recorders that play tape in reverse and the verification of what is now known as "reverse speech" or "speech reversals" is blowing people's mind. One of the very significant aspects of reverse speech is that it seems to be impossible to lie in one's "reversals"! We are being presented with an almost foolproof personal lie detector device. Needless to say, Bill Clinton's reversals are absolutely classic.

Okay, now connect the dots.