The Coastal Post - September, 1997

Avoid All Travel To Alabama

By Arthur R Sobey

Communications Director, Kubby For Governor

[email protected]

The following Travel Warning is issued for all residents of California who are planning any travel to the state of Alabama. Recent terrorist incidents within the borders of Alabama, initiated by members of law

enforcement agencies, are aimed at extracting large sums of money from United States citizens who are wearing items of apparel made from the hemp plant. This extortion is in the form of exorbitantly high bail

following arrest, the assessment of unreasonably high fines in state courts, and the possible seizure of automobiles, cash, and other items of high value. Prison, large fines, loss of children to state-run foster care services and adoption, as well as confiscation of all family assets to include cash, clothes, and even the family car, await unwary travelers to Alabama. The possibility of lengthy stays in privatized slave-labor prisons must also be considered.

FACTS: A young couple, Angela Guilford and Jeff Russell, were arrested for selling items of apparel made from the hemp plant, cannabis sativa. Although no drugs were found, the local district attorney, David Barber, has charged this couple with felony marijuana trafficking. When asked about the severe charges just for hemp clothing, the D.A. said: "Alabama law makes no distinction between hemp clothing and marijuana."

PENALTIES. District Attorney Barber is attempting to put Guilford and Russell in jail for three years, and fine them $125,000 to boot. If convicted, Barber has threatened to remove the couple's two children and make them wards of the state. This poster-perfect young couple has already seen their business destroyed by cops who stole the inventory from their store, Bohemian Rhapsody, located near Birmingham, during a raid by a dozen armed and menacing cops during business hours. Angela, then eight months pregnant, was later thrown in jail until she could bail herself out. She was not allowed to make bail arrangements prior to arrest, a courtesy normally afforded women in advanced stages of

pregnancy in many other states.

CONSIDERATIONS It is recommended that all unnecessary travel to Alabama for purposes of vacation, visiting relatives, or any other non-essential purpose, be canceled until the legal crisis that exists today is resolved. Avoid bringing cash, jewelry or your children into Alabama, as you may not be allowed to keep them when you return to California. ALL pregnant women should also avoid travel to Alabama.

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