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Volume 22, No 8, August 1st, 1997

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  1. Right Or Wrong, Supes Approve Library Funding By Don Deane
  2. Marin General Hospital - The Lease and Mediation By Norman Carrig, M.D.
  3. Hospital Corporation Snubs Hospital District
  4. Nobel Prize Winner Warns of Threat By Jim Scanlon
  5. El Nino And Next Year's Fish
  6. The Origins of the Briones Family BY JOAN REUTINGER
  7. Things Are Moving Fast On Bolinas Lagoon BY JOAN REUTINGER
  8. Plutonium Comet Headed For Earth in 1999 BY STEVE SIMAC
  9. Whistlestop Revisited BY KAREN NAKAMURA
  10. Crock Of The Week, Decade?
  11. Letters To The Editor
  12. Do The Founding Fathers Benefit From Media Bias? BY NORMAN SOLOMON
  13. Marin As I See It BY SANFORD I. GOSSMAN
  14. Who Owns These Hands? BY KIRBY FERRIS
  15. Constitutional Rights: Equal Treatment? By Attorney General Dan Lungren
  16. Shoveling Smoke BY EDWARD W. MILLER
  17. Inhuman Markets & Crass Society BY FRANK SCOTT
  18. U.S. Media Miscast As Human Rights Watchdogs BY NORMAN SOLOMON
  19. Food BY ELLIE & WIM
  20. News and Notes Of Novato BY BETTY MACHADO
  21. Balanced Budget Plan Unfair With the Republican tax cut
  22. Vote Out Tax-And-Spend Boxer
  23. Healthy Longevity - Helping The Heart
  24. Plants Are Wonderful By Jim Scanlon

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