The Coastal Post - August, 1997

Plutonium Comet Headed For Earth in 1999


Kryptonite kills Superman, plutonium kills humans. Get it? I know, I said I retired, but like Superman, when the world is endangered by mad scientists, Simac must return. Superman even came back from the dead, I was just on summer vacation. (Besides my fans have short attention spans. Give 'em a couple more months without an article and they'd only have a vague memory of me, like the original Green Lantern.)

If I told you that NASA plans to launch a rocket from Florida in October with 80 pounds of plutonium aboard, you'd probably think I'm whacked on comics.

You'd be wrong. NASA has a plan. If all goes well, rocket scientists have calculated a flight course that whips around Venus then careens back towards Earth in 1999, coming in only 300 miles from our atmosphere. God of calculus willing, it will carom around our blue green three ball, gaining speed to reach Saturn.

The plutonium's dissipating heat will fuel 750 watts of electricity for the Cassini probe to photograph and communicate the secrets of Saturn at the end of its eight-year trip. Needless to say, earthlings are not worried about plutonium contaminating outer space-it's the tricky little home planet slingshot maneuver which could be catastrophic.

The launch itself, from coastal Florida where several million people live in the fallout zone from a Challenger or Delta II type disaster, is a major risk. Even in Florida there's been almost no public debate because there has been virtually no coverage of the launch, except in the alternative media. Covert Action Quarterly had a story in their Spring '97 issue on the Cassini Saturn probe, and Art Bell interviewed Bruce Gagnon of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space on his late night radio show. The Florida based GNAWNPS are holding a protest against the October 6th launch from Cape Canaveral.

Stay indoors, watch TV

Most people haven't heard about a plutonium comet heading for earth in 1999. It's not in the tabloids, or on the talk shows, it's not on the media radar screen, filled with images of Tyson nibbling Holyfield's ear. These titans are news, not the Titan IV rockets which the Cassini probe will be shot out of. The Titan IV's have a history of spectacular crashes like Mike, but the media's not hitting.

On January 17th of this year a Delta II rocket blew up on takeoff from Cape Canaveral. A cloud of toxic rocket fuel smoke drifted along the heavily populated coast, with residents up to 100 miles south warned to stay indoors, close all windows and turn off the air conditioning or heating. That could be deadly by itself in a Florida summer, especially since plutonium has a half life of a quarter million years.

Now that the media is feasting on images of Mars, which could have been taken in Arizona, they are slavering over rights to the rings of Saturn. They don't want to alarm us over a little nothing like 80 pounds of plutonium, even if Disney World could become poisoned wasteland.

Media conglomerates are owned by energy and/or entertainment industries which have everything to lose from our waking out of a long, numbed sleep and stopping these crazy schemes. They count on us feeling helpless and hopeless as they lead us to the gas chambers. Most of us are numb to the onslaught against the health of our planet, which essentially is our health.

The extreme intensification of the war on nature in this century supports Chicken Little's claims that the sky is falling. We've surrendered so many of our choices without even knowing we had them, and this plutonium probe is just one more for most people. It truly is a job for Superman, but Luther X, the mad scientist, has bound him in the basement with kryptonite bracelets. We are poisoning the planet with our industrial lifestyles and saving the world will have to be done by ordinary humans.

Pluto, god Of death

Perhaps NASA will launch the rocket without a snafu, and in 1999 it will provide only a month or two of media alarmist stories, then be on its way to Saturn. It wasn't the first and it isn't the last planned plutonium-carrying rocket, which has already crashed twice.

In 1964 a U.S. military rocket with 2.1 pounds of plutonium aboard burned up in the atmosphere. Last November a Russian Mars probe fell back to Chile with a half pound of plutonium aboard. The Cassini probe's EIR states that in an accident, five billion people could receive fatal doses of plutonium.

This doesn't phase the rocket scientists. NASA and the Defense Special Weapons Agency plan to develop nuclear-powered propulsion for space flight and have another plan to rocket high-level nuclear waste into space.

Plutonium is the "most deadly toxin known," routinely churned out with government consent, while medical marijuana is persecuted with religious fervor. Plutonium is the gift that keeps on killing, because its halflife is so long. It's not only radioactive, it is extremely toxic, like heavy metals, in its effect on living tissues.

Dispersal through the atmosphere is an extremely effective method for increasing mortality, because it spreads as vapor and inhalable particles which cause lung cancer. Estimates of the potential kill-off is in the billions, not limited to human casualties or U.S. citizens, who at least got to vote on it, more or less.

We can look to the South Pacific for examples of what Florida could face. Almost 250 nuclear explosions have been set off in Polynesia, Australia and Micronesia since the first atomic explosion near Roswell, New Mexico, which was code named "Baby Jesus," part of the Trinity project.

The largest explosion, Bravo, with a thousand times greater force than the Fat Boy bomb which destroyed Hiroshima, poisoned the islands of Rongelop and Uterik. They were downwind but not evacuated. The entire population suffered from radiation burns, and now are dying from leukemia and thyroid diseases. Women have high rates of miscarriages and give birth to "jelly babies." The Atomic Energy Commission report in 1957 put a positive spin on the people's suffering. "These people will afford most valuable ecological radiation data on human beings."

What have we learned? Madame Curie died of cancer, poisoned by her radiation experiments. Los Alamos National laboratory has reported that work on the Cassini's plutonium-fueled systems has increased radiation contamination of their workers. From Navajo miners dying of lung cancer after laboring in uranium mines, to Chernobyl children forgotten in their graves, we ignore the data gained from human and environmental suffering.

Space, the New Frontier, same old mindset

This space race is spurting out of control. The pencil brains have to be reined in. Come out of the labs, boys, lay down your Twinkies and calipers, look around you, squinting. It's a good planet, a fixer-upper. Until we start to assume responsibility for our home, it's madness to dream about living on some foreign rock.

The space exploration obsession is a scientific symptom of the sky God in Heaven worshipping, pleasure on Earth denying religions which told us to look outside ourselves for truth and salvation. The scientific revolution replaced spiritual realms with the flatland, materialistic, world view entrained in our psyches today.

Education teaches our best and our brightest to control and manipulate nature, not to treasure and sustain our lifesource. Playing hookie from school used to symbolize a return to nature, a fishing pole or swimming hole; now it's video games and bong hits. Most rocket scientists didn't experience harmony in the web of nature, because our culture actively severs those strands. We have been hypnotized through consensus to surrender our grounding from sacred land, to believe that the earth is only dirt, our home just a rock.

To call ours a Death Kulture, which gives no value to health, harmony, beauty, peacefulness, and restoration of the planet which sustains us, doesn't mean that individuals can't resonate with those qualities. This may soothe the soul, but without fundamental social change it's a little like Death Kamp inmates growing organic roses.

Aliens control the military

This plutonium probe is so loony, it makes you wonder if the conspiracy nuts are sane when they claim that alien forces are controlling our government. They claim we are ignorant of an ancient, secret history with the earth as a battleground. The evil forces from Orion contending against the Goodguys from Sirius makes more sense than NASA's official explanation that 80 pounds of plutonium are needed to generate 750 watts of power. That's a hair dryer on low. It's as if they never heard of solar power.

In this conspiracy, evil gray aliens plan to cloud our atmosphere with plutonium to block the transformative energy waves emanating from the Galactic Center. These waves will bathe us with evolutionary potential after the millennium which will usher in the Golden Age. Only dense plutonium in our atmosphere will prevent the wave from triggering our imminent evolutionary leap and growing understanding of how the dark forces have manipulated and controlled us with religion, science and commerce.

Whatever. It's comforting to think that someone knows what's going on. Even if this is only a paranoid delusion which the facts fit into, 80 pounds of plutonium fallout will prevent further evolution. Yet this hare-brained Chicken Little scheme is just one skirmish in the full-out war on our world going on without much media coverage.

I urge you to contact your political representatives, and just say No. Just Do It. While you can still remember what you've read, include this article. Comix and Simax redux. Then go outside and enjoy your home planet. Siriusly.