The Coastal Post - August, 1997

Hospital Corporation Snubs Hospital District Board

The scheduled mediation meeting between the Marin Healthcare District Board and Marin General Hospital Corporation ended today before it began when the Corporation Board delegates, Ann Otter, Art Latno, and Etta Allen, failed to attend. The mediation session had been initiated at the personal and public invitation of MGH Board members Ann Otter and Etta Allen (OpEd, Independent Journal, April 13, 1997), with assurances that the Corporation was "committed to resolve the differences" 'between the parties. Representatives had set the date for the meeting nearly a month ago

The District's Chair, Diana Parnell, said, "This turn of events casts serious doubt on the Corporation's intentions." Director Linda Remy added, "It is a disgrace that these self-defined 'responsible community members' didn't even show up to discuss important public policy and healthcare issues. "

The District Board claims MGH Corporation, which operates Marin General Hospital under a lease from the District, breached its contracts with the District. The District Board also claims the hospital lease, negotiated in 1985 under long-contested circumstances, is fundamentally unfair to the public. The mediation was intended to address these disputes. "I'm stunned and disappointed that the Corporation's Board members not only failed to appear, but lacked the common courtesy to notify us in advance,'' Parnell concluded.