The Coastal Post - August, 1997

Vote Out Tax-And-Spend Boxer

According to the Tax Foundation, the average two-income American family now pays nearly $22,000 a year in taxes. We have been brought to this state of affairs by liberal politicians who want to run our lives according to their utopian master plan, who think it is their job to tax money away from the people who earned it and give it to those who haven't-usually the special interests who support them.

America is about individual freedom to pursue our dreams and opportunities as far as our talent and determination can take us. California has a U.S. Senator in Barbara Boxer who is blind to the way the federal government is extinguishing opportunities. Boxer's political career is a monument to higher taxes and bigger government. She has relentlessly opposed balancing the budget, and although she cynically and reluctantly agreed to cast an election-year vote for this year's balanced budget, it was only because it so dramatically increased federal spending. Even then, she attempted to strip the resolution of all tax relief-a modest $85 billion even Clinton agreed to-and replace it with $30 billion in tax hikes.

Keeping Boxer in the U.S. Senate is an expense Californians can no longer afford. We deserve a senator who believes in the American promise that individuals ought to be free to choose the right path for themselves; who wants to lift the yoke of big government from the shoulders of America's working families and struggling entrepreneurs; and who believes in limited government, lower taxes and the rule of law as the most durable foundation of freedom.

Barbara Boxer doesn't simply oppose those truths; her actions make it clear that she doesn't even understand them.

We owe it to our children to be true to our nation's heritage of liberty by declaring our independence from the remote bureaucrats in Washington who seek to control our lives and profit from our hard work at the expense of our families. We need to reclaim our government from the political elites who have broken our trust, and I'm going to start by spending the next 16 months working to send Barbara Boxer back to San Francisco where she belongs.

Electronics entrepreneur Darrell Issa is a Republican candidate for the United States Senate.

Balanced Budget Plan Unfair

With the Republican tax cut and balanced budget plan, Congress begins a process of fundamentally rearranging the priorities of this country. It will step back from our commitments to seniors who need help with their health care, providing health insurance to uninsured children, and to help families pay for college. Why? In order to pay for a tax cut that overwhelmingly benefits upper-income Americas.

The Republican tax cut plan will allow profitable corporations to escape paying any income taxes. It will reduce taxes for heirs to the top two percent of America's wealthiest estates. And it will give families earning over $300,000 per year a tax cut of $27,000.

How exactly are these tax cuts paid for?

By slapping new charges for home health care on the oldest and sickest seniors;

by failing to provide health coverage for 95% of America's uninsured children;

by putting Medicare further out of reach for retiring seniors, at a time when employer cutbacks have made people in the 55-65 year-old age range the faster-growing group of uninsured;

by creating loopholes for managed care companies to circumvent new state laws that protect health care consumers;

and by cutting back on the commitment we made to help families pay for college.

Let's be clear: both Democrats and Republicans favor a balanced budget and relief for taxpayers. The problem is that the Republican plan puts the burden of providing tax relief for the rich on the middle and working class families by cutting their benefits and minimizing their tax cuts.

Every American should be outraged by this rearrangement of our priorities. The choice could not be clearer. Will you vote for the smallest number of people with the greatest amount of money-those who already own their homes, have two or more cars, have health insurance, take nice vacations, and generally live the good life-or will you vote for the majority of Americans who are struggling to achieve the dream-families that work hard and play by the rules, but still find that it is hard to pay the rent or mortgage, hard or impossible to pay for health insurance, afford a good education for their kids, and take an occasional vacation?

- Rep. George Miller (D-Martinez)

Bodega BBQ

The 18th Annual Bodega Volunteer Fire Department barbeque will take place Sunday, August 24th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 17184 Bodega Hwy. There will be music for dancing, wine tasting/beer booth, local handcrafts and demonstrations, a Loveliest Llama contest, kids' games, quilt raffle (at 5 p.m.) and multiple prize raffles (all day).

Chicken BBQ: $8 adults, $4 children.

Tri-tip BBQ: $9 adults, $5 children.

All proceeds benefit the Bodega Volunteer Fire Department. Call 797-876-3058 for more information.

Keep Work In Local Hands

The League of California Cities joined dozens of local governments recently in the fight to defeat the Competition Killer Initiative.

The core issue is a simple one: Should virtually all design and engineering project development work for local government be done by state employees instead of contractors hired and managed by local city councils and county supervisors?

Any park, public works, school, road or jail project is captured by this initiative if any state funding is involved including bond funding-or if the state has any ownership, liability or responsibility for construction operation or maintenance.

This initiative creates a rigged bidding system that effectively means most infrastructure projects would be designed only by the State of California, not private contractors that are accountable to the needs of local cities.

Building new projects already takes too long. But this initiative would add a whole new layer of bureaucracy. The initiative requires that each and every local project be reviewed by the state Controller's Office along with tens of thousands of other state, local and private building projects. Because the measure specifies no deadline by which this office must act, it would become a project bottleneck further delaying projects that are needed now.

Normal contract conditions, such as delivering a project on schedule and within the budget are conspicuously missing from this initiative, and what's more, local governments would have no say in the process.

Woolsey Pushes Child Support Bill

Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Petaluma) joined with Rep. Henry Hyde (R-IL) to introduce legislation that will place the federal government in charge of collecting and distributing child support payments.

"The states have had their chance to improve child support collection, but they have failed our children and bankrupted our welfare system," said Woolsey. "Now is the time to revolutionize our child support system. This bill will make it easier for absent parents to meet their obligations-and more difficult for those who are shirking their responsibility to hide. Under the bill, child support will simply be withheld from paychecks along with Social Security taxes."

Mural Artists Sought

If you are an experienced mural artist, the Marin Interfaith Youth Outreach Teen Center is looking for you. The teen center is currently helping teens paint tables and chairs and design a mural for their newly refurbished Oasis Cafe. The artist will work in a team with the center's Art Director and Program Director.

Teens who wish to paint unique tables and chairs, or help in the creation of the mural, are also welcome. The Cafe Art Studio meets every Tuesday and Saturday at 6 p.m. Drop-in is ok, but call ahead if possible because the schedule may vary. 453-8645.

Outreach To Older Jews

Jewish Family and Children's Services and Ruach Ami, the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center, are currently recruiting community members to provide Jewish spiritual support and connection to older Jews isolated in nursing homes. Volunteers must be able to work with elders, have a knowledge of Judaism, and an interest in spirituality. We are looking for volunteers to commit four to six hours each month for one year. Training will be provided. For more information, call Sheryl Groden at 561-1244 or Rabbi Jeffrey Silberman at 885-7785.

Bolinas Resident A New Teacher

Katherine Sayers of Bolinas recently received her California Teaching Credential in Multiple Subjects from Dominican College. This credential is primarily for teaching at the elementary school level. Through its Elementary and Secondary Teaching Credential Programs, Dominican educates the majority of teachers hired each year in Marin elementary, middle and high schools.

Protect Pets From Hot Cars

As the summer officially arrives and the weather heats up, the Humane Society reminds readers that pets can suffer or die from the heat-especially when left in a parked car.

Companion animals enjoy the opportunities warm weather provides for outdoor activities. However, the needless suffering and occasional death of an animal left in a car on a warm day is a tragedy that is entirely preventable.

On a hot and humid day, the temperature inside a car rises very quickly. On an 85-degree day, for example, the temperature inside a car with the windows open slightly will reach 102 degrees within 10 minutes. After 30 minutes, the temperature will reach 120 degrees. On warmer days, it will get even hotter.

A dog's normal body temperature is 101.5 to 102.2 degrees. A dog can withstand a body temperature of 107 to 108 degrees for only a very short time before suffering irreparable brain damage, or even death. Leaving dogs in parked cars even for a few minutes may prove fatal.

Flyers to educate others about this danger may be obtained by sending a business size, self-addressed stamped envelope to Hot Car, Humane Society, West Coast Regional Office, 5301 Madison Avenue, Ste. 202, OB 417220, Sacramento, CA, 95841.

Mesa Bash For Bolinas-Stinson Schools

The Bolinas-Stinson Unified School District will hold a benefit festival at Mesa Park in Bolinas on Saturday, August 9 at high noon.

Performers include Vinyl, a local and successful young band with a Latin beat; Michael Carabello, a conga drummer and former Santana band member; Lost Tribe; and a magic show by Magic Steve, plus other surprise special guests.

Sound will be managed by Don Pearson, whose credits include the Grateful Dead and President Clinton's inaugural ball. Doug Greene, of Reggae on the River, and local resident Bob Dill will MC.

Food has been donated by all the best places, the weather should be great, so come bring the family to this afternoon of music, dancing, food, magic and fun.\

Parking adjacent to the Bolinas Firehouse. Suggested $20 donation include raffle ticket. For advanced sales, send a SASE and $20 per ticket to Bolinas-Stinson School, 125 Olema/Bolinas Road, Bolinas 94924.

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