The Coastal Post - August, 1997

Crock Of The Week, Decade?

The Marin Independent Journal reported in a banner headline on Sunday, July 27, "Is water causing subdivision's slide?"

The slide referred to is earth movement on Mt. Burdell in Novato where the ten-year-old Partridge Knoll subdivision began experiencing cracked foundations, shifting sidewalks, and cracked walls shortly after the Buck Center for Research In Aging started cutting a million cubic yards of earth and rock from the unstable mountain with the construction of the $100,000,000 center.

Quoting from the article which doesn't mention the Buck Aging Center's construction program until the 12th paragraph (and then doesn't note any excavation): "In a race against winter rains, geotechnical experts may begin placing instruments in the ground at Partridge Knolls this week to investigate whether it is water or something else that has caused the underground slide."

There has been a virtual news blackout on the issue since it went into mediation to avoid litigation. Nobody's talking. One wonders who the beneficiary of the silence might be as the Buck construction project continues, not missing a beat, and property values plummet in the Partridge Knolls Subdivision.