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Volume 22, No 7, July 1st, 1997

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  1. Nineteen year old Anna Reiner graduated from Tamalpais High School last month
  2. Editor Wants Feedback About Coastal Post By Don Deane, Publisher-Editor
  3. Sorry History of Science BY JIM SCANLON
  4. Dr. Pablo Briones BY JOAN REUTINGER
  5. DMV And CHP Highway Robbery?
  6. Salmon And The State Of The Nation BY JOSH CHURCHMAN
  7. Ryken Responds To Whistlestop Irregularities BY KAREN NAKAMURA
  8. Community Spirit Surges In San Anselmo BY KAREN NAKAMURA
  9. Gun Advocates Want US Out Of UN Pro-gun Representative Ron Paul (R-TX)
  10. Public Relations July 97
  11. Hate Mail Four responses to my May column appeared in June's Coastal Post.
  12. Food BY ELLIE & WIM
  13. Is America Risking Its Youth? BY ATTORNEY GENERAL DANIEL E. LUNGREN
  14. Letters July 97 I do not think the letter attacking Gary Jordan should have been published anonymously. There are good reas that supposedly fights "hate crimes," but actually spends time spying on Americ
  15. News And Notes Of Novato BY BETTY MACHADO
  16. The McVeigh Verdict And You BY KIRBY FERRIS
  17. Sex, Race And Murder BY FRANK SCOTT

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