The Coastal Post - July, 1997

DMV And CHP Highway Robbery?

Millions of California motorists are being robbed, and Gubernatorial candidate Steve Kubby says it must stop.

Kubby says that people are being forced to run a gauntlet of Highway Patrol and DMV regulations that are nothing more than a scam to squeeze ever more money out of tax-weary citizens. "Each year, millions of Californians are ticketed, fined, jailed and even stripped of their vehicles, in what is a clear-cut case of taxation without representation," according to Kubby.

"Most tickets have little to do with safety and everything to do with raising money. I don't blame the Highway Patrol. Most officers are dedicated to their jobs, but career politicians are using these officers as tax collectors and that's wrong," argues Kubby.

Kubby says, "Politicians and bureaucrats are also using the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to squeeze more money from unwilling tax payers. Californians are forced to stand in long lines at hopelessly understaffed DMV offices, and to pay outrageous fees and penalties. One day late? That's an extra 10% penalty. Ten days late? Make that a 20% penalty. A month late? Too bad, you now owe the DMV an additional 60% in penalties."

According to Steve Kubby, "DMV fees for California vehicles are among the highest in the nation, yet the DMV is notorious for inefficiency, arrogance, and unnecessarily hostile behavior toward the Californians who pay their salaries. The DMV seems to have an unquenchable appetite for money, and regularly seizes vehicles from hapless citizens who have managed to violate their maze of complicated rules and regulations. Thousands of otherwise law-abiding citizens get into trouble with the DMV. First the DMV suspends the license of drivers for anything ranging from not being insured to possession of pot. Of course, those who lose their license still have to live and it's just a matter of time until they are caught driving and have their vehicle taken from them. In fact, the DMV includes money raised for seized vehicles as part of their operating budget."

Kubby believes the time has come for the Highway Patrol and DMV to clean up their act. "Once I am elected, I will immediately order the Highway Patrol to cease all revenue-oriented activities such as speed traps and equipment citations. Highway Patrol officers will be shifted from collecting taxes to actually providing assistance to motorists without leaving a ticket behind. As for the DMV, I will limit all fees to a maximum of $10. I will limit penalties for late payment to a maximum of 1% per month. All DMV services will also be required to be available via the Internet as well. Finally; I will order the DMV to cease all payments to the Highway Patrol, and use the money instead to provide better service to California motorists."