The Coastal Post - July, 1997

The McVeigh Verdict And You


There's a saying out in Nevada cattle country... When a steer is down and beyond help, a bullet in the head is the only humane solution. A .357 cartridge costs about ten cents. Tim McVeigh deserves "the ten cent vet."

Anyone who favors the death penalty, in an absolutely clear case of guilt, could reasonably be invited to drop the hammer. The reason that I believe I would be able to pull the trigger with a clear conscience is that McVeigh's attorney confessed for his client (ostensibly with McVeigh's full approval) to the mass murder in Oklahoma City. (Nagging question: Can anyone out there tell me why this was a responsible tactic from a defense attorney attempting to keep his client's neck out of the noose?)

Also strange behavior from McVeigh's attorney was his plea to the jury to not make Tim McVeigh a "martyr" by executing him. What a strange, yet vile, innuendo that is. I don't know of a single anti-government critic (and I have met and conversed with quite a few of them in the last seven years) who did not fervently condemn the Oklahoma City bombing.

A dangerous illogic is at work around this pernicious event. The forces of police statism in our country are, in the eyes and minds of a gullible, tv-entranced public, effectively painting millions of morally-upstanding, intelligent and yes, patriotic, dissidents with the label of "right wing fanatic."

The perverse illogic goes: McVeigh was appalled by the FBI's apparent incineration of the Branch Davidian church members at Waco. Therefore, anyone who is also critical of the fed's handling of the Waco situation is the moral equivalent of a Tim McVeigh.

McVeigh was a vocal critic of "gun control" schemes; therefore, anyone who views the unconstitutional disarming of the sane and law-abiding American public as a dangerous step towards tyranny is the moral equivalent of a Tim McVeigh.

McVeigh seemed to have an obsession with the virulently anti-Jewish screed espoused in the book The Turner Diaries. Therefore, anyone who takes a stand against the socialistic path this country is headed down must also be "anti-Semitic." This has become the incessantly chattered party line for such intellectually bankrupt socialist groups as the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The irony of this, in my own experience, is frustrating. The single most articulate and powerful voice against "gun control" in this nation is that of Aaron Zelman, a proud Jew, and founder of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

The single most articulate and powerful voice against the corruption of the American justice system is Godfrey Lehman, a proud Jew, and the "grandfather" of the jury rights movement in this nation. Lehman's newest book, soon to be published, is entitled We, the Jury. It is an eminently scholarly work and describes the twelve most important jury trials in history.

And the single-most rational voice against the dangers of "liberalism" (in the past more accurately defined as Marxist socialism) is Dennis Prager, a proud Jew, and the author of a terrific, common-sense book entitled Think a Second Time.

Fortunately, Zelman, Lehman and Prager are steadily gaining the attention they deserve. Thinking men and women (thanks to the research of Zelman and Jews for the Preservation of Firearms) are reconsidering the amazingly "coincidental" resemblance of Nazi German "gun control" laws with the American Gun Control Act of 1968. Also coming to light (again, thanks to Zelman and JPFO) is the carefully documented correlation between past "gun control" schemes and the major genocides of the 20th century.

No better validation of Godfrey Lehman's warnings about the manipulation of juries exists than the jury selection process that resulted in the abysmal verdict in the O.J. Simpson trial.

Dennis Prager's insights strike to the heart of virtually every social problem we face today. Prager's views on racism, abortion, personal responsibility, "family values," and capital punishment are must reading for any concerned American.

The forces of socialism in our country simply cannot risk a rational debate with the likes of Zelman, Lehman and Prager. Those of authoritarian mentality must demonize the articulate and logical opposition if their plans are to be furthered. The propaganda sound bytes of the socialists at the ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center, and Handgun Control, Inc. simply cannot stand up to the scrutiny of documented historical evidence and the logic of common sense.

Zelman, Lehman, and Prager each ground their convictions in the fundamental right, even duty, of the individual to take charge of his or her own life. Aaron Zelman asks us to each take responsibility for our own self-defense by arming ourselves and quietly letting criminals, both inside and outside of government, know that each of us is somberly willing to oppose victimhood with lethal intensity. A scary proposition this may be, but freedom is not free...and it has never been comfortable.

Godfrey Lehman asks each of us to contemplate the individual conscience that a juror (meaning you and me) must exercise with an almost religious dedication if our nation is to remain even remotely just and righteous.

Dennis Prager's essays constantly remind each of us that life is a constant series of choices. Morality is choice. Freedom must be seized and nurtured in the mind of the man or woman who would deserve to be free.

No, Tim McVeigh did not speak for me and those I most admire. Whether by plan, or by coincidence, Tim McVeigh is exactly what the forces of police statism needed at this moment in history. Pay very, very careful attention to the upcoming Oklahoma state trial of McVeigh and the independent investigations of the Oklahoma City grand jury. McVeigh's conviction is just the first chapter in a much larger story. Whether you believe me now or not, your and your children's future will be written on those pages.