The Coastal Post - July, 1997

News And Notes Of Novato


Hello, Dear Hearts

Happy Fourth of July! Where has this year gone? Before you know it, it will be Christmas...

Welcome to my new tenants

Shelly and Jay Manriquez are now living in "Mama's House," thanks to Donna Bellucci of the Bellucci Realty. She located them for me. It is so great when you have good tenants!

California State Sheriffs' Association

I am now a new member. My membership is a Partnership with Law Enforcement. Goals include updating knowledge of modern law enforcement science and technology; developing and maintaining programs, policies and procedures that will enhance public confidence in the sheriffs' criminal detection, prevention and apprehension capabilities; reinforcing relationships at the state level; jointly addressing unique problems of all California sheriffs; and maintaining the role of sheriff as the chief law enforcement officer in the County. Election is coming up in June, 1998.

June 19 TV show, "Public Advocate," was a success...

...Thanks to Dr. George Mohun. We discussed the future of the Novato Community Hospital. We came to the conclusion that Novato residents should not go with Sutter. Instead, we should create our own hospital district using the Novato Unified School District boundaries as the way of expanding to include Black Point, Loma Verde, Indian Valley, Bel Marin Keys and other county representatives to be in the hospital district. Since there is an offer to tax ourselves in order to receive the promised birthing center from Sutter, Dr. Mohun and I came to the conclusion to stay right on Hill Road with the present hospital and go to Supervisor Harry Moore for support of the hospital district.

Have you visited the hospital lately? It has a beautiful new ward of 11 beds for transitional care, which means from ICU to the ward before going home. It is fully equipped with the latest technical, life-saving devices, plus it is quiet and well-managed. Do go see this unit.

We have the birthing center already there. Richard Arrow's wife had their new son in Novato Community Hospital in May. They loved it. Richard Arrow is the Marin County Controller-Auditor who lives in Novato and a is good guy. Congratulations to the new parents!

Call Supervisor Harry Moore-499-7371-if you want to support the idea of staying at Hill with our present Novato Community Hospital.

July 21 marks Jack's and my 52nd year of marriage

We were married in the Star of the Sea church in Sausalito by Father Henry O'Flynn. It was during the war, the BIG one. Gas rationing was in effect. Hazel Thomas of the Sausalito Cab Co. gave us gas coupons as our wedding gift. Couldn't go too far on a honeymoon. We used Pat Sease's car. He worked for the County Poor Farm in Lucas Valley. Our wedding reception was in Perry's Hall on Caledonia Street. Yes, as I look back on it now, it was a rural Sausalito in those days!

Jack is in Pleasant Care skilled nursing home here in Novato. He has dementia, which means he's lost his mind. But the staff at Pleasant Care are very good to him. We will celebrate our 52nd wedding date in a quiet manner. The room is decorated now with the wedding picture and silk pansies.

Congratulations to Ray and Marie Bottarini of Sausalito

We will be attending their 60th wedding anniversary at Deer Park Villa in July. This couple are so young-looking. Looking forward to the luncheon.

Senior Citizens Club in Novato is a private club

Seems they would like to have an office in the Margaret Todd Center but are unable to be granted the space. The members are very upset over the raise in trips. Larry Ditto, Park and Rec Director, has convinced the seniors that the cost of the trips has gone up to offset the raise in pay for the staff, namely Patty's pay raise. What a shame the public doesn't understand governmental budgets. Patty is on a line-step level for her salary, and it has nothing to do with the cost of programs. Her salary comes out of the General Fund and is placed into the recreation budget. Our property taxes pay all salaries at City Hall.

Angela strikes again

On June 30 I will be back in court with Monica Rudden professing to represent John A. Machado, since she is the Public Defender and the court-appointed lawyer for Jack. She has presented to the court a petition to set a family visitation schedule. Can you believe I require a visitation schedule to go visit Jack? The court has nothing else to do but create this type of work. Five days of the week I must be out of Pleasant Care by 8:00 p.m., and two days of the week I can't be there after 3:00 p.m. For holidays and birthdays, the court will determine the schedule. I have always had a birthday party for Jack at the Indian Valley Golf Course. Angela was very unhappy this year in February because I had sent out invitations for Jack's birthday. She had planned his birthday party. I just can't understand why she feels she can control my husband and me. She doesn't pay court fees, as she uses the Public Defender's office in representing Jack against me. Monica Rudden jumps for the chance to take me back to court. I would think Joseph L. Spaeth, the department head of the public defender's office, could stop this nonsense, since Monica represents his office. I don't know how the court plans to enforce this petition. Oh, the kicker: I cannot go within 500 feet of Pleasant Care when the family is there at their designated time. If the court is doing this to me, who will be next? Think about it.