The Coastal Post - July, 1997

Letters July 97


Charity Begins At Home

I do not think the letter attacking Gary Jordan should have been published anonymously. There are good reasons for publishing some material anonymously upon occasion, but simply to protect someone who is breaking the law is not one of those good reasons.

But it is obvious that the person, here illegally, who wrote the letter takes the easy road to solve his problems. Were he to go back home and attack his own government, instead of Gary, and force the changes that clearly need to be made in that government on behalf of himself and his countrymen, we would all be better off. The United States cannot be the source of support for all the suffering people in the world who are many; it simply is not doable no matter how many goodhearts declare it is. Go home, friend, and do what you can to make the world a better place! I'd help with that.



Another Inhumane Incident

I would like to voice my objections to the behavior of the so-called "humane" society by publicizing an alarming incident from a personal experience involving them.

On Tuesday morning, May 20th, I walked outside my Mill Valley house on Cascade Drive to deliver a letter. My dog, who is very friendly, old, obedient and slow, was walking at my heel. Suddenly, in the stillness of the morning, I spotted the dogcatcher's truck half a block away. I sought to avoid him by clutching my dog at the collar, and walking very rapidly in the opposite direction, toward home. One could see that the dog was completely under control at this point. The dogcatcher was the one out of control. He parked his truck, jumped out, and literally ran after me. He was out of breath when he arrived and announced that he was going to issue a citation for no leash. He asked me for my driver's license number. When he learned that I had no identification on me, he scolded me, "How can I give you a ticket, if you don't have any I.D.?" Standing there in my tennis shoes and sweats, I became annoyed and replied, "I didn't know that there was a law in Mill Valley saying that you can't leave your house without I.D.!"

We began screaming at each other when he suddenly lunged at my dog with a choke leash and forcefully pried him away from me in the direction of his truck. I dove for my dog and began to remove the dogcatcher's leash from his collar. Next thing I know, we were rolling around the lawn at Old Mill school while this man in the uniform behaved physically aggressive toward me, a 40-year-old woman, and my dog, whose biological age is equivalent to that of a 104-year-old man. Fortunately, several outraged witnesses stopped and someone called the police. When the police arrived, at least three to five witnesses came forward and filed reports describing the "Humane" Society's ugly, inexcusable behavior.

However, after the testimonies were heard, the reports taken and the angry crowd dissipated, I was standing alone with the police. Although they were nowhere near witnessing the controversial incident when it happened, they informed me that I was "the guilty culprit for resisting arrest, since the dogcatcher holds the same powers as a policeman in Marin County"!

Their remark made me ill. They were more concerned about protecting their own pathetic, uniformed selves than protecting the rights of citizens!

Let's get back to sanity. Was it really such a criminal act to control a dog without a leash, especially in a town like Mill Valley? Does that give the dogcatcher the right to forcefully take a well-loved, protected animal from its owner? Perhaps he had the extortionist's fee in mind for returning the dog, and that is how we foot the bill for such a horrible organization in our community.

The abuse of the "Humane" Society's power is shocking and insane. I would like your newspaper to run an article explaining how this unpopular society gained so much power in our community. What can we as citizens do to democratically replace it with a more intelligent, politically just and TRULY HUMANE organization in charge of our animals' welfare? Why not the S.P.C.A.? We would then be able to prevent the cruelty perpetrated by the "Humane" Society.

I wish others (and I know there are lots of them) would come forth and share their grievances concerning the ignorance about animals, unnecessary exterminations, harassment of citizens and their pets demonstrated by this powerful organization.


Mill Valley

Truth Smothered

Last October I wrote a letter which you published, and in it I voiced a complaint about the criminal justice system's refusal to obtain and test evidence that is crucial to my defense in a murder case. Now, nearly eight months later, the evidence (hair and fingernails from three people), which I expect will show traces of poison, still hasn't been secured.

The California Department of Justice administered a polygraph exam to me and asked if I planned to cause the disappearance of the alleged victim and I said "No." The polygraph verified I told the truth. The other involved person was asked if she participated in a plan to kill the alleged victim and when she said "No," the polygraph indicated she lied. "Intent" is an element of a murder charge that must be proven. The Marin D.A. is using the person who did "plan" as a witness against the person who didn't "plan" while simultaneously, with assistance from the courts, smothering all evidence that I was poisoned on the night in question by the alleged victim. Involuntary intoxication is a complete defense. I almost died.

There is a "murder" of the truth in progress and the government could do this to anyone who doesn't have O.J.'s money to pay them off where verdicts are for sale. TRUTH, as indicated by their own polygraph machine, is not respected currency and courtrooms are where that TRUTH suffers a butchering at the hands of those most skilled at lying-the government.


Marin County Jail

Stop The War On People

Okay, so now I got my driver's license back.

Boy, this law enacted to generate child support sure is effective. After I got an "order of reinstatement" on August 28, 1996, the DMV suspended my license six weeks later on October 11. Of course, I didn't know, they just cashed my check! I had explained to the D.A.s in Orange and Marin counties that I drove a cab in San Francisco, and was in the moving business in Marin, something I've done for decades now. I also explained that my ex-wife is terminally ill and that I was caring for her and our three children, as I have always done. It just happened that while the woman was a good mother and decent person, she was a welfare lifer-no insult, just fact. For 11 years I've paid child support-not all of it, but hell, I'm not running away.

So anyhow I'm driving around without a valid license for five months until Novato P.D. stops me for registration and gives me the good news. He was cool about it, he cites me and says come back and get your car later. So then BOOM I'm unemployed March 18, 1997. March 30 my ex-wife dies. No job, no license, single parent. Two weeks later the apartment complex says get out by the end of the month, the home my kids have known for six years. Yeah, right! I told these Nazis I've got the housing certificate in my name and have the rent. yet they persist until the story hits the press. Then their attorney dropped eviction like a hot potato! Thank you, Tamara Barak, Novato Advance.

Now my research shows me DMV has ignored two fax releases from Marin D.A. December '96 and April '97. I finally take a copy of a fax to a DMV field office. They call Sacramento and finally, now I can go to work! This, citizens, is Oppression, Persecution and Discrimination. Driving is a necessity, not a privilege (with obvious exceptions).

And here I go political. They should have to justify their existence to us, not the other way around. These people making half-witted legislation are not my leaders. We're paying them to make our lives miserable. Our true leaders and heros are the Allied Warriors who bought and paid for the freedom which allows these arrogant piglets to fly this nation into the ground. Stop the war on people. Have you noticed how juvenile authorities toss around felony charges like hotcakes? This is all symptomatic of an insidious and frightening agenda. And always remember: "Never has so much been owed by so many to so few."



Franzblau Defended

This is in reference to Edward Miller's article in which he discussed Dr. Michael Franzblau's project. For many years I have known Dr. Franzblau, and the following is my opinion of him: 1) He is highly intelligent; 2) he is a paragon of admirable ethics; and 3) he has the intestinal fortitude to stand up for his beliefs.



CP Appreciated

My esteemed regards and sincere appreciation to staff and columnists for consistently excellent efforts.


San Rafael

Cabal Denounced

Congratulations to the alert directors of Marin Coalition for your recent success in beating back the brazen and illegal attempt by a crass cabal of four to seize control of your board-and capture your treasury.

That's the same rebellious Gang of Four that in 1989 illegally tried-and ignominiously failed-to grab control of MUTA's board and bank account, in the process blatantly violating the California Corporations Code, Robert's Rules of parliamentary procedure and MUTA's Bylaws.

I wonder where they'll strike next? Why don't they form their own organization instead of trying to steal others?


Secretary, MUTA

Roots of Violence In Genocide

The Institute of Archetypal Ethnology is a non-profit, tax exempt organization, which enables the work of a Woman's Coalition of women in their late fifties and sixties. We have given birth and raised children, and we are now grandmothers. We have served on PTA's, school boards and boards of other educational organizations. We have sustained and created many non-profit projects in sports, health, theater, spiritual issues, environmental issues, human rights, peace, and social justice for over three decades. We have walked side by side with social movement leaders and have created venues for their speaking. We have supported American Indian elders, artists, NGO representatives and their families on reservations or in cities.

One of us is a North African immigrant. One of us was sponsored by the United Nations to work with indigenous mothers and children in the bush of Australia. One of us is presently a United Nations representative for Peace/Action. We are psychologists, anthropologists, historians, artists, poets, activists, community television producers, educators, and much more.

Once again, we have been turned down for funds by the Marin Community Foundation on the grounds that our work does not have high priority in their funding programs. No matter that our coalition members have been lifetime effective activists. Education, the arts, cultural emphasis, and applied anthropology in the service of indigenous culture-such activities rank low in MCF's order of priorities and estimation.

Our Institute supports American Indian voices and activities through various means. We work locally on such issues not because it is nice, popular or politically correct to do so, but because of our profound knowledge and understanding that to do otherwise would be living a lie. We cannot live on this continent and count ourselves Americans, enjoying the privileged life that this society offers, without first acknowledging that such a life is built on the genocide of an entire group of people. Knowing such a fact, we can no longer opt to live in smug ignorance of this historical reality. I personally am under the ethical mandate to act upon this understanding. This work and commitment are called "Intervention."

"If you see oppression against any minority group and you do not intervene," a Nobel prize philosopher recently stated, "your life has no worth." My life in America has been imbued with worth whenever I have spoken to the profound issues of genocide and cultural oppression, through persistent daily action and dedication to my cultural task, offering the best my years of education in universities on three continents and my anthropological and psychological experience can provide. That is my calling, my profession, and my contribution to American society.

MCF executives have the audacity to state that such work does not rate "high enough priority" for its funding. As a scholar in Social Sciences, I have been a consultant in policies determining community needs, and my professional expertise as an anthropologist has been recognized elsewhere as an important factor in such matters. As an anthropologist, and a cultural expert with ample knowledge of many cultures, I emphatically state that their vision of what is best for the needs of the Marin County community lacks cultural understanding, and that such work as we provide for the community is of the highest priority. It has far-reaching social ramifications.

Because there is a particular need for social healing in this country, the task at hand is to first recognize that the genocide of American Indians started violence in America, that such violent beginnings remain unacknowledged by our institutions, and that violence will continue to permeate all relations and the American collective psyche until this fact is redressed. The first step toward meaningful redress starts with the encouragement, honor and support of all American Indian cultural affairs. The denial of American Indian cultural needs by MCF in Marin has been long-standing, persistent, and virtually total (the Indian Museum of Novato being a non-Indian organization).

By ignoring the cultural needs of the American Indian community, MCF partakes of the world of non-intervention, and according to the philosopher already quoted, Marin Community Foundation's existence would have no worth whatsoever. The needs of the American Indian community should be the first priority of any granting organization in this county, as in all other counties of America, and its highest priority.

We are appealing to citizens of Marin County to write to Don Jen, Officer of the Education Program, and/or the President of the Marin Community Foundation, to comment upon the disproportion of funding of other minority groups in relation to funds made available for American Indian cultural activities in this county. Ten years ago or so, a coalition of Indians, African Americans and Hispanic people organized to protest the Marin Community Foundation's discriminatory funding practices. Despite some changes in policies which followed, the American Indian community in Marin and the Institute, separately and jointly, have been turned down again and again, over the last ten years, under several pretenses. Twice, our proposals were "lost" by MCF. Several times, our courteous requests for an audience, and the discussion of our needs or means to achieve our cultural goals, were ignored. Today, I am staring at the language of their last letter. We not only have no priority in their funding programs: MCF has shut us out of its sphere of support consistently and systematically for over a decade.

The Institute's present activities include:

1) The distribution of our already complete series of 11 television programs entitled"Circles: American Indians in Marin" throughout California Community Service Channels. The distribution of this educational model series is an important task. It is presently airing on Channel 31 on Tuesday nights, 8:00 p.m., until September. Watch it and decide for yourselves if this is an educational series worthy of funding or not yes. MCF turned us down for funds when we first planned this series two years ago. Now that it has come into being through shoe-string budgeting, MCF tells us that it has no money to help us distribute it. MCF granted millions of dollars this past year and could not find $1,500 to help us complete this noteworthy Oral History Project.

2) The Downtown Art Center Studio, which is to offer a permanent Photo Exhibit of Moroccan Atlas and pre-Sahara region Berber villages, mountains, people and rock art sites, as well as showcasing on a regular basis the work of various local American Indian artists. We will also feature some evening presentations and Indian craft demonstrations. A meager budget for $3,000 would sustain this project for a year. MCF replied that they had no interest in our plans for developing additional American Indian cultural projects in the county. Moreover, their language in this regard was offensive, stating that they would not award any funding for "the development of television programs which will focus on items of importance to Native Americans and their friends." I want the people of Marin County to be aware of the patronizing, insulting language in their reply, and the slighting mechanism that this language reveals.The letter did not refer to the programs we presented. We did not ask money for future television programs on American Indians. We clearly asked for funds to distribute the existing series and help in the development of further cultural projects.

We did not approach MCF for funding for the Moroccan Atlas television series of ten programs, scheduled to be taped at Channel 31 in 1997-87, as we plan to go to organizations that fund alternative documentary series of anthropological value.

Our work on the Archetypal Roots of Violence is on-going. There is no budget for it, as MCF found no money to back up a conference called five years ago or to maintain our newsletter which addressed this topic. Our United Nations representative and President are being sponsored, however, for attendance to the World Congress on Violence and Future Co-Existence in Dublin this summer, and we are planning a presentation on this topic in Dublin (gender-based violence and structural violence in ancient and modern societies). We are not seeking any funds at the present time for this work but we will come back with ample materials and contacts which might spur us to further commitment to our own conference and publications.

All comments and/or donations are very welcome. Please address them to Helene Hagan, the Institute of Archetypal Ethnology, 1800 Centro West, Tiburon 94920. Again, your letters to MCF are encouraged. We are not done practicing intervention.


Executive Director

Institute of Archetypal Ethnology

Beautifying The Ditch

The proposed establishment of a special landscaping assessment district in Terra Linda for 740 property owners living near Del Ganado Road does not appear necessary for the cleanup and improved appearance of Del Ganado ditch. Moreover, such proposal (with its provision for the assessment of $50 per year for 20 years, plus $12 per year for maintenance, for only those 740 specified property owners) is not supported by all members of that group. All of those opposed to the formation of the new district have not spoken out or else have been prevented from doing so. It was a shock, indeed, for those dissenters who attended the general meeting of the Santa Margarita Neighborhood Association on March 13, 1997, to be told to sit down and be quiet whenever they would stand up and try to express their particular opinions!

There is no question that Del Ganado ditch, which is enclosed on its sides by a cyclone fence and located in the middle of Del Ganado Road, needs some attention. However, the master plan drawn up by the association calls for both expansive landscaping and an actual road change. To beautify a part of the "worrisome eyesore" ditch, the width of Del Ganado Road, between Freitas Parkway and Las Raposas Road, would be reduced to one lane for traffic, plus a bike lane on each side of the road, and then a five-foot-wide landscaped planter area, would be added to each side of the ditch.

Narrowing Del Ganado Road just to provide space for landscaping to partially conceal the cyclone fence is certainly not a brilliant idea. And trying to fashion a "parkway" out of five-foot-wide planters alongside the ditch is a grandiose fantasy idea

As the purpose of a public street is to allow the unobstructed passage of autos, trucks and other vehicles, road safety should be given priority over landscaping. A safe road is for more important than trying to camouflage "an ugly unadorned cyclone fence"!

It is not difficult to conclude that decreasing the width of Del Ganado Road to a single lane would led to congestion, delays and accidents. Furthermore and most importantly, it would adversely affect the exit and entry of the fire engines and other emergency vehicles at the firehouse in that block.

Before even thinking about reducing the width of Del Ganado roadway, consideration should have been given to the following facts: Golden Gate buses drive on Del Ganado Road and let their passengers disembark on the corner there in front of Christ Presbyterian Church. Autos usually park along the curbing in front of the church and Montessori School to down past the Terra Linda Recreation Center. There are restrictions as to when motorists may drive in and park in a bike lane. Narrowing a road to a single lane doesn't serve as a deterrent to all speedsters! If a person has a penchant for driving fast and cutting in and out, he or she will continue doing so, no matter the width of the road. It is not unusual to see a car flipped over in Del Ganado ditch, or to see sections of the cyclone fence bent out of shape and broken down as a result of poor driving skills or habits. On such occasions, the trees and shrubs in the five-foot-wide planter areas quite likely would also be damaged and have to be replaced.

If the cyclone fence is an aesthetic problem for some people, vines could be planted to cover it. With a small amount of soil and occasional watering, ordinary vines will usually grow and thrive and take over an area in a very short time.

What actually is an eyesore to most people is the appearance of tall weeds, wild bushes and trees growing alongside and inside the ditch. Control and elimination of those unsightly growths is what is of paramount importance in improving the appearance of the ditch. Surely, there are residents in the neighborhood who would be willing to occasionally donate their services and a small amount of time to remove those unwanted plants. In just one day, last year, volunteers did a wonderful job of sprucing up the ditch!

Extensive landscaping alongside the ditch may be favored by some individuals, but it certainly isn't practical or needed. Trees and shrubs planted in the five-foot-wide strips would require continual care and attention to keep them from being overgrown and aesthetically offensive. With branches and leaves falling off and flying around, much of such debris would end up on the street as well as inside the ditch, causing clutter and clogging, along with a buildup of silt and weeds. In addition, the tree roots could become a problem growing through and cracking the concrete and pavement.

There is also concern that the proposed landscaped strips could become an attractive nuisance by tempting the presence of children and animals.

A "Jardin Exotique" may be desirable and tres chic, but Del Ganado ditch definitely needs something less unique!

A recent publication of the City of San Rafael states that economic recovery is in full swing in San Rafael and that the City is poised to make new strides in service for the coming fiscal year.

If the members of the Santa Margarita Neighborhood Association could reach an agreement to change their expensive, expansive landscaping plans to something more reasonable and modest, yet tasteful and acceptable by the majority of the 740 specified property owners, there would be no need for even posing the idea of setting up a special landscaping assessment district for that small area of Terra Linda. With the resulting reduced overall costs for the cleanup and upgrading of Del Ganado ditch, an expenditure of $313,000 would then not be necessary! And with the current willingness of the City of San Rafael to now pay out $18,680 for special engineering studies in connection with Del Ganado ditch (as required by Prop. 218 before an election for a new assessment district), it does not seem unreasonable to believe that the City could find some additional funding in its regular budget for the desired modified ditch project.

Property owners along the entire length of Freitas Parkway are not required to pay a special assessment for the maintenance and upkeep of the well-landscaped drainage channel (ditch) running through there. As the area immediately around Del Ganado ditch is not a gated community with restricted admission, but rather is open to all, the financial burden of maintaining that ditch, accordingly, should not have to be borne by the specified 740 property owners who happen to live near there!


San Rafael

Hamilton Unstable In Earthquake

Rosalie Webb and others have quoted Daniel Jud for years. Now Alexander Coutts quotes Rosalie Webb quoting Daniel Jud ("Hamilton Field History", Coastal Post, June 1). However, Mr. Coutts takes issue with Mr. Jud's statement that the Hamilton airstrip would "turn into jello" during a large earthquake (over 7.0 magnitude).

I would tend to agree with Mr. Jud. Hamilton was not impacted by Loma Prieta. The epicenter was 50 miles away. The odds are two to one that we will have a major quake in at least one of four Bay area locations by the year 2020. Two of those locations, the North Hayward Fault and the Rogers Creek Fault, are less than eight miles from the runway.


Marin InterAgency Disaster Coalition

San Rafael

Attack Is A Measure Of Success

"Sticks and stones may break my conservative bones-but leftist name-calling will never hurt me!"

It was with great amusement and satisfaction to be publicly slandered by that well-known Marin liberal screw-loose "what's his name?" in the May edition of the Coastal Post. Then seeing published a mysterious, bogus "Open Letter to Gary Jordan" (June edition) by some anonymous illegal alien...had me laughing throughout the day. Most probably authored by one of the fanatical denizens of radical extremist Alan Barnett's pro-immigrant coalition, neither letter merits serious consideration.

I'll only comment that it's truly gratifying to know that my writings have been so successful in tearing down the mythical falsehoods concerning the supposed societal benefits of continued high levels of legal and illegal immigration. How does one know when he's effective? Die-hard liberals come out of the woodwork and personally attack you. It's a badge of honor that I hope to proudly wear for many years to come.

Hate Crimes...Say What?

A new type of societal crime indigenous to our increasing multi-cultural society is rearing its ugly head in America's communities. Called "hate crime," its victims are exclusively minorities who have suffered some kind of "real or imagined" heinous racially-motivated grievance.

What's wrong with this picture? You guessed it-the perpetrators of "hate crimes" are almost always made out to be white European Americans. Leading the charge are scores of California county "Human Rights Commissions" made up disproportionately of minority members hell-bent on proving the fleeting existence of "white racism." Add to this rancid mix trumped-up state "anti-hate laws" with an overdose of liberal/guilt-biased press and-voila!-the 21st Century Salem racist witch hunt begins.

For instance, the Marin IJ didn't hesitate giving headlines to the plight of a Fairfax Vietnamese refugee being 'racially harassed" by phantom Vietnam veterans (June 5), but has trouble reporting six Vietnamese American families in the predominantly African-American project of Hunter's Point, San Francisco, being beaten and receiving death threats (June 20). Why is the former called a "hate crime" and given front-page coverage, and the latter, much more serious racial incident polished over and given scant media coverage?

Another example is the celebrated 1995 Novato case of an emotionally disturbed 19-year-old white kid stabbing an Asian muttering the magic words "kill me a Chinaman" to police afterward. Bingo! The Marin Human Rights Commission, not unlike the Maytag repairman, found something at last to do. Touted the county's "hate crime of the century" by the editorial board of the IJ, the bewildered young European American was railroaded through court and won't be getting out of prison until his beard grows white!

Meanwhile, on June 12, the body of European American Herbert Kay, a NASA scientist and father of two-year-old twin girls, was found "stuffed between an oak tree and a fence" in Palo Alto. The suspects are four Pacific Asian immigrants. The motive wasn't theft-no wallet was taken-and police comment, "Whether it was an initiation rite [gang], we don't know" (nor care). What about the obvious and staring question, "Was this a racially-motivated hate crime?" Despite receiving an unreported avalanche of public inquires, Palo Alto police and the South Bay Human Rights Commission refuse to even consider this politically-incorrect possibility!

Wake up dummies! In this brave new multi-cultural society, protected minorities are not capable of committing "hate crimes"-only white Americans are allowed to be the recipients of this racist scarlet patch.

As a white American of European ethnicity, kind of makes you feel like five pounds of chopped liver...


San Rafael

Can't Get Up

To "Just Surviving" in your June issue, I wish to add that for some, just surviving is not enough to guarantee meaning. I was useful my entire life, a responsible man and citizen. Now I am old, now I am a "dead man talking." I have been chewed up, spit out, I have "fallen down and can't get up." I admire your spirit, and your fortitude, I wish I had the same. I have gotten off my tush all my life, and now all I look forward to is sitting on it, to stare into the emptiness within.



Palestinian Position Needs To Be Known

I have just been reading the backlash against Edward Miller's anti-Zionist column and I want to share my feelings. First, since the U.S. media has been so heavily slanted, like 500-1, against the Palestinian position for decades, it is refreshing to hear a pro-Palestinian point of view, and it takes courage for your editorial staff to allow Mr. Miller to express his opinions, even if I do not agree with all of them.

Second, one writer expressed the view that "Zionist is a code word for Jew." This is exactly what has to change. It is a well-known fact that the U.S. Jewish community was deeply divided about Zionism in the 1940s and 1950s. Zionism is a political philosophy with a religious/cultural bent. Just read biographies of Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism. Many of the early Zionists were not religious but secularist. Zionism has successfully become a uniting force, unfortunately at the Palestinian's expense, for world Jewry, but this is not without a price.

The U.S. price for example, in 1994, according to the Congressional Research Service, was foreign aid in the amount of approximately $3 billion. So, a country perhaps the size of Vermont, with a few million people, gets a total of $2 BILLION more foreign aid than India (pop. 950 million), Nepal, Thailand, Zambia, Romania, Greece, Nigeria, Hungary, Poland, Jamaica, Jordan, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Kenya, Guatemala, Pakistan, Mali, Morocco, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, and Cambodia combined! This is wrong, but clearly gets votes.

The media tends to portray Palestinians with a Superbowl mentality. The Zionists beat them fair and square and the Palestinians should just stop whining and probably leave. However, history has shown that unless invaders massacre the indigenous population (like we did in the US, the Spanish did throughout the Caribbean, etc.), the remaining losers are going to be pissed off if they are treated as second- or third-class citizens. A good example of this is the Northern Irish Catholics.

The State of Israel is a theocracy that essentially treats the losing Palestinian side like niggers. Go ask a group of Palestinians. We, as Americans, should be as opposed to a theocratic Israel as much as a theocratic Pakistan or Afghanistan, ruled by Islamic law. Until Zionists realize that theocracies are doomed to fail in the modern world, Israel will be tortured and troubled by its dysfunctional reality. No other Western European or First World Country (e.g. Canada, Australia, the U.S.) is a legal theocracy (although some in fact still locally operate as such).

Being anti-Zionist does not in anyway imply that I am anti-Semitic. I am not anti-Muslim either if I do not support the Taliban in Afghanistan. I am anti-theocratic, which is at the very heart of the U.S. constitution. I don't want a Christian America either, a country ruled by right-wing Christian fundamentalists. But this is in essence exactly what American Zionists have created and supported in Israel, something they would fight to the death against in the U.S.-a country ruled and run by the religion and cultural beliefs of the majority, with all others legally treated as lesser citizens. And now they are seeing their just desserts, as real Jewish fundamentalists have taken enough power in Israel to legally declare that non-Orthodox Jews aren't really Jews. The beautiful irony of it all. Zionists need to WAKE UP! The Palestinians represent a massive reflection of self-interest turned terribly awry.

True peace would be found in the dissolution of a theocracy, and the reformulation of a new country, perhaps with a constitution like the Swiss have. However, since the fear factor is so intense on the Israeli side, and American politicians are such whores for the American Zionist vote, it looks like only decades of struggle and ultimate dissolution lie ahead. It is like a husband with cancer who continually asks his wife to run out and buy him more cigarettes. She's afraid that if she doesn't, he'll kick her out. The problem, of course, is the cancer, which needs to be cut out. Then it will be business as usual.

As an American, I deeply regret my country's support of a theocracy that has so alienated and furiously angered hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, and most of the Arab world.

Gary K. Smith

San Anselmo

Boxer Speaks With Forked Tongue

Sen. Boxer's June 11 Marin IJ letter, as usual with her statements on gun issues, is loaded with false information.

She speaks of guns as the biggest killer of children, but that's only true when she counts as "children" all the drug thugs killing each other who are up to 20 years old-that's two years older than we drafted people for the military.

She says study after study's finds small, cheap guns to be the crime guns of choice. Police across the nation say that's not so. The former New York police commissioner testified that's not so. The BATF says that's not so. Only other lying politicians and Handgun Control and its spin-offs like the Davis anti-gun zealots back her claim. Untruthful Boxer is guilty of a false, official statement, reporting falsehoods to us, her employers, through the media.

Banning cheap guns discriminates against poor minorities. Banning small guns discriminates against women, who find such arms best suited to their small incomes and small hands. Boxer exposes her bigotry.

She says such guns are "unreliable," but she wants to let police use them. Cops do use them as backup guns. So obviously they we adequately reliable, and Boxer has again spoken with forked tongue.

Nearly half of those Boxer says die of gunfire are suicides. Canada's experience shows banning guns doesn't reduce suicide rates. Suicides just switch to other means.

Once again Boxer pushes for laws that curb the rights of honest citizens while doing absolutely nothing to reduce violent crime, and she uses deliberate disinformation to do it.

In addition to being a champion check kiter and an incredible hypocrite (e.g., her actions re. the Paula Jones and Sen. Packwood cases), she again proves she's just another politician who can't be trusted-especially so since she's linked by marriage to the Commander-in-Chief-Adulterer-Liar in the White House.

Fielding Greaves

San Rafael

Shame on You, Ms. Machado!

I don't know Mr. Beedle well, but I believe he stands for the good of his community. I feel he doesn't deserve to be threatened by you in a way that suggests you're some sort of self-serving bitter person. When he points out facts about your bitter approach to community involvement it seems to suggest you don't really care about what others feel. Is this true? Would you really crush someone as a cockroach or a beetle? What would you do serving on a community board, say, the City Council? Think about it, you wouldn't get my vote. I love animals, and it seems to me that Mr. Beedle is far from being something other than a person who cares about the community in which he serves.

Ms. M. Evers


Miller Giving Miller A Bad Name

I am writing in response to articles I see that are written by Edward W. Miller. He is giving the name "Miller" a bad name.

I totally believe in free speech, but I also believe a one-sided diatribe deserves a response from another viewpoint.

There are many things that Israel does that are justifiable but are ignored or unknown by the rest of the world (Israel has the worst P.R. in its own defense). Edward writes about Israeli "torture" but he ignores the fact that Arab and U.S. torture has also been condemned by the United Nations, as has all torture worldwide (the Israelis use "sleep deprivation. and "shaking" as their methods-relatively tame compared with having a hand or head cut off in Chop-Chop Square in Saudi Arabia or being beaten by a U.S. cop's club or having a heart attack from a taser electric shock, etc.).

Not many people realize that Arab land was never "stolen" by Jews. It was purchased. Usually from Ottoman Turks (who had no right to sell land they didn't own, but as the "ruling administrative authority" they took these real estate transactions unto themselves). Also, the land they sold (for very high prices) was mosquito-infested swamp. The Israelis, surprisingly, made these lands bloom.

Another point that should be made is that a country (Israel) would be stupid to give back "high ground"-the Golan Heights-from which their enemy attacked them five times) without rock-hard security guarantees.

These and many other points need to be made-possibly in a column next to "Edward W.'s.

T. Miller

Mill Valley

McVeigh And Hate

A sad concomitant of the McVeigh trial is the outpouring of hate expressed by many of the relatives of victims of the Oklahoma City bombing, and by many other citizens. Even worse than the expressed hate is the widespread approval and justification of this hate.

To hate the act of bombing innocent children, women, and men is certainly natural and appropriate. To despise the twisted thinking of those who take up arms against the government, intending by killing people to better the lives of others, is also reasonable. But the person responsible for the atrocity is still a human being and far more than any single act of his/her life.

Many of us hated the American invasion of Vietnam and despised the warped thinking of those whose decisions launched the Vietnam War. Among the victims of those decisions were thousands of young men sent to bomb, napalm, and slaughter hundreds of thousands of innocent children, men, and women.

While some went about their killing with vigor and agreement with the misguided politicians, thousands of others went reluctantly, with troubled consciences, feeling trapped into what they were inflicting.

Should these people be hated for what they did? Surely their lives meant far more than being killers. They were our own brothers, sons, husbands, lovers, and friends. They were not only capable of, but habitual performers of acts of kindness, caring, and human betterment. Even those among them who killed with enthusiasm were often good citizens and left all killing behind them.

Here we would agree with Gandhi, who said, "Hate the sin, but not the sinner."

Relishing the death of any person, for whatever reason (except relief from terminal pain), is hating. It is the same attitude that fuels the senseless slaughters in Africa, Yugoslavia, and the Mediterranean.

An appropriate response to the Oklahoma City bombing, besides isolating those responsible, is a renewed determination to end all killing, including capital punishment.

It calls for action to build a global movement to reject all militarism (the glorified father of all violence), all honors and excuses connected with it, and establish a democratically-governed world community that heals and uplifts the needy and the suffering, and protects our planet home from plundering and pollution.

Guy W. Meyer


Right To Vote On MMWD Tax

The $77,000,000 Marin Municipal Water Board Fireflow tax appears to escalate in intensity from both sides. Comments in our local papers, ''The June 18 protest vote is but a sham," or "This is actually a protest procedure and not a vote," just seem to obscure the real issue. Do we Marin County citizens have the right, in the secrecy of the voting booth, to cast our ballots? Or, will 60 percent-plus of the voters who never participate in local elections make this a slamdunk protest win.

Are we Marin citizens yielding our sovereignty to those who serve us? By delegating authority, do we give our public servants the right to decide what is good for us and when we may be permitted to vote on important issues? Should we not retain control of the instruments we have created, and failing in this, seek a local governing body that trusts the Marin citizens to make the appropriate choice in the voting booth?

To do otherwise is to loosen the grip we Americans have on participating in the democratic process. The tree of liberty requires each of us do our part.

Stanley Schriebman


Awakening From A Dream Of Doom

Dreams and memories of dreams haunt me. Scattered thoughts drift across my imagination and arise in my mind like galleons emerging from the mist, shapeless except for the moment, defined for just an instant, then so faint and steadily dissolving that I can barely begin to tell you of the strange things I have seen.

I remember seeing a wall of clouds, gray as stone, piled upon the ridge and poised to tumble over the hillside. And I remember there was an old green sedan in the valley below, tearing up the highway, driving south like a fury. It was long and low, close to the ground, and wide as the entire lane. It cruised through the turns and raced down the street.

There were no other cars on the road, no traffic anywhere. No cows grazed in the fields, yet the pastures were lush and the hills were green. I was on Bolinas Beach waiting with everyone close beside me. I distinctly remember somebody turned to me and said, "The man from the institute will soon be here."

Just then everything began to tremble, or maybe I should say something shook the world. I think someone screamed. The violent sea pulled away from the coast, and as it recoiled we all stared at the ocean floor exposed, scattered with rocks and bones, until the color disappeared from the sky.

Then came a wave that could drown the whole world, roaring like distant thunder, rising into the blackness, glimmering in motion by some strange light. I became dizzy looking at its towering heights, and I fell to the sand scared, preparing to die in the flood.

I awoke to the sound of the radio. It took a moment to realize it was Ray Charles singing that he'd been a fool. The only light in my room was the red digital time on my nightstand and the blue silhouette of my bedroom window. I lay still for a minute, unsure what to do, then I sat on the edge of my bed and felt around the floor for my clothes. Without turning on any lamps, I got dressed and walked out the door.

It was a clear night and quiet. The stars riddled the springtime sky, and a half moon was sinking in the west. It disappeared for a moment behind a ribbon of clouds, and both the moon and the clouds glowed together until they were separated by the wind. I shivered in the breeze and looked out over the neighborhood. All the houses were closed in darkness, all the yards were empty and silent, and the hills and fields slept under pure moonlight.

I shivered once again but didn't turn back inside until I heard someone starting their car in the distance, reminding me that it was getting late, and we all need to sleep.



Corporate Hyprocrisy, And Real Life

I want to praise your whole June issue, but single out Karen Nakamura's excellent piece on Whole Foods and the fiery letter by "Just Surviving" in Inverness.

As to Whole Foods, I also want to focus on management's proclaimed ethic of "a workplace...based on the values of individual freedom, voluntary community, openness, trust and love (my special emphasis), rather than mistrust, fear and coercion."

Surely, "love and trust" thrive only in an atmosphere of free and equal, reciprocal relations. If such freedom and equality don't prevail, then inevitably, there is "mistrust, fear and coercion."

"Love and trust" involve a persistent, faithful, whole-hearted, and thoughtful give and take between two persons, or within a group, such that each person demonstrates over and over again that he or she is convinced that every person, the two in a marriage, or in a friendship, or the many in a family, union or corporation are of roughly equal importance, beyond questions of rank.

But if one person, the CEO, or managers, exercise the one-sided power to investigate anyone, anytime, for anything, and can dismiss anyone without cause or notice, it's farcical to speak of "love and trust."

No doubt some companies do operate in a fair and democratic manner, ready to recognize and reward the specially good performances of different employees; do not play favorites and stir up jealousies; build up an esprit de corps, yet don't require a loyalty oath. Southwest Airlines is said to be of this kind.

The Scott Bader Company, singled out by E.F. Schumacher in his Small Is Beautiful is a well-advanced example of humane and creative capitalism.

But I think most corporations, for all their facades of familialness, are pyramidal, nearly military, structures.

And yes, some unions have been and still tend to be more feudal than democratic. But the best and most effective unions, such as the one I belong to, the International Typographical Union (now affiliated with CWA), allow for and encourage wide individual diversity, together with a strong common dedication to defending and advancing certain basic rights.

There are many good examples. One of the best is the little-publicized Teamsters for a Democratic Union, started by Ken Paff in 1975. It has greatly expanded, energetic, rank-and-file participation.

As to the alleged productive, happy-family, esprit de corps in Whole Foods, someone told me that on her first and last visit to the new store in San Rafael, she felt a kind of raspy tension among the salespeople, who, it seems, are urged to outsell each other.

* * *

I admire and feel affection for "Just Surviving" in Inverness, though clearly she's a tough lady. What valor, fervor, furious humor, and real life-as opposed to literary, poetry.

Addressing the Post, she readily writes: "I praise your inclination to look life's grim realities in the face... But we do not cower from the living of life itself." Absolutely, right on. I think she says this "wallowing in self-loathing" is an elitist luxury of choosing to highlight all the most stupid and miserable and cruel things we have done and continue doing to ourselves and to each other.

She says plainly (and truly, I think) that making one's self useless, worthless, "nothing," is exactly that, a thing of self-making-that is, especially for those who love to gloat over their marvelous, haunting, woebegone, hopeless, delicious rottenness.

Just wing your way through T. Bartleby Jones' ripe garbage dump, where he swims in his own flood of verbal diarrhea. Walt Whitman submerged in the outhouse.

"What about social and personal responsibility?" she sasks. "Kids or no kids, financial worries or not, we're here, now, and, however reluctantly alive, alive nonetheless. Alive=energy=active=impact."

She tells these slugs: "Get off your toosh and DO something... Put your obvious intellect to practical use. You think there's too much time, but trust me, there's not enough."



Being vs. Nothingness

I am writing in response to the letter from "Just Surviving" of Inverness in your June issue. By adding her voice to the dialogue, the writer has demonstrated that she is certainly doing more than "just surviving," and I for one remain in humble respect for her taking time from her more important duties to share her thoughts and frustrations.

I should perhaps begin by stating that, despite the editor's inclination to entitle me so, I am no nihilist. 'Tis true I trust no meaning, nor social constructions of use. But only with the death of meaning can a million private meanings bloom; likewise, each of us must ultimately find some usefulness for ourselves, even if we cannot agree upon a common definition of "use" for all. While I respectfully grant that J.S. has clearly articulated an understanding of life that demands constant action and usefulness, I do not think that it is merely a luxury of leisure to contemplate other aspects of the question. I do not mean "larger" questions, for there is no larger question than the issue of daily survival, and as J.S. points out, often our socio-economic system traps us into a life that can seem like nothing more than "just surviving." However, not all of us choose the burdens and responsibilities of family and children, nor do all of us keep ourselves so busy with the distractions of duty in order to elude the perhaps more vexing concerns of what vast nothingness that lies just beneath all human folly and pursuit. J.S. has chosen to take the Sartrian leap of faith from existentialism to responsibility, via the formula "alive=energy-action=impact." This is all well and good, unless you are one of those lost souls (like our dear K.B., perhaps?) caught betwixt the lines of these so-called signs of equivalence. Often it is only because of the cruel impact of life (in our contemporary socio-cultural-economic construct of how it should be lived, what should be done beyond getting off one's toosh) that we are forced into action (or reaction), forced to muster all available energy at our command, just to get by, just to survive. Indeed, for many it is only through this reversal of fortune's formula (impact-action-energy) that one arrives at some sense of aliveness. How many of us fall into lives of "responsibility" (family, jobs, a sense of civic duty, etc.) simply because such cultural norms present us with a prefab idea of life, of how to be alive, indeed, of use-value and meaning?

Rather than defend my methodology or justify my "street-creed" to J.S., rather than fall prey to the class-guilt-baiting (what is more demeaning to the working class than the presumption that only a leisure class could contemplate questions of existence, use, and meaning?), I would rather agree with her final point, that if one is willing, one can be both meaningless and useful. Or, as I might wish to put it, both useless and meaningful. It is that sticky notion of will, which at some deep level requires not just a sense of responsibility, but also faith, conviction, courage, and vigilance in order to energize and express itself in action. We must all, whether from the vantage point of a solitary, coastal scrivener, or an overburdened, working mother, ponder how to energize those wills among us (and within us) that have been and continue to be beaten down into near-submission by society, depression, economic anxiety, personal problems, disease, dread, acedia, etc. These are the fallen-down, and it is to these readers that I pledge no false promises of meaning, or meaning-through-social usefulness. I have no answers, but offer only the sun, the sky, the water, and the earth as four points on some compass of self-wanderlust, useless and meaningful, useful and meaningless signposts by which we all find foundation for work, play, contemplation, dread and joy.



Condemns Attack

This letter is a rebuttal to critics Nathan, Jacobs, Bergen and Franzblau. Their views expressed in the June issue of the Post constitute a very real and unwarranted attack on my intelligence and moral character and in effect promulgate the very libel that they propose to oppose. While I can applaud their claims against Dr. Miller-so far as they contribute a minimal but necessary requirement for intelligent discourse-I condemn their wholly unjustified assault on the Post and its readers.

I suspect that one of the reasons the Post is so popular is that many, if not most of its readers enjoy the benefit of opposing view. They, like I, consider vigorous debate to be a most healthy and beneficial stimulus On my part, I can assure Dr. Miller's critics that his opinion, and well as theirs, will not go unexamined-reserving to myself, of course, the right to assimilate such views and accompanying factual matter with prejudice. Nothing new in this approach-I take all of the Post's contributors with the same grain of salt.

Accordingly, I find their combined attack upon the Post to be both arrogant and insufferably infantile. Name-calling and scornful estimation generated before meaningful dialogue has a chance to develop becomes the death of it. Insult triggers the disintegration of intelligent communication and undeserved condemnation catalyzes further discord. A warning please: muffled threats and contemptuous innuendo have no place in the pages of a publication that has demonstrated far greater latitude for opposing views than its critics would have one believe. Destroying the messenger for the bad news accomplishes nothing but the elimination of enlightened correspondence. But perhaps that's the whole point.

The tactic is recognizable-an odious form of journalistic terrorism that has become, too often, an effective brand of censorship. By direct allegation, Mr. Miller's critics allege that any opinion contrary of Jewish belief or Israeli policy constitutes a crime against humanity, by oblique insinuation they suggest that anyone who contemplates even a mere consideration of Mr. Miller's writing to be less than human. Nazi, Nazi, Nazi-hate, hate, hate-guilt by association. Ironically, by using the very methods they have sworn to combat, Dr. Miller's detractors personify the very evil they propose to resist.

Dr. Miller's antagonists demand justice. Are they beyond reproach? Have they been damaged by a breach of duty caused by his research? I think not. Contrary to the popular myth, no one owes special consideration to the state of Israel, nor does anyone owe an obligation to accept Jewish convictions at face value. I, for one, emphatically applaud and support Dr. Miller's right to cast misgivings upon the unreasonable and tyrannical nonsense that insists that I do.


Mountain View

Angry With CBSI

On April 28, 1997 Computer Business Services, Inc. (CBSI) declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Shortly before this, they accepted a $5 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) after being cited for fraud because of deceptive advertising. According to the FTC, any center owner (people who bought CBSI's computers and/or programs to start their own business) who wants to accept this settlement can contact the FTC and will be partially reimbursed out of that settlement. The FTC projects that there are 15,000 center owners and that the money will be divided according to what each spent, how long ago, and what business was actually generated. No matter how the math is done, that equals approximately $333.33 for each center owner.

The original investment started at $9000. The FTC says the center owners do not have to accept that sum and can sue CBSI on their own or in a class action suit on their own. The Federal Trade Commission never seemed to notice or admit that George Douglass, original owner of CBSI, had declared bankruptcy before. Other people have given him money and not received the product promised. I do not know if this was because CBSI, although started by George, was technically in his wife's and son's hands, or that the FTC simply didn't notice. I do know this: George Douglass should never be allowed to deceive people again. George Douglass should not be a rich man today if he has declared bankruptcy twice.

I do not want $333.33! I do not want to be reimbursed by the bankrupt CBSI!

I want George Douglass and the entire Douglass family to reimburse me. I want them to reimburse all they have defrauded! Because of George Douglass and his family, I can not afford to sue them on my own. I have talked to a lawyer and was told that it would take a class action suit to challenge Douglass at a significant level. I need other "center owners" to develop a class action suit. There are 15,000 people who helped make the Douglasses comfortable in their old age and received nothing but an overpriced computer in return. This isn't the first time, and I strongly suspect, if they aren't financially crippled, it won't be the last time. Are you interested in joining this suit? If so, e-mail me at [email protected] (We have these computers, might as well make them useful.)


Philadelphia, PA

Strange & Varied Speculations

Responding To "Just Surviving"

As my I read my name in your paper last month, I thought I should reply to "Just Surviving" of Inverness, to whom I wish to say: Sing it, Sister! As a mother and now grandmother, I can understand all too well the writer's frustration with such navel-gazing blowhards as that pseudo-literary motormouth T. Bartleby Jones. I am only sorry that the writer felt the need to group my name in with that of Mr. Jones, for though I do not know Mr. Jones, I feel intuitively that he and I are coming from very different perspectives. It is indeed strange that West Marin brings out such strange and varied speculations from all types and stripes, regardless of social position (or so it seems). The landscape appears to work its magic into the skin of anyone within range, be they working mothers, fishermen, bums, lovers, poets, losers, old hippies, stargazers, cow-tippers, whomever.

With this in mind, perhaps we might be able to find common ground between those with a sort of existential concern for the "fallen-down" and lost souls, and those like Just Surviving who become impatient and frustrated with such public displays of armchair (or in my case, barstool) philosophizing. Are we to demand of our philosophers that they have dirt under their nails, hard labor for hard thinking? Are we to think of thinking itself as only a luxury, unavailable to those with more important and material concerns? Perhaps we might, or perhaps we might also question the kind of society that produces such inequalities of time and energy among our best minds and bodies, a society that demeans women's work as unthinking, that fashions literary stylizations of male angst somehow more exalted than the perhaps more earthy expressions of those who must struggle just to make it through the day. And, perhaps we might find solace, for both the overworked and the overstudied, the underappreciated and the underrated, in that very West Marin landscape that seems to unite us in temperament, at the very least.

For just as Nature provides blessed relief at the end of a hard day's work, so might it reveal to any of us with an attentive eye the subtle mysteries of existence that no amount of responsibility, speculation, hard labor, navel-gazing, escapism in booze or drugs or sleep can ever erase. Yes, we must "get off our tooshes and do something" (though mine is so attached to its barstool that it demands a great effort of will), but this will never guarantee us the kind of meaning that many of us wish concepts such as Duty and Family and Society would provide.

As for me, I am an old lady, that is, a Senior Citizen, and if the occasionally public outburst such as this is my only civic duty, so be it, for I know that I have put in my time (and I have child-bearing hips to prove it). We will always have to put up with such aspiring loudmouths such as Mr. T. Bartleby Jones, but at the end of the day (be it long and hard, too-short or endless), it is our own lives only that we are responsible for, and it is only ourselves that can manufacture and maintain any sustaining sense of meaning. Now, to water the garden...

Re. Just Surviving's imploration to us "nihilists" to clean up highways in existential penance: July 12 is Tomales Bay Clean-up Day, and volunteers are needed to bag litter along our highways and country roads. Trash bags, orange vest, etc., will be provided. Please all 663-9223 to sign up. See you then, Mr. Jones?



What Does It Mean?

Note the paranoiac sales pitch. What does it mean that David Oates and Loise Neville's names form the anagram "Naive evil does as told- lie"?




Defends Miller's Column

The Coastal Post is the only newspaper I know of that refuses to be intimidated and has the courage to print what it chooses to print. I am an American-born Arab of Lebanese descent who became very active in the Arab-Israeli issue after many members of my family died when Israel destroyed Beirut in 1982, and the USS New Jersey joined in the fun and lobbed sheers onto small villages in the Bekaa Valley where my mother and father were born.

Edward W. Miller continues to provide accurate information about the Middle East and its conflict with the rogue state, Israel, and the infamous stranglehold that its Zionist supporters have over our government, as evidenced in his eloquent March 1, 1997 piece "A Political Prisoner In the US: Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman."

Zionist organizations, who see no harm in Israel's barbaric and savage treatment of the people of Palestine and Southern Lebanon, are quick in their unrelenting efforts to dismiss the truth about Zionist control over virtually every major aspect of our economic, media, legal, educational, and political infrastructure, and they will use every slippery device to discredit the accurate reporting of learned persons, such as Ed Miller, who expose Zionist complicity in perpetuating ill-regard towards anyone that they consider to be critics of Zionist wrongdoing. Their literal Black List includes many Arabs, Muslims, and Ed Millers.

Abigail "Gail" Wolf of the San Francisco chapter of the Anti-Defamation League, is one of those zealot Zionists that uses the very same shady techniques to muzzle critics of Jewish wrong-doing, as was seen in her April 1, 1997 letter "Holy Man A Terrorist." She refutes Miller's well-documented and factual article on the railroading of Sheik Abdul Rahman by using the term "offensive," which is probably one of the oft-repeated key words from what must be "The Zionist Handbook on Discrediting Our Critics".

Wolf had better get her facts straight. First, every Muslim is ordained by God to participate in Jihad, which has nothing to do with so-called "holy war," but rather means to strive for excellence, to struggle in the path of righteousness, to defend against and establish justice, and to retain or regain our rights and stolen land and property. For Wolf to claim that Sheik Abdul Rahman was part of a terrorist Jihad group is therefore ludicrous and a deliberate attack on his character, considering the ADL's contribution to the media's definition of Jihad as a dirty word. The Arabic word Jihad means "to struggle," "to strive," and its English equivalent is "the preservation of our rights and freedom."

Wolf also should know that the U.S. originally did not want to prosecute Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman, but wanted to deport him back to Egypt. The cruel and corrupt dictator "president" of that country, Hosni Mubarak, pleaded with the US to keep him out of Egypt for fear that he would again encourage Egyptian citizens to have him removed from office and replaced with a more humane and just leader. With strong Zionist urging, the U.S. complied, since the trial would sensationalize the sheikh, and further distance American political and moral opinion away from Arabs and Muslims and move it more strongly towards Israel.

Wolf accuses the sheikh of sanctioning the assassination of former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. This is untrue, for the sheik was imprisoned in Egypt under this false accusation, tortured mercilessly by Mubarak's pain experts, and when he finally went to trial, all charges against him were dismissed for lack of evidence.

Wolf also accuses the sheik of fomenting "radical pan-Islamic theocracy" that rejects "Western presence or influence." She fails to explain why Western influence is unwelcome in many Muslim countries. Consider the fact that in the U.S. a woman is raped every two minutes, and 11 are killed every day in domestic violence; add the high incidence of crime, drug addiction, murder, incest, adult and child pornography and molestation, abortions, divorce, teenage pregnancies, gang violence, alcoholism, sexually-transmitted diseases (AIDS is the biggest killer of men age 25-44), discrimination, homelessness, etc. These disgraceful social ills are virtually non-existent in Muslim countries, but they are on the increase in Israel, where Western influence abounds.

And speaking of theocracy, Israeli prime minister hopefuls do not stand a chance if they do not meet the demands of orthodox rabbis in Israel and Brooklyn, the same rabbis that preach hatred of Arabs, Muslims, Christians, and non-Jews in general. Israeli teachers and parents actually teach Jewish children to hate and despise Arabs, as was remarkably demonstrated in the documentary Inside God's Bunker by Israeli film maker Mischa Pelled, which KQED refused to broadcast for fear of incurring the wrath of its Jewish financial supporters.

Wolf should spend more of her time cleaning her own house. In Israel, wives may not speak on their behalf in divorce courts and have no say in the custody of their children. Rabbis in Israel do not recognize non-orthodox marriages and will not perform them, and if a mother is not a Jew, then neither are her offspring.

Is Wolf aware that the Talmud, that comprises Jewish Law and offers explanations of the Torah (Old Testament), teaches Jews that only Jewish men are real men and that the rest of us are human cattle, or "goyim," and only Jewish women are pure while all others are whores and harlots? Or, when passing by a non-Jewish cemetery, Jews are to curse the souls of the mothers of the deceased, or that hatred for Christianity runs so deep that the top line of the universally accepted symbol for addition has been removed to convert it to an inverted T because it resembles a Christian cross? It also teaches that Prophet Jesus-may peace be upon him-was considered by God to be a false prophet and was condemned to Hell for all eternity submersed in hot boiling excrement. Much of this is detailed by Israeli author and retired professor Israel Shahak in his book Jewish Religion, Jewish History: The Burden of 2000 Years. Non-Zionist Jews do not subscribe to such racist teachings, and only some Zionists find them to be appalling.

We Arabs and Muslims get tired and bored with the wild ranting of Zionists who constantly try to marginalize us by stereotyping us as terrorists, and whose Jewish-controlled Hollywood films, television productions, and print and electronic media depict us and all other ethnic groups as blood-thirsty, Jew-hating, anti-American, anti-West, violent and mindless buffoons while Jews in Israel continue to commit war crimes against the Palestinian and Lebanese people, as if they were human cattle. When was the last time anyone has seen a Jew depicted in a film or on television as a terrorist, a criminal, a racist, or thug?

Wolf also should be aware that we have not forgotten that the ADL was caught several years ago illegally spying on Arab, Muslim, African, Irish, and other communities in the U.S., and then selling or giving that information to the United Kingdom's then-white-controlled South Africa, and Israel's secret service, the Mossad. Its hands are not clean.

It also is clear to us that Zionists cannot seem to write anything about Arabs and Muslims without the use of demeaning terms "terrorist", "violent", "fanatical", "radical", "militant", "extremist", "anti-West", "anti-democracy", "Jihad", et al, while they cold-heartedly turn a blind eye to the many thousands of men, women, children, and babies that died at the hands of Jews in Occupied Palestine in their Jihad struggle for freedom and the return of their stolen lands.

Lastly, a bit of the Old Testament that rabbis may consider in their sermons: "Hear this, you heads of the house of Jacob and rulers of the house of Israel, who abhor justice and pervert all equity, who build Zion with blood and Jerusalem with wrong...

"Therefore because of you Zion shall be plowed as a field; Jerusalem shall become a heap of ruins." (Micah, Ch III, v 9-10, 12). "Woe to men who add house to house, who join field to field till there is room for none but them in all the land." (Isaiah, Ch 5, v 8). "Ye shall have one manner of law, as well as for the stranger, as one of your own country." (Leviticus, Ch 24, v 22) "Justice. Justice shalt thou pursue." (Deut. 16:20).

Don't tell me. I already know. It's difficult to preach goodness to hearts hardened with hatred and deceit. These passages also prove to me that the title "God's chosen" was rescinded.


Santa Clara