The Coastal Post - July, 1997

Anna Reiner Graduates

Nineteen year old Anna Reiner graduated from Tamalpais High School last month, participating in a home teaching program at the home of Don Deane. Reiner suffered a serious spinal injury in an truck accident on Mesa Road in 1993 and after a lengthy period of hospitalization in Santa Clara returned to Bolinas.

Teacher Marina Troost observed last week, "I think she is to be commended for her persistence. Anna finishes what she starts even though the automobile accident and injury created a huge physical barrier. She has opened up so much in the last few years. She enjoys learning at this point and I so much enjoyed working with her. I will miss her. Anna stands up for what she believes in. She is on the right track and moving towards more and more independence and self sufficiency."

"I wasn't the most receptive person in the world to continue with high school after the accident, but Marinia was there pushing me and encouraging me all the way from the hospital to getting my diploma. How do you repay that to someone?"

In the immediate future Anna intends to focus on physical therapy and will likely split her time between Bolinas and Kentfield.

Last week, Don Deane said, "Anna is a heroine. Her injury changed everything that she knew in her life. Recovery has been very long and hard. But she has persisted. She has graduated and I am sure she will do wonderful things for other people in her lifetime."

A graduation celebration took place for Anna, friends and family on June 11.