The Coastal Post - June, 1997

Miller's Column Libelous

Your newspaper on May 1st ran a piece by Edward W. Miller under the rubric of "Comment."

This column libels me and slurs the Jewish people.

Your editorial exposes me to hatred, contempt, ridicule or obloquy, or causes me to be shunned or avoided. It states that I am a vindictive, revenge-seeking Jew. Your editorial further implies that I am engaged in an improper vendetta against Dr. Hans Joachim Sewering, an ex-Nazi and a member of the dreaded "SS," and the former President Elect of the World Medical Association.

As a practicing Marin County physician, the column has a tendency to injure me in my profession. I have taken the Hippocratic Oath. That oath requires me to use my special training and talents to heal people and make them well. Your editorial, and its inferences, make me appear unable or unwilling to heal and therefore, unable or unwilling to honor and uphold the Hippocratic Oath.

I hereby demand an immediate correction or retraction of the falsehoods in the libelous article. The statement in absence of any positive proof of any wrong-doing on Sewering's part is an outrageous lie.

For your information, Dr. Sewering is now on the "Watch" list of the Department of Justice of the United States government. He is on that list because he was a member of a criminal organization-the SS (or the "Black Shirts").

Dr. Miller has conveniently left that fact out of his comments.

In addition to this, he alleges that there is no proof of the participation of Dr. Sewering in the murder of Babette Frowis.

I have a 45-page brief, if you wish to see it, written by an attorney I have hired in Munich that documents Dr. Sewering's participation on both murder and crimes against humanity.

I demand immediate justice on your part and I am ashamed that a newspaper in this County would publish such viscious canards attacking me as well as the Jewish people, hiding behind the First Amendment rather than using journalistic skills that would demand the truth as the basis of allegations.