The Coastal Post - June, 1997

Kubby To Lungren: Enforce The Law Or Else

Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Steve Kubby, speaking from his campaign headquarters in Lake Tahoe, called Thursday for the resignation of California State Attorney General Dan Lungren. "Lungren has refused to uphold and defend the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, and has acted in collusion with federal drug policemen of the DEA to terrorize innocent, law-abiding, citizens who are in complete compliance with a valid state law," said Kubby. "If there is one person in this whole state, whom the citizens must have complete trust in, and who must be committed to enforcing all state laws, it is the state's top cop. Mr. Lungren seems to have forgotten that he works for the people of California and not United States Drug Czar General Barry McCaffrey and the federal terrorists of the Drug Enforcement Administration."

"Dan Lungren's actions are particularly despicable and inhumane because they are directed at sick and suffering people whose only crime is their desire to treat their painful medical conditions. Thousands of Californians depend on the daily use of marijuana to hold off the debilitating effects of their diseases and to treat the pain that afflicts their bodies. Lungren's dereliction of duty has contributed not only to needless suffering, but to needless death as well. California residents have died needlessly, and in pain, as a direct result of the criminal actions of Dan Lungren," said Kubby.

"Lungren and the feds are using federal laws designed for drug kingpins to terrorize local cannabis clubs and their patrons. Acting far outside stated federal guidelines for federal drug cases, armed federal drug policemen are illegally punishing, and attempting to intimidate, doctors, patients, and providers, who are acting completely within the law to provide legal medicine to those in need.

"If Dan Lungren cannot, in good conscience, and with even-handed fairness, uphold all the laws of California, he should resign immediately. We need an Attorney General who is not blinded by his own political ambition in a senseless attempt to appease his federal masters," said Kubby. "Dan Lungren needs to step up to the plate and do his duty, or step aside and let a real Californian do the job."