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Volume 22, No 5, May 1st, 1997

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  1. Jet Planes Pose Serious Environmental Threat; Can Anything Be Done About Contrails? By Jim Scanlon
  2. History Repeats Itself In a shell game that boggles.
  3. The Corporate Environment: Private Profit & Public Loss By Frank Scott
  4. Marin General Accreditation Report Finally Revealed
  5. The Ocean Is Not Dying BY JOSH CHURCHMAN
  6. Shipwreck! BY JOAN REUTINGER
  7. Silence On Rise In European Ultra-Violet Radiation By Jim Scanlon
  8. Why The Rich Need The Poor BY STEPHEN SIMAC
  9. Antenna Invasion Resistance BY LOUSIE HARKER
  10. Mad Dogs In New York City In 1996
  11. Public Relations May 97
  12. Safety Net For Poor Cut BY JOAN REUTINGER
  13. Abolish Capital Punishment BY ROB PHILLIPS
  14. Address Israel's Human Rights Abuses BY EDWARD MILLER
  15. Dateline Gualala BY JILL WEISSICH
  16. Dinner With The President By Proctor Jones
  17. Guns, Guns, Guns! By Guy W. Meyer
  18. Israel's Hate-Mongers BY YOUSEF SALEM
  19. An Internet Alien Conspiracy Plot BY STEPHEN SIMAC
  20. Jess'Bout New York City
  21. Small Kind Acts Go a Long Way By Auren Hoffman
  22. Kissing The Boots Of A Media Goliath By Norman Solomon
  23. Letters May 97
  24. News & Notes Of Novato BY BETTY MACHADO
  25. Through The Cross Hairs Darkly BY KIRBY FERRIS
  26. Just Your Typical Small Town Saloon BY STEVEN LOGAN BARKHURST
  27. Uncle Sam's Money BY R.L. GILDAY
  28. Wars Aren't Won By Cowards BY GARY JORDAN AND RUTH COFFEY
  29. Food BY ELLIE & WIM

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