The Coastal Post - May, 1997

Antenna Invasion Resistance


In Marin County, the community guardedly cherishes the pristine beauty of its open spacelands, and has invested much to preserve extensive areas of its wild, natural places. Yet, little by little, over the past few years, an invasion of antenna clusters has sprung up, causing these natural places to appear as techno-reservations.

What happened? Well, you weren't supposed to see them coming. That was part of the telecommunication revolution's plan. You bought the promotion, you bought the phone, and the other conveniences that you don't think you can live without, and you bought the antenna. The question is, what price did you really pay for all of this? More than you know. Did that antenna end up in your back yard, or next to your child's day care center? Perhaps something instinctive tells you that you should be concerned. Is it that you just don't like the way it looks or have you taken the time to read up on the possible adverse health effects its electromagnetic and radio frequency emissions can potentially cause for you and your loved ones?

Where did they come from? It's not where, but how. How did they get through the tight security doors of environmentally- and health-minded Marin? While you were out there cruising the fast-paced Marin lifestyle (in your BMW, of course), and talking away your cares on your cell phone, the antenna guys were down at the Community Development Agency planning your future.

How many more of them are on the way? How many more antennas or carriers? One, nationally-respected telecommunications planning consultant projects that at least 80 more carrier companies are on their way to claim their rightful spot in our open space techno-reservations. The current carrier, that just had seven of their proposed 50+ antennas approved through the county's application processes (in a two-week period), is a good indicator of what's coming, and how extensive the overall plan is.

Can we do anything to stop them? Fortunately, a few people have their eyes open to this invasion and have decided to take a stand in opposition. Unfortunately, a majority of people in Marin will just keep doing what they're doing, thinking that someone else is taking care of the problem. It is truly time to turn the tide on this issue.

Call the Planning Department and tell them that you want to be informed of any and all upcoming hearings on proposed antennas. Go to the hearings and "Just say NO."