The Coastal Post - May, 1997

Wars Aren't Won By Cowards


It is impossible to register anything but disgust at those American citizens who have permitted themselves to be brainwashed into believing that using "out of control immigration" as the weapon to destroy our country's national identity is not only inevitable but desirable.

In less than two generations, America has evolved from a nation of proud, courageous, freedom-loving citizens into a fragmented group of pandering, cowardly supplicants who spend their days pleading with ethnic "political piranhas" and their advocates in the liberal media to forgive them for taking up space in their own country, speaking their own language, cherishing their own traditions and history, and above all, having the temerity to ask that the laws of this land be obeyed.

If there is an explanation for this "lead me to the slaughter" syndrome afflicting Americans, perhaps it's the fact that ethnic anarchists are allowed to spew their venom against America's whites without restraint, while those same white Americans are "gagged" and/or censured for attempting to reply to these extremists-that may account for the growing sense of futility.

Below are just a few of the jeering taunts used by ethnic extremists to demoralize American citizens. Even more demoralizing is the fact that our own elected officials add their unconscionable "amens."

"You white boys had better not get rid of Affirmative Action, because you're going to need it." (Antonia Hernandez, President of MALDEF, speaking at U.C. Riverside.) Hernandez added that in the long run, racial changes in the composition of the U.S. population would "solve everything."

"I am tired of hearing of people attacking the students of this state who showed the Mexican flag when organizing themselves. Que viva la causa!" (Long live our cause.)

"Remember Prop 187 is the last gasp of white America in California," said Art Torres, interim chair of the California Democratic Party at Latino Summit, U.C. Riverside, January 13, 1995.

"We're taking [political control of the former Mexican colony of California] back house by house, block by block..." (Xavier Hermosillo, L.A. radio talk show host.)

"I want to see America stay a nation of immigrants. And if we lose our Northern European stock...tough!" (Rep. Bob Dornan, R-CA).

"[We] have immigrants coming here to America and by getting here and getting a foothold and getting a job and building a life, they are reaching out as each of us would do if we came from somewhere else, and they are trying to bring their mama and their daddy and their sisters and brothers and their cousins and their aunts to America. So what?" (Sen. Phil Gramm, R-TX).

I have taken the liberty here of paraphrasing the words from an article which appeared in the June, 1996 issue of Free Speech: "Polls show that whites are often afraid to speak out about what we know to be the truth. And an army of cowards can't win a battle."

I'll take that a little further and submit that not only can't "an army of cowards win a battle," they've condemned themselves and their progeny to becoming prisoners of a race war. Especially when their Commander-in-Chief and other elected officials are leading the retreat-as has been the case for the past 30-plus years.

Although most Middle Americans have become convinced that protesting their "fate" is futile, the fact that you are reading this editorial should make you aware that there are still Americans willing to fight to preserve the U.S. as an English-speaking, Western civilization, and are even now gathering the necessary ammunition to respond to what has been up to now a mostly one-sided battle.

In closing, let me remind readers that there is an inexhaustible supply of that ammunition-it's called patriotism.