The Coastal Post - May, 1997

Israel's Hate-Mongers


Edward W. Miller continues to provide accurate information about the Middle East and its conflict with the rouge state, Israel, and the infamous stranglehold that its Zionist supporters have over our government, as evidenced in his eloquent March 1 piece, "A Political Prisoner in the U.S.: Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman."

Zionist organizations, who see no harm in Israel's barbaric and savage treatment of the people of Palestine and Southern Lebanon, are quick in their unrelenting efforts to dismiss the truth about Zionist control over virtually every major aspect of our economic, media, legal, educational, and political infrastructure, and they will use every slippery device to discredit the accurate reporting of learned persons, such as Ed Miller, who expose Zionist complicity in perpetuating ill-regard towards anyone that they consider to be critics of Zionist wrong-doing. Their literal Black List includes many Arabs, Muslims, and Ed Millers.

Abigail "Gail" Wolf of the San Francisco chapter of the ADL is one of those zealot Zionists that uses the very same shady techniques to muzzle critics of Jewish wrong-doing as were seen in her April 1 letter, "Holy Man A Terrorist." She refutes Miller's well-documented and factual article on the railroading of Sheikh Abdul Rahman by using the term "offensive," which is probably one of the oft-repeated key words from what must be "The Zionist Handbook on Discrediting Our Critics."

Wolf had better get her facts straight. First, every Muslim is ordained by God to participate in Jihad, which has nothing to do with so-called "holy war," but rather means to strive for excellence, to struggle in the path of righteousness, to defend against tyranny and establish justice, and to retain or regain our rights and stolen land and property. For Wolf to claim that Sheikh Abdul Rahman was part of a Jihad group is therefore ludicrous and a deliberate and inciting attack on his character, considering the ADL's contribution to the media's definition of "Jihad" as a dirty word. The Arabic word "Jihad" means "to struggle, to strive," and its English equivalent is "the preservation of our rights and freedom."

Wolf also should know that the U.S. originally did not want to prosecute Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman, but wanted to deport him back to Egypt. The cruel and corrupt dictator "president" of that country, Hosni Mubarak, pleaded with the U.S. to keep him out of Egypt for fear that he would again encourage Egyptian citizens to have him removed from office and replaced with a more humane and just leader. With strong Zionist urging, the U.S. complied, since the trial would sensationalize the sheik and further distance American political and moral opinion from Arabs and Muslims and move it more strongly towards Israel.

Wolf accuses the Sheik of sanctioning the assassination of former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. This is untrue, for the Sheik was imprisoned in Egypt under this false accusation, tortured mercilessly by Mubarak's pain experts, and when he finally went to trial, all charges against him were dismissed for lack of evidence.

Wolf also accused the sheik of fomenting "radical pan-Islamic theocracy" that rejects "Western presence or influence." She fails to explain why Western influence is unwelcome in many Muslim countries. Consider the fact that in the U.S. a woman is raped every two minutes and 22 are killed every day in domestic violence, add the high incidence of crime, drug addition, murder, incest, adult and child pornography and molestation, abortions, divorce, teenage pregnancies, gang violence, alcoholism, sexually transmitted diseases (AIDS is the biggest killer of men age 25-44), discrimination, homelessness, etc. These disgraceful social ills are virtually non-existent in Muslin countries, but they are on the increase in Israel, where Western influence abounds.

And speaking of theocracy, Israeli prime minister hopefuls do not stand a chance if they do not meet the demands of orthodox rabbis in Israel and Brooklyn, the same rabbis that preach hatred of Arabs, Muslims, Christians and non-Jews in general. Israeli teachers and parents actually teach Jewish children to hate and despise Arabs as was remarkably demonstrated in the documentary Inside God's Bunker by Israeli filmmaker Mischa Pelled, which KQED refused to broadcast for fear of incurring the wrath of its Jewish financial supporters.

Wolf should spend more time cleaning her own house. In Israel, wives may not speak on their behalf in divorce courts and have no say in the custody of their children. Rabbis in Israel do not recognize non-orthodox marriages and will not perform them, and if a mother is not a Jew, then neither are her offspring.

Is Wolf aware that the Talmud, which comprises Jewish Law and offers explanations of the Torah (Old Testament), teaches Jews that only Jewish men are real men and that the rest of us are human cattle, or "goyim," and only Jewish women are pure while all others are whores and harlots? Or that, when passing a non-Jewish cemetery, Jews are to curse the souls of the mothers of the deceased, or that hatred for Christianity runs so deep that the top line of the universally-accepted symbol for addition has been removed to convert it to an inverted T because it resembles a Christian cross? It also teaches that the Prophet Jesus, may peace be upon him, was considered by God to be a false prophet and was condemned to Hell for all eternity submersed in hot boiling excrement. Much of this is detailed in Israeli author and retired professor Israel Shahak's book Jewish Religion, Jewish History: The Burden of 2000 Years. Non-Zionist Jews do not subscribe to such racist teachings, and only some Zionists find them to be appalling.

We Arabs and Muslims get tired and bored with the wild ranting of Zionists who constantly try to marginalize us by stereotyping us as terrorists, and whose Jewish-controlled Hollywood films, television productions, and print and electronic media depict us and all other ethnic groups as blood-thirsty, Jew-hating, anti-American, anti-Western, violent and mindless buffoons, while Jews in Israel continue to commit war crimes against the Palestinian and Lebanese if they were human cattle. When was the last time anyone has seen a Jew depicted in a film or on television as a terrorist, a criminal, a racist, or thug?

Wolf also should be aware that we have not forgotten that the ADL was caught several years ago illegally spying on Arab, Muslim, African, Irish and other communities in the U.S. and then selling or giving that information to the UK, then white-controlled South Africa, and Israel's Secret Service, the Mossad. Its hand are not clean.

It also is clear to us that Zionists cannot seem to write anything about Arabs and Muslims without the use of demeaning terms-terrorist, violent, fanatical, radical, militant, extremist, anti-West, anti-democracy, Jihad-while they cold-heartedly turn a blind eye to the many thousands of men, women, children and babies that died at the hands of Jews in Occupied Palestine in their Jihad struggle for freedom and the return of their stolen lands.

Lastly, a bit of the Old Testament that rabbis may consider in their sermons: "Hear this, you heads of the house of Jacob and rulers of the house of Israel, who abhor justice and pervert all equity, who build Zion with blood and Jerusalem with wrong... Therefore because of you Zion shall be plowed as a field; Jerusalem shall become a heap of ruins." -Micah, 3:9-10,12.

"Woe to men who add house to house, who join field to field 'til there is room for none but them in all the land." -Isaiah 5:8.

"Ye shall have one manner of law, as well as for the stranger, as one of your own country." Leviticus 24:22.

"Justice, justice shalt thou pursue." -Deut. 16:20.

Don't tell me. I already know. It's difficult to preach goodness to hearts hardened with hatred and deceit. These passages also prove to me that the title "God's chosen" was rescinded.